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Paul6223August 11, 2014

Hey everyone,

I've been getting quotes for full year lawn programs and wanted to ask about the prices I got. The yard is 15-20k sq ft. The price for fertilizer application is 74 per app, 69 for winterizer, but for some reason the overseeding price was 541. This seems high to me? They said it would be 4lb of seed per 1k sq ft. Does this seem in line?


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Way out of line, unless they're going to individually spray water on each seed three times daily. We should note their fertilizer prices are fair enough, I suppose, but you could DIY that for $20 per app easily, four times per year when the grass wants to be fed (May, September, October, and Winterizer).

While using good seed is always a good idea, it's not wise to mis-match your existing lawn. You won't be happy--so I'm guessing they're using a standard, off the shelf seed.

You should be able to DIY that job for less than $80, not including the water cost to keep it damp (which does mean watering twice or three times daily).

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