I MUST find something else to do.

agnespuffinJune 4, 2011

I am spending too much time roaming the Internet. No need to tell you why, just that I find myself doing it.

One question has come up and it's bothering me.

Do you pronounce the letter "L" when you say words like talk, walk, chalk?

I don't think I do. In fact I don't think I can. I have tried to imagine the sound. Can't. Is it the lazy Southern drawl thing that stops me?

Think about it....Do you pronouce "L" in those words?

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Agnes---when I say walk---it sounds like wall-k---
good grief; woman---you're tall-king about 'L' words and I'm back in the old days listening to '50's music on our PBS station!!! We used to hear them on Lawrence Well-k, also!!! Guffaw!
You know, I'm hardly ever lonely---too busy---but this music reminds me of youthful days---I'm going to call up my former hubby and have a chat---he remembers everything about every war, every administration, evry newsy piece, all the old town happenings.
I'll just zone out for awhile as he just chats away!

If I had a fella these days, all I'd want to do is go for rides in his PU with a nice fresh cup of coffee---he can talk and drive, or just drive---it doesn't matter; I just want to go for a ride down the road in a PU!

----now, aren't you sorry you asked if 'L's were pronounced?

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Never mind. I figured it out. The 'L' isn't pronounced. The 'A' is given an aw sound.

(I think)

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Here is a list, just say hem out loud.

Here is a link that might be useful: List all words ending with lk

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It is good that I have an accent, so nobody can fault me for tal-king funny, I think.

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gandle(4 NE)

Perhaps regional, but the "l" is always pronounced here. A soft "l" but it is there.

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Lordy, these days I couldn't even keep a conversation going.
My vocabulary has taken a turn for the worse with very few
words left to toss around.
Neil repeats the same questions and I repeat the same
answers. My dog has a more expanded vocabulary
than I do.

Southerners have a language all their own, throw in our accents and half the people can't understand us and the other half doesn't care.

I drop letters when I'm talking to folks around here.
I try to do better when I'm with visitors.:0)

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All I have to offer is:
we Northerners think you Southerner's talk funny and you think we talk funny ...and then there are those foks fom the East....they really talk funny!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I think that you will find that the dictionary guide to pronunciation will be something like "wok". I've lived all over and have never heard those particular words pronounced with an L. I 'believe' that the general rule is that 'alk' words use a silent 'l'.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I'm a third-generation southern Californian and do not pronounce the "l" in those words.

I am very interested in regional accents and am glad you asked the question.

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Lilo and I have the same excuse, but how come a and lk in German is so easy to say and so ackward in English?

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