I didn't get much sleep last night.

sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)April 9, 2009

Ginger Kitty loves a little playtime on the bed and under the covers at bedtime but once the lights are out she quickly settles down. For the second night in a row I just could not get to sleep. Finally around 4:30 I managed to doze off but at 5:30 I was roused by Ginger crashing around the room, knocking everything in reach to the floor and having a great chase. I reached down to recover a pillow that had been pulled off the bed and revealed a very pudgie mouse hiding there. Ginger Kitty charged up and stopped to purtle at me as if she wanted to know if I was joining the game. Of course in that moment the mouse disappeared.

I was half asleep but I started shaking out the bedding to see if the varmint had concealed itself in one of the folds and Ginger Kitty gleefully buried her nose in each and every possible bolt hole. A Queen sized bed has many, many possibilities. But no mouse.

I crept back under the covers and tried to forget the mouse but a few minutes later Ginger was at my head trying to reach down into the space where the mattress almost meets the wall. I turned on a light and looked into the crack and sure enough, there the chubby rodent sat.

Ginger's front legs were just too short to reach the angle where the bed shelf met the wall and it took several minutes for me to shake off my sleep deprived fog and locate a long siphon tube for the aquarium that served to go into the other end of the crack and push mousie into a plastic shoe box I had staged at the other end. The mouse must have been stunned or exhausted because it just sat there while I retrieved the lid and closed the box. Ginger didn't see the mouse in the box so I hid it with some books on top to thwart any escape of mousie and a resumption of the chase. I was just too dazed and tired to go outside and release it. I crawled back into bed and Ginger decided the chase was done and somehow I must be at fault so she started biting my toes under the sheet. And then I heard DH asking why I was still awake at 7:30. I had been mouse hunting with Ginger for two hours and had managed only a few minutes of sleep the whole night. DH commented he was glad it was my bed and not his.

After such exercise, of course Ginger must have her breakfast and then she settled down for a nice nap. In the meantime I am a zombie again today. The Light Box has me awake enough to stagger through the rest of the day but I am wondering if Ginger is going to stage a repeat performance tonight. Sandy

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Awwwwww Sandy. Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight.


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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Sorry to hear that. Mice are so annoying, more so when the cat becomes annoying trying to get the mouse. Where I used to live, we kept getting mice, twice they got into the toaster. The first one was easy to get rid of, dump the toaster upside down over a plastic container and release mouse into park. The second one would not leave. We took the toaster outside and I tried to annoy him into leaving by poking him with a leaf. Nope, just clamped on tighter. Only when I took the toaster apart did he finally realize that we could get him. He took off, little mousie butt bouncing away... I could still see him running even from a surprising distance away. That was one mouse that wasn't coming back.

My worst mouse story does involve my cat, however. We had this stubborn rodent that didn't care for peanut butter, evaded my cat, and was just smarter than the avg mouse. Well, one day, we noticed the house smelled... off. Couldn't figure out what it was. The next day, it smelled bad. Still couldn't figure out what it was. I decided to sniff it out, narrowed it down to a bedroom, and randomly decided to lift the corner of the rug. You guessed it, squished mouse. In hindsight, I noticed that the cat, who normally sleeps on that corner of the rug, had been sleeping on the other side of the rug, and studiously avoiding that corner, while pretending nothing was wrong. She had chased the mouse under the rug, sat on it to keep it from escaping, and smothered it, basically did the cat version of "whoops!", and proceeded to act 'normal', all while we unknowingly continued to walk on said rug... It's funny in retrospect, but not whilst cleaning that up. Luckily, she had chased it under both the rug and rug pad, so the $300 rug was not ruined, only the much cheaper rug pad.

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

It's hard to reconcile the image of the much reviled, destructive vermin with the cute, furry critter we see so many places. I just wish my cats would stop playing with them and dispatch them. Most of the cats that have lived with us loved hunting mice but regarded them as toys rather than prey. That has caused more chaos in our home than I care to remember. Sandy

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