For Sockmonkey!

youreitApril 2, 2007

Hey, it looks like Moonie didn't make featured pet today at! Did they change the day? Or did I get it wrong? :D


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It looks like Sockmonkey and Moonie are AWOL. This, too, shall get moved down the board. :)


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Hey! We are still around, I pop on here every chance I get, I have five demanding kids and a whiney needy husband plus I have happily accepted a job (to get away from the kids and husband) at the grade school in the office, so I really miss my peeps here. Well, Moondog is scheduled to be on the petshed site on June more month to go. LOL Thanks for thinking about us!

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LOL! Hey, I feel ya, sistah. :D I now have Mr. Moondoggie on the calendar for June 2nd! Can't wait to see that little darling. :D

Congrats on the job!


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I see Moonie! What a little darlin! I bet you get a lot of nuzzles from those lips, too. DEEEE-licious! :D

I hope the job has gone well this school year, Debbie. It sounds like it's going to be a long summer in your household. LOL


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Yep Brenda! He carries snacks in those lips for later! We'll see him eating stuff when he hasn't had a snack for a while, I think he's part hamster. As for the job, I thought I was done after last week, but No, my son's teacher called and asked me to come in all week to help her print and bind cook books from recipes the kids (4th Graders) brought in. All last week, in between the regular copying and distributing of papers, I was finding clip art for each recipe, she says she'll be in and out of my little room all day to help with the binding. She says it's not that hard and she has a book binding machine. Our school is out on June 11 because of snow days, so it's just homeroom field trips and picnics all week. At least the Principal and main secretary shouldn't have that much stuff for me to do. Kindergarten registration is over, Whew! I had to chase down a runner or two during that! Fun Day is Wednesday and Carneigie Science people are coming Thursday, after that, I think I'll be done and ready to only work at home till school starts again, oh, no I just remembered football season starts in July. That means kitchen duty at the snack shack cash bash ticket sales. Help me. Plus I think I for real got a hernia lifing rock at the pond and heavy baskets of laundry for the "adults" that still live at home. I bet you're sorry you mentioned "Moonie" today, Huh? O.K. I got my complaining out for the summer now. Besides I just read a sign in a junk catalog that the more you complain the longer God keeps you alive! I quit! LOL

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sheepco(MN z4)

Oh, what a huggable pup! Part hamster too, LOL!

The good thing about being TOO busy at work is job security, and hopefully those higher up KNOW it! You must be a great organizer!

Hope it's not a hernia :(

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Oh, snacks in his lips! I think he must have been a love of mine in another life. LOL

It sounds like you've been BUSY, Debbie! And I hope you don't have a hernia, either! Cripes, I've heard those are really painful. Have you been to the doc, yet?

I'm not sorry I asked! :) To me, the stories of how folks deal with day to day issues are interesting! Especially when you mix humor in with it - "Help me." LOL And "The more you complain the longer God keeps you alive."


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