some mimosaceae tree

lord_of_the_green(Argentina z9)May 12, 2014

Hi everybody,
Any clue about this fabaceae? It's a small tree about 10feet tall, flowering and seeding simultaneously now in autumn, no fragrance, very delicate pods that seems to rippen fast, they open as soon as you touch them. Seeds are very small, and thou they're very fresh they're thought, required scarification for proper soaking.

Thanks. Paul.

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Blackwood Acacia?

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Hi Paul, where did you take those pictures?


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lord_of_the_green(Argentina z9)

Hi Dryadella, your profile says you are also in Argentina... If so, how do you know so much about everything? ha ha. Are we neighbourgs? I'm in caballito, we could met someday.

I took the picture last weekend in the pathetic botanical garden on one of the hundreds specimens without ID, It's in front of the area of cycads and alikes. The aisle seems somehow dedicated to native specimens but it's not specific for fabaceae, and this one has the aspect to be self planted.


PD: and for the rest of the members, no, don't even think to suggest I should ask the keeper. I'm on the third world.

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Hi Paul, I think it is Acacia boliviana, it fits in with the description . In some web sites it is mentioned as a synonym of A.angustissima.


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