Now I really like fresh peas

gandle(4 NE)June 16, 2012

but this is ridiculous. We have had 3 previous pickings and the vine have tapered off in blooming so I decided to pull the vines and havest the pods. I just weighed the result. In one container there is 6 lbs. and in the other 5 lbs. I would guess they will shell out at half that weight, thats a lot of peas. Leone is working at the museum from 2 to 8 so guess I will save about 5 lbs. for her to shell. Definetly creamed new potatoes and peas on the menu tomorrow.

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Go west young man and set up a stand in our Farmer's Market. We pay $7.99 for a half lb of peas in the pod. Not enough peas to cook, so we eat them raw from the pods. They are fresh and taste like candy.
Enjoy your meal tomorrow.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Fresh peas top the list of things I look forward to in spring. We normally plant 4 rows (30' ea), half for snap peas and half for Lincoln. There is never any excess for freezing since both DH and I will walk along the row, pick as we go and eat as fast as we pick. We "miss" enough to have peas for dinner a couple times a week for a couple months. Actually, last year they continued to produce into mid-July.

Something happened this spring (I don't know just what) and only a few plants sprouted. DH transplanted those and we have a little row of about 15'. We've had one serving for dinner ~ and that because we agreed to 'no nibbling'. Sigh. Shipped peas simply don't taste as good as fresh from the garden.

Farmer's market had a sign: $4 for a 4-oz bag. All gone by the time I arrived at 9a.

I shalt not envy thy peas. I shalt not envy thy peas. I shalt not envy thy peas.

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