Peanut and carrots, volunteers...........

west_gardenerJune 12, 2013

I get a kick out of planting new to me plants, it's like a mystery to see what will happen.
A couple of months ago I was weeding and when I dug up what I thought was a weed, it had a whole peanut shell attached. There were leaves coming out of one end and roots coming out of the other end.
I deduced that it was a peanut plant and put it in a corner of one of my planter boxes. It is growing and when I peeked, there were tiny peanuts growing,
I'm growing peanuts in Silicon valley.LOL

I found a carrot in my veggie drawer that seems to have some pale green leaves popping out from the top. I planted the whole carrot in my plant box, and that is growing . I can't wait to see what is developing.
Did you ever plant a mystery plant?

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

I do that all the time, West. My DH thinks it's funny when I try yet another garden experiment. I have an avocado and papaya plants currently growing. Of course, they aren't hardy in my zone but it's fun to see the plant.
What I wouldn't give to have and avocado and a mango tree!

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It is fun- I planted 2 chick peas and they both grew but one didn't do so well and I tossed it but the other is thriving and has a bud on it. Can't wait to see what will happen.
Sweet Betsy- I have 2 mangoes that I started from seeds- just open the seed pod and take the White "lima" bean-like seed and wrap it in a moist paper towel, into a zip lock bag and in a few weeks the seed will sprout and you can then pot it up.

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sweet_betsy , I remember doing avocado experiments when the kids were little. We took the seed, put toothpicks on both sides, and hung it over a glass of water, with the end just touching the water. It put out shoots and leaves in a hurry. We have a young grandson now, and I thing I'll get him started with the avocado seed. Thanks for the reminder.

surya55, I have dried chickpeas, will that work?

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I managed to get an avocado seed to last until it became a tree, it took a long time and finally it bore fruit. They need cross-pollination, and happily my friend and neighbor had gotten a tree to grow and we both benefited from the fruit,

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I am sorry to say but I am not sure. If you want to give it a try, soak the peas for two nights and then plant them. This way they'll be more apt to sprout.

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Come to think about it, I've only seen chickpeas in dried or canned form. Another mystery.

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Our avocado experiment with the kids went only so far. They had fun watching the "guts", meaning the roots grow, but after that they lost interest. We never planted a tree.

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