I'm growing Shallots for the first time...

west_gardenerJune 11, 2011

And I should say that I don't know what I'm doing, except to say that they are growing and I've tasted a couple and they are very good.

I bought a six pack and planted each bunch in a separate space. They are growing uneven and some of the shallots seem to crawl out of the soil and sit on top. Is that "normal"?

I've posted a couple of pics of the shallots on my page.

BTW, I'm using a free page that allows uploading photos, I'm not getting paid for anything.

I bought a six pack of "Bunching Onions" today, a first for me. According to the info on the net, they are asian scallions and they are pernnials. One lady on the net said that hers is growing after nine years. It's fun to experiment.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of Shallots

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Your shallots look fine West gardener. They are a 'regular' in my veggie garden, along with onions and leeks because they are such wonderful winter keepers and pretty much stay edible from harvest in fall to planting the next spring.

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That's reasuring that they look fine. Although I've read about and seen photos of shallots on the net, it is difficult to figure out what sequence they are in at any given time. When the green started falling over, I thought oh no, they are sick. It is a normal thing. When they started popping up from the soil, I thought: "what now"?.

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I've never grown them but friends have. That gives me something to add to my "to do" list. I did plant potatoes this year for the first time in years. That package of seed potatoes just hopped off the shelf into my shopping cart!

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My first is an artichoke. I grew one once a long time ago in Southern California, the chokes were small and wsent to bloom, they are quite beautiful, I I think chokes toeat or pretty boom, can't lose

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