A Dog Tale (longish)

lilosophieJune 18, 2013

A Dog-Tale
SparkyâÂÂs dam was an Australian Shepherd, sire a wandering Casanova, ancestry unknown, though judging by SparkyâÂÂs personality and intelligence, there is some Jackass Russell Terrorist DNA present.
He and his litter-mates were born in the Outback during a late spring snowstorm. Mama made a nest for them in the snow.
Their owner had issues and went off his meds and on a rampage. There being no Mental Health facilities in this neck of the woods, the County Jail is the âÂÂMental Healthâ Facility. Sherriff deputies came and took him away. As usual, they didnâÂÂt notify Animal Control of animals left behind. People living in the same area knew of the adult dogs and came to take care of them, but it took a few more days before the pups were discovered.
The pups, think 4 or 5 of them, ended up at the feed-store. Such personable dogs they were and nice looking, they found homes very quickly, Sparky was the only one not spoken for and the Easter Holiday arrived, feed Store closed. Joann took him home, temporarily, of course, just for the weekend.
Skeeter, the McNab old girl, did not cotton to pups, so of course, he could only be a temporary guest, Joann made that clear.
Like all famous last words, that wasnâÂÂt the last word. Skeeter took one look at Sparky and very strongly asserted âÂÂThatâÂÂs MY dog!â She immediately took over to teach him all her vast knowledge how to be a dog.
He did learn fast. House-trained in no time, his weakness was food, likely because of the very deprived start he had in life.
Sparky literally ate everything, chewed and swallowed before even asking: âÂÂis it edible?â Cardboard and paper, string, rocks, clothing items, no matter, if it fit into his mouth heâÂÂd eat it, too big? Well, chew pieces off. Once he was caught with a razor-blade in his mouth.
First command he learned: âÂÂLeave itâÂÂ. It stuck and heâÂÂs very good dropping whatever it is. The command expanded to include messing with people who donâÂÂt want to be messed with, cats who donâÂÂt want to be chased and everything between. Good command to start a pup on. Next was âÂÂCome byâÂÂ, rewarded with a treat, now not all the time, but he expects it anyway. Sparky always has high hopes, incurable optimist, , though we try not to let him get his way all the time, heâÂÂs too damn cute for his own good.
When JoannâÂÂs partner was so very ill, dying and in pain, Sparky went over to the sofa and gently gave Ron
a gift: his favorite toy.
He is a good house-guest, even though he expects something whenever I put my hand in my pocket, hoping the pocket is loaded.

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Oh my, I googled "Jackass Russell Terrorist DNA present." and Jackass Russell Terrorist,.and the results were not about dogs.

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Nothing shy about him. His pirate look fits his personality. Love your story. Joann seems to be an animal magnet. She must have inherited from you, Lilo.

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WG - you are kidding, are you not? It's what we call Jack Russel Terriers for many reasons - if you know Jack Russels it becomes very clear, and it's not a put-down or something to fear, it's a gentle joke

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7(7)

Blessings on Skeeter, Joann and Lilo and all those others who have a heart for needy animals. He is a
good looking fellow.

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I love those two big black eyes, also the ears--one at half-mast and the other on full alert. That's a very direct look he's giving, too, as if "Are you sure you should be here?"

Your stories and pictures give lots of enjoyment, Lilo. Thanks for sharing with us.

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What a lovely dog and great story!

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

What a great story, and a beautiful dog!

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gandle(4 NE)

Great story, Lilo

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Personalities that fill our lives, keep us busy and add to our being here.

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