What vehicles have you owned?

don_socalJune 30, 2011

Here are mine....

'47 chevy 1 1/2 ton dump, strait cut gears, realy had fun learning how to shift that one

'51 chev 6 cil. 3 on the tree, springs sticking out of seat, first car paid $10 for it

'55 chrysler new yorker, hemi v8, auto shift lever on dash, lots of power

'56 Chevy 2 door sedan

'57 packard clipper, had paxton super charger factory installed, trans died and no one would work on it

'59 bmw iseta 1 .cil 300cc door on front funny litte car but fun. Another ten dollar car got 80mpg

'59 dodge 1 ton stake bed, good truck

'60 chev 2door sedan good car

'64 Mustang

'64 dodge dart, 273 v8, 4 on the floor, great little car lots of rrides up and down highways 1 and 101

'66 ih 1 ton 4wd step side still own project truck

'67 dodge power wagon 300 4wd dump still own for parts now.

'68 IH crew cab 3/4 ton, upgraded it to 1 ton 4wd, still driving it every day for work

'69 dodge van, 6 and 3 on the tree, put 350k on that one also up and down the coast a lot

'72 honda coupe, 2 cil, 600cc car, moved to next lane when trucks passed got 50mpg

'74 dodge dart, bought new, got stolen, got it back drove across country to Boston and back.

'79 dodge camper special pu 3/4 ton

'79 VW camper van

'86 toyota van, lots of miles, bought new, got stolen, got it back with damage, no more new ones (lol)

'93 ford taurus wagon, good car

'06 PT Cruiser, current car, fun


'62 bmw 500

'61 bsa 500 twin

'64 honda 125

'66 honda 160, wrecked it, laid up for 6 weeks

'79 honda 250

'84 honda v65 sabre, lots of tickets

Wish I still had some of these. They would be worth a lot more than I paid for them.


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Oh geeze.......don't expect me to remember the model years on some of these, even though I remember the years I bought them because I've owned more used vehicles than new.

61 VW beetle my first car
65 Ford Mustang.....bought it new after I totaled the VW. Man, what a car. My babysitter wrecked that one.
72 Karman Ghia rag top......new to replace the Mustang, another one of my fav cars
Honda Wagon new sometime after I gave the Ghia to one of my kids think it was '82.

Chrysler New Yorker sedan......after I gave the Honda to my ex when I divorced him. LOL. Paid $400 for it, and my son fixed it so it would run. Nice car. Breathed gas, though. Built like a Sherman tank and good winter car for a single woman who worked night shift.

Plymouth Horizon......bought at an auction. Man, did that get good mileage. New hubby tore the transmission out on it when I lent it to him.........so then bought an elcheapo VW Rabbit used. Ran it to death until the gas tank rusted out.

Ford Econoline panel truck. Drove it for years! Crank windows......two seater. Sold it when I downsized my business and still see it in town. 250K miles on it when I sold it. I liked that one at road crossings. Nobody tried to temp me for right-of-way. They thought I had nothing to lose. rofl.

My Jeep Cherokee..........Mama gave it to me with 7K miles on it when she quit driving. Miss it in wintertime with the 4WD and it was neat looking and practical as he**. Turned it in when gas hit nearly 4$ a gallon. Best it ever got was 17mpg. Not a good car for short hauls.

My Nissan Cube I bought new when it first came out. Still driving that one and shall until one of us craps out.

There have been various and sundry other ones, but they've been spouse's cars mostly I've driven on occasion. I've never been one to own a car jointly......though on rare occasions I'll share or borrow if the need arises and they've included big old Caddies, LTDs, chromed up pick-em-ups, a sweet little Dodge Charger I wish I had now.

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Best car that I've ever owned was a 76 MG midget. Had too much fun in that car to be legal. It's where I learned to maintain and repair autos. I've had others but nothing that I ever became emotionally attached. With rare exceptions, vehicles are made to get from point A to point B. Heretical, I know.

Wouldn't mind owning another one, but not at the going prices for said heirloom vehicle.

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The '69 Chrysler 300 didn't have my name on the title, but it was the family car decommissioned for my exclusive use. That thing was fast! Pale blue, white top, much loved. I was always a little sad that the pink Desoto sitting in our garage was no longer running by the time I was driving. The other family cars I remember and drove were a '70s Chrysler New Yorker and an apricot-frost Lincoln Continental, the last year they made them really, really big.

First real car for me was the 1980 Fiat X19, red two-seater with a Targa top that stowed under the front hood (which was not where the engine was). Fun when it was running.

Late '80s VW Jetta. My first car with working AC. Kept it until its demise in 2006. Had terrible door handles that broke all the time. But I was fond of it.

Early '90s Jaguar sedan, acquired about 10 years ago. Still have it. Still runs well, except for the AC.

'06 Subaru. Handles great in the winter. And the AC still works.

And around town, I use my bicycle a lot.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

My mom gave me her Ford Falcon, I think a '67. I drove it for a couple of years but it ended up smushed in the middle of a freeway pile-up (I survived).

A Datsun 1200, maybe a '73, with automatic transmission. It took about five minutes to go from 0-60mph. Drove that one for many years, but sold it when it finally needed a major engine overhaul.

A Honda Civic, '89 with a stick shift. Great little car that I kept for about fifteen years. It still drove well when I sold it.

A Toyota Sienna, '04. Roomy, comfy, smooth ride. Some problems with the automatic doors, but I love it in every other way.

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First mid 80's chrysler turismo. My first car was passed down by Dad when he got a newer truck. Loved that car, it could plow through snow like nobody's business. Low to the ground and stable. My dad fixed that car over and over to finally I had a light switch under the hood to start it. Then sadly my sister didn't understand that when the check engine light and the oil light comes on to pull over and let it cool down. Instead she kept driving until the engine seized bye bye car. Still haven't forgiven her.
67 mustang still have love this car. Started life original red, when I got it it was yellow with black stripes looked like a bumble bee. Then a opps that's not the blue I thought it would be, to now a lovely dark blue. Sister never gets to drive.
Drove a hyundai pony with a manual choke hated that car it was the sisters...( which she smashed up... )
On to a 88 chevy sprint used. Good on gas that's about it other then cheap. Drove it a lot of miles. Dad hated this car cause to work on the engine you basically had to remove it.
Next was the 99 s-10 pickup loved this truck. Got it almost new, Wished it hadn't started to fall apart so soon.
And today I own a 2010 F150 truck. First brand new vehicle Love the size still getting used to the parking at the back of the lot...Oh yeah and the gas ouch! But looking forward to being able to tow a trailer full of mulch dirt or what ever I need. :)

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Don, that's a lot of vehicles!

I didn't start driving until I was 24. That's when I inherited dh's Chevy Vega that he inherited from his dad. Drove it for a couple years till it kissed a pine tree.

Next was a Datsun 810 (dealer demo).

Bought my first brand new in '85 ... Toyota Celica. Loved that car for 15 years.

Have been driving a Toyota 4Runner since 2000. Love it as much as the Celica.

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1976 Ford Pinto, didn't blow up on me, but I was never rear-ended

1976 Honda CVCC--my friends called this a beer can. Because it looked like one to them. Could reach over and roll down the window on the passenger side while driving, without leaning over. Small!

1988 Pontiac LeMans-the car they brought back from the 60s only uglier and less durable. The first car I ever ever bought.

1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse-At this time, Mitsubishi, Dodge, and Eagle (remember them?!) were in collusion, I mean had agreements, in place and Eagle made the Talon. Daddy liked my Eclipse so much he bought a Talon.

1990 Mazda Miata--you know how I feel about that one!!!! 2011-1990=21 years old. Still running strong. After bankruptcy, foreclosure, and divorce... AND it got flooded, there is no A/C (I don't care), no heater (I don't care), the driver's window doesn't crank up or down, I can pull it instead, and the radio just went out. I might fix that. I did just get a brand new convertible top and it'll likely work another three or so years.

My parents owned, during my lifetime, and I rode in:

'67 Jaguar XKE (CHECK THIS CAR OUT!!!!)
Late 70s Grand Torino
Ford, Pinto (the same one)
A really huge and old Oldsmobile that I learned to drive on. Ugh.

Cars my boyfriends/husbands have owned, and I drove/owned:
196? VW Bug (two of them)
198? Honda CRX (two of them)
1986 1/2 yes, a half year??? Toyota Celica, Supra (two of them)
Oldsmobile Cutlass
Nissan pickup
Mazda 626
Mazda Protege
Isuzu Rodeo

The weird thing is, the two bugs, two Hondas, and the two Supras are the same two guys. Both guys onwed all those cars in succession. Where they deviate? After I broke up with boyfriend of eight years, he bought a Nissan Pathfinder. The one I married and stayed married to for 11 years, owned an ordinary Nissan pickup. Weird!!!!!

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I'm shaking my head at this posting! Y'all who can remember both model and production year have my admiration!!

2 cars before I married; 11 [or 12?] during 1st marriage; 3 after that (my habit was to trade-in when the car had 150,000+ miles); and I have no idea how many since then. Good cars are kept for years (my Mazda was 16 before being retired), and "bad" cars were sold off, sometimes within months of purchase. But remember all the makes and models? Not in my skillset.

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I've owned 3 autos (all brand new) in the 50 years we've been married. We buy them new and keep them until they fall apart. Two were state of the art station wagons, custom fitted with air condition and coated with a protective shield in the under carriage from snow and salt water. Our favorite places were the slopes and the ocean.
My present car is an Olds. 1994, it's been a wonderful car.
In addition, the registration fees and insurance are very low.
BTW, DH has a Delta 88, yes that's 1988, and the registration fees and insurance are lower than mine.

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Meldy, I can't answer objectively why I know, because I don't know if I remember the makes/models because I am a gearhead, or if it is because you need to know for so many things, such as buying parts, or for registering the car for parking privileges??? Could be a combination.

west, that's it! It was an Oldsmobile Delta. Hugest thing ever. I guess some would say it was a tank and great for snow driving, but I hated it. Practically needed a phonebook to be tall enough to drive it. Not good for someone's self-esteem ((wink, wink))

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rob333,a Delta 88 being bulky? What year are you thinking about? Hubby's car is a 1988 model and as far as I'm concerned, it is not bulky in any way. See link below, it's not a pic of hubby's car but represents the car.
If you're thinking about Buicks from the 40-50ties, you're right, they were built like tanks.
Wink, my self-esteem does not depend on the car I own.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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