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I had a problem a few years back with Sandburs growing on the edges of my property where my neighbors lack normal watering. At that time I bought pel lime from our local coop and they stated this would clear up the problem and it did. I've noticed that this is coming back along my street curbing and in various parts of my grass that is growing very well. I've read that Bayer Advanced will kill this, but I have used Ortho Weed B Gone Max in the past to kill dandelions, but could use some advice on the Sandburs. Thanks!!


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I haven't done lawn care in an area that has a problem with sandburs but here's an article that might help.

Controlling Sandburs

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Thanks for the article, it was a big help!!

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Your welcome.

Here is another excerpt I stumbled across that is from KU, and I thought of this thread. It mentions both of the products noted in the article from Texas. Might be of additional help.

Hot, dry years often lead to problems with grassy
sandbur. Mature plants are difficult to control with
products that won't hurt the lawn. Glyphosate
(Roundup) works well but kills whatever it hits.
The best control for grassy sandbur is to use a
preemergence herbicide in the spring before the
plant comes up. However, not all preemergence
herbicides are effective. The two products that are
effective are oryzalin and pendimethalin.
Oryzalin is sold under the trade names of Surflan
and Weed Impede. It can be used on all
warm-season grasses as well as tall fescue. It should not be used on cool-season grasses other
than tall fescue such as Kentucky bluegrass. Apply oryzalin about April 15 when redbud trees
approach full bloom.
Pendimethalin is sold commercially as Pendulum as well as several other names. On the
homeowner side, it is sold as Scotts Halts. Pendimethalin is best applied as a split application
with the first half applied about April 15 and the second about June 1. Alternatively, make the
first application when redbud trees approach full bloom and the second six weeks later.

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