Gone a month, lawn overgrown: how to fix it?

listener(4)August 30, 2011

I had to leave home for a month this summer, just a few months after seeding the yard around new construction. The housesitter neglected the yard and didn't mow it the entire time.

Now my yard is littered with three-foot-tall, red-stemmed, wheat-like grass that has aggressive stolons and is taking over. I haven't been able to identify this grass to determine if it is a week that needs addressing.

If I had to guess, I would say that it is annual ryegrass, and that I should just let it grow all over the place and reseed with fescue and bluegrass in a month. What should I do?

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We should be able to help you but I think we may need some more information about you. Here are a few questions that would provide helpful information for us.

Where do you live?
What was the yard seeded with?
Could you post pictures of the weeds and lawn?

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I live in Vermont, zone 4. Tomorrow I will take some photos once the sun comes up. I seeded the yard with a mixture, which included about 20% annual ryegrass. The reddish tufts of grass were outgrowing the rest of my lawn but regular mowing seemed to keep them in check. After a month of neglect, however, I'm worried that it is crowding out the finer grass that you can see growing below it.

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