Kids: Ya Gotta Love 'Em?

youreitApril 20, 2006

Well, some of them, anyway. This kid sounds like either a future Einstein...or a future felon. :D


Eight-Year-Old Takes Teacher's Minivan to Drive Home

A resourceful 8-year-old who "just wanted to drive around for a while," took his teacher's minivan and drove home Monday, according to Modesto police.

Police said the James Marshall School third-grader took the car keys from his teacher's purse when she wasn't looking, got into her gold Dodge Caravan, and drove it several blocks to his home in west Modesto without incident. He adjusted the driver's seat, steering wheel and rear view mirror for the ride home and turned on the radio, police say.

A witness saw the young boy driving and called police. The responding officers interviewed the boy and gave him a lecture. He was then released to his parents.

The boy, who was not identified because of his age, was suspended from school, according to his teacher, Caren Brady. She said on the one hand, she can laugh about it but on the other, she is worried about the boy beginning to steal at such a young age.

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8 years old! That is young, I didn't steal my first (only) car (van) until I was 13 yrs old. LOL
Dang thing ran out of gas 3 blocks away from the car lot, thus ended my short life of crime.
It was exciting while it lasted. LOL

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sheepco(MN z4)

mucky waters, shh...don't be saying those'll encourage our younger viewers. LOL!
No one needs to know what we really did when we were kids :) I'm still trying to repress most of 1976 thru 1980! And I was much older than 8!

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Hey, that proves my theory, because you're right up there in the Einstein category, MW! :)

LOL Sheepco, I think we ALL are trying to repress SOME questionable things we did in our pasts. I'll just refer to the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy here on the Ponds forum. :D


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Don't worry I'm repressing plenty of tainted exploits from my youth, swiping the van was one I don't mind mentioning though because it was more amusing than criminal.
Stealing a vehicle that has an empty gas tank,,, yeah that sounds like a real Einstein! LOL
Still, running out of gas after only a few blocks was probably the best thing that could have happen to us under the circumstances. :)

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