Orbit sprinkler pressure

jvmagic(USDA9)August 29, 2011


I installed 4 sprinklers for a small area 7' x 25' of lawn with an Orbit sprinkler. The sprinklers are rated at 5,68 LPM/1,7 -- 1.50 GPM @25 psi (12'). These ended up over spraying the area I want so I purchased some Orbit dual-spray sprinklers so they could hopefully cover the immediate spots of concern. After install, these dual spray sprinklers did not fully extend upon turning on the system. It seems like there was not enough pressure to get these sprinklers working. These are rated at 2,84 LPM (a 1,72 bar) and 0.75 GPM @ 25 psi (different than the first set I had installed).

Why is it that the second set could not work with my water pressure? I assume the spring rate is different.

I could not find dual-spray male Orbit sprinkler nozzles for my first set of sprinklers....

What are my options?

Thanks in advance.

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