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gandle(4 NE)June 22, 2011

Yesterday at the museum I had a rather short older couple that I had talked to when another couple and 3 kids came in. He was very tall and seemingly room filling, a huge man. Then in the door came 2 very short women I suppose in their late 30's or early 40's. The older woman called to them and said "girls look at this" The women came to where obviously their mother was looking at artifacts and they were then near to the where the huge man was and the difference in size was so great it was amusing. Knowing how tall people get tired of people remarking about their size I never say anything but this man looked at those women and said "we really ought to exchange a statistic". They smiled at him and asked "O.K., how tall are you?" He said "seven feet and you two are how tall". They said in unison "four foot ten". I got very busy about then and didn't follow any conversation but later I checked the guest register and they had different last names but I'll bet anything that they were twins and if they aren't models, they should be.

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It may be that both parties have had the same experiences re their respective heights so they felt a kinship and decided to share information.

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