they never give up

agnespuffinJune 11, 2012

I am sure that you all have heard of Publishers Clearing House. I thought you might like to hear about our experience with them.

We have NEVER ordered or replied to them in all the years they have sent us stuff.... So about 15-20 years ago, they sent a letter telling us that we would be removed from their mailing list if we didn't reply. (HA)

We didn't reply and sure enough, they stopped sending us the notices, ads, etc. Joyjoyjoy!

Until today.

Big envelope, full of stuff.. and on the back, this notice.


"Acording to our file you have ignored prior notices .....

And if I don't answer this one either, I won't have a chance of winning $10,000,000. Tch, Tch.

They don't take a hint.

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Oh, Agnes, are you sure you couldn't use $10,000,000??? :>)

I'm beginning to think it's impossible to get off of mailing lists, unwanted phone calls, etc. There must be a way, but probably more trouble than it's worth. However, a funny story about the unwanted phone calls happened to me on Sunday. My son called and we were talking about the different kinds of calls: pre-recorded calls, calls with no one there, live people who say, "Don't hang up.", which I promptly do. Anyway, he was telling me if I answer a call with no one there, (mainly a 'puter program to determine if someone is at home at that time), I should pound the pound key vigorously, several times. That's supposed to mess up the program. Just ten minutes later, the phone rang; I was so sure it was one of those calls, I picked up the receiver, heard nothing, so began pounding that key. Finally, I heard my son say, "Mom, Mom, it's me!" He had called back to tell me something. He said he hadn't expected me to start using his suggestion so quickly.

Probably, that technique doesn't do anything at all, but if I get a chance to use it on a "real" unwanted call, it might make me feel better. :>)

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Do you know the "winner" this time didn't get $10M ($5,000 a week for life)? She got $1M. The number wasn't drawn. Seems to me, they should've kept drawing until a "real" number should've come up. I was irritated with them all day on May 31st. She probably saw the prize patrol pull up and had her hopes dashed. I don't blame her. She should've gotten it all. After taxes, she would've had a whole $5000 for 140 weeks. Total. Not, thousands of weeks. It aint fittin', jus aint fittin'

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