HELP! honey locust tree taking over my lawn!

jamie59August 26, 2007

My lawn in the back yard has been taken over by the honey locust tree. There are roots all over and there are little tree's sprouting up through my lawn. How can I get rid of them?

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I had several of those honey locust trees when I lived in the midwest and hated them. The small leaves were a PITA to rake up and the damm roots were all over the place including under the driveway and broke up my driveway.

Once that happened, the only answer was a call to the tree guy.

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It's funny that agricultural extensions across the land suggest planting those citing "it's a ggreat tree to grow a lawn under because it doesn't cast a heavy shade"... meanwhile they forget to mention the monster surface roots those trees are known to eventually develop. I would keep mowing the root suckers And maybe add a little compost or soil to some extreme areas

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I also hate these trees. There are a ton of them, growing very close together and thus mostly dead or dying, in the woods next to my house. The little seedlings are constantly sprouting in my garden, and they scare me during every storm. We just had one fall over last night. The way these things reproduce, they seem like they'd be invasive?

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What was the final solution to get rid of problem? I have same situation in my field and they are taking over.

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We have them where we have lived for 20 years --we just mow the little ones...they have the pros & cons--I love all trees

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Carefully cut them down and immediately paint the stump with RoundUp. It will resprout, but either brake the sprouts off or spray them with RoundUp. Suckers will also come up from the roots, but keep mowing them. Eventually, without leaves for photosynthesis, all will die. But it is an ongoing battle for a while.I usually never use Roundup, but do for locust and Johnson grass & poison ivy.
(I am allergic to locust thorns and poison ivy, and you never get all of the roots of Johnson grass the first time.)

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