First time this year

gandle(4 NE)June 9, 2012

Had to turn the air conditioner on this afternoon. Temp near 100 but the humidity is in the 60% range. Not tolerable for us. Supposed to be cooler and lower humidity tomorrow. Hopefully, no A.C. needed.

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gandle(4 NE)

And then, beautifully cool this A.M.

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Up and down here too but overall steady rise.

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Here too, heat on in the AM, A/C in the PM.

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Neither heat or air conditioning on here as the temperatures plummet or plunge from one extreme to the other. Windows open to let in cold air at night and blinds closed to the sun in the daytime when it's hot. Windows closed at night and blinds open for passive heat in the day when it's cold. We have never even owned a window AC until the morbidly hot stretch of days last year when it was to the point it was dangerous. It's not even in the window yet this year and the longer I can keep it put away the better. I do believe that most households should own one, however because there are times when (especially for children, the compromised and the elderly) it's the only sensible thing to do in times of extremes. But I surely don't want to rely on them out of convenience or habit.

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Oh, My!!!! what ever you do....don't ever move to the Georgia Coast. 60% humidity would be considered dry and pleasant.
During the summer,95% to 100% is not unusual. You can sweat and watch it run down your body because it can't evaporate.

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You are talking to the gal whose Mama took her in the dead of summer to holiday in Texas. LOL. Yeah........been there with the heat and humidity when we lived down south. I remember once a toadstool growing out of the floor under the commode, that humid. We carefully cleaned around it, curious as to how big it would get.

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