Tree with small very fragrant white flowers

geos(7)May 23, 2014

Please help me identify this tree. The flowers are in long clusters, unfortunately I don't have any photos of them. The photo is a tree at our previous home, it was third generation of a tree that was at my wife's childhood home. It was grown from a branch that fell off the second generation tree at her sister's house - it stuck in the ground and just started growing. We cut a branch off the original tree last fall (the house was vacant at the time) and put it in a bucket of soil. It is starting to produce leaves but we would like to find one that is a little further along. We've been to a few nurseries but haven't found anything even close. We are in the Tacoma, WA area. I was going to include more photos, but apparently you can only upload one. Thanks.

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The photo isn't working. And without a picture, who knows?

Perhaps one of the locusts: honey locust or black locust.

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Thanks for the response, lazygardens. Not sure why the picture didn't post, it was in the preview. I'll try again (I'm new to the site).

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Looks like some type of Privet

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Ligustrum, aka Privet.

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