The Park from the House in the Rain

ctlavluvrMay 16, 2008

All the Greens are Here!!!

From our dining room; please pardon the screen but it's pouring and you have to unhitch it outside:

From the patio:

From the deck:

Soaked but pretty darn happy,


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Rain makes things look so wonderful! I love the greens but also the black bark to offset them. Your Japanese maple is heavy with lovely foliage and lots of branching. It all looks so tidy. Do you ever have weeds? I have about 7 days worth to remove and then it will be time to begin again!

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Martie what a difference already from the last pictures you posted. I imagine you are proud. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Your japanese maple is gorgeous and I like your spiral pedestal birdbath. Norma

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Just *beautiful* Martie! What a treat it is to see the "growth of a garden" and how exciting it must be for you! You've done a wonderful your paths.
Thanks for sharing!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

All is lovely in your park Martie!!! That Japanese Maple is gorgeous! Beautiful shape and size.


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And this morning it looks completely different with the sunshine and water drops .....

Thank you, all.

I'm solidly convinced, Marie, that the investment of LOTS of mulch in the first two years of a garden helps with the weeds as does starting weeding the second the ground is at all thawed.

As for it being tidy, this comes from starting from scratch more than once :-) Low maintainence was our mantra from the beginning, knowing that when we are here for 15 years neither of us might have the ability to keep up anything requiring massive care. Also not overcrowding the plants at first which is something I had to really MAKE myself do.

In all other words "Instant" wasn't in our vocabulary. Long-term enjoyment was the focus.

Even the lawn is doesn't take a lot to keep up -- good mowing, mostly, and Rich has become a master. I never appreciated grass as a plant until this year. LOL


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Gorgeous, Martie - how lovely it's grown; I can't wait to see it all blooming!


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Ah, the waterlogged look, gotta love it. Everything seems to just glow after a good rain! And I'll bet there's more coming for you Martie. It's been pouring for days here, though the sky is light today. Your place looks wonderful!

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Fantastic - don't you love the color green? Though the red of your Japanese maple is pretty stunning too.

Thanks for sharing


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Martie, everything looks wonderful! So green and lush! I would say very happy would describe all your plants. Your Japanese Maple is Love the bronze fennel, one of my favorites. You have done a lot of work there and it must be very satisfying to see such healthy growth and progress. Hope you will post more photos too...


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The park is looking mighty 'parklike' Martie ! I'm afraid our lush-green period is over here, and it's nice to see the emerald of spring again. It's going to be fabu-fabu when it all fills in..

Kathy in Napa

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It all looks so healthy, stunning and calming. You've done a great job. The j.maple is beautiful. Which one is that? (sorry if I missed the name.)

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I, too, love the J. maple. It was one of 7 landscape plants that are left out of the 40 or so on the property when we bought it. The poor thing had been neglected but I did some research and hoped a lot and it's now come into its own. The trunk structure is amazing.

Only problem? With all the "new" plants it looks really out of scale, but everything will catch up. Wish all problems were so beautiful LOL


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Martie, things are really coming along in your garden. The JM is wonderful and I love the area that its in with the path. Its fun to see things beginning to take shape. It sounds like you have a definate plan.


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