Warm enough for you?

gandle(4 NE)June 27, 2012

Was quite tired of hearing that as visitors came in the door of the museum yesterday PM. The temperature at 3:30 was 110 degrees. I really didn't think I would have hardly any visitors because of the heat. Man, was I ever wrong. Had 97 visitors in that 6 hour shift. There are 2 window AC's in the little log cabin and it is fairly comfortable except when you have about 15 people in all at once. One man described himself as dumber than a coffee can full of lug nuts for getting out of a nice cool car but the strangest thing I heard was a couple from England, she said "oh, this is lovely, we don't have weather like this at home."

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Yep....hot enough for me....

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Heat Advisory, Air Advisory, Red Flag Burn Ban, Horse Raising is cancelled. Have already watered my garden.
Yep, it's hot enough.

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Not only is it "warm enough" -- wait, please change that to "HOT ENOUGH" for me, it's way-y-y-y-y too warm (HOT!) And our hot weather is just getting started; the heat maybe would be bearable, but when the humidity is added to it, it's really awful!

Not only is it hot enough for me, it's making me cranky! Can you tell? LOL DH sure can; I get not only cranky, but sassy, too. Hey, why not? If we have to have this heat, I may as well try to have some fun with it!

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I saw a map on tv, outlining the hot zones all in red. The heat is wide spread. I remember the heat and humidity on the east coast,esp the humidity. I lived in a small top floor apartment and it was hot as h@ll. I'd get up in the morning to get dressed for work and the clothes would stick to my body.
Thank goodness, I had only a five minute walk to my airconditioned office.

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the strangest thing I heard was a couple from England, she said "oh, this is lovely, we don't have weather like this at home."

Laughing at that remark, because my SIL was in the RAF and he was mentioning the officer's barracks at his post were air-conditioned. In my mind I'm thinking 'what on earth for?' and wondering how he was going to survive our summers and winters. They didn't phase him, but our mosquitoes are quite another story.

It's been up and down to the nineties here since our warm spells started in April, but this is the first day we made on the airconditioning. It was fifties last night and I ran the fans pulling in outside air, and then closed the blinds up when the sun got ripping. This old house with its triple course brick and stucco won't heat up for a few days but when it does it'll be like a pizza oven and take equally as long to cool down when the temps break.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

A/C on, not just because of the heat but because of the humidity. About 1230p, radio said National Airport (okay: Reagan, but no oldtime local ever says other than National) was 98*, heat index 107. My house thermometer says 101, but humidity staying in the upper 70% to mid-80%range; heat index unknown but miserable.

I've been watering gardens between daybreak and 9a, too hot after that, even in the shade. Have set up tomatoes and bean rows with drip irrigation, but still have to go out to turn on and off.

I used to work with a lovely lady who, when the temperatures dipped below 90*, would put on a sweater or two to stay comfortable. If cold hands indicate a warm heart, her heart was always tropical.

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It has been 109 here, today 107.
We've stayed inside with the AC on.
I think I said once it was so hot it would melt the skin
off your body.
Neil asked me how hot it was today and I said, it's
hotter than a burnt biscuit on a sunday morning.
So yes it is hot enough for me.
It is sad that people don't realize the effects of the hot weather til they lose someone to heat strokes. Two little kids in a community near here were playing outside and died just this week.

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The heat index here was 119. All that lovely rain that we needed last week is now rising back into the air and we are feeling it!!

The actual temps were over 100 and rising, I don't know what they ended at. All I heard was that 119 heat index and then I turned my mind off.

Which would I give up first....the husband that cooks and waits on me hand and foot or the air conditioner?

I hope I never have to make such a choice. LOL

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The A/C sits on 70, the temp in the house 93 yesterday evening and this morning it's still 85. The A/C is blowing, but not cold. I think I have to call the A/C crew to check it on Monday. Well, it could be worse, no electricity at all, like so many.

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Sorry so many have to deal with the heat. Seems some pretty bad storms hit the north east the last couple of days and when Missy called KJ she couldn't talk since they were all headed for the basement. Will let you guys know when we get in touch again how things are going there.

In the mean time our biggest tree decided to break off at 12 feet up last night, the Eucalyptus with the Banksia roses 50 feet up in it. This is going to take a week to clean up as there are many plants roses and stuff under the mess. All hand work with hand tools while sorting out what to save and how to direct the giant Banksias. They have 6 inch diameter trunks under there and the Euc broke where it is 2 1/2 feet in diameter.

Here is a link that might be useful: Banksias

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So sorry to hear about your tree and the Banksias. Hope you have somebody to help you with the actual work and can save some of your roses and other plants. Did you have a storm?
I called the A/C Emergency number of our service and now it blows cool air and I am $200.00 poorer, but it is worth it.
Hope your family is ok, son missed getting hurt in Dayton, OH by about 10' on Friday.

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Sorry about your tree and the roses.
We had a liquid amber (sp) tree split at the 9' level in our front yard. The top part landed between our house and the neighbor's house. Our homeowner's insurance covered all of the damage, including removal of the top, cutting down the rest of the tree and the stump grinding.

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DH and I feel very fortunate that our neighborhood didn't get zapped in last Friday's storm, b/c areas within five miles got hit hard.

In the Mid-Atlantic area, at least 2 million people are without power, and our son is one of them. He has health problems and when he found out we still have electricity,--and A/C-- he asked if he could join us for a day or two. Well, the latest news is that it will be Friday, 7/6 at 11 p.m., before the power where he lives will be restored!

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i get sweat on my grundle when it gets too warm. and my sinuses get stuffy

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KJ called last night to let us know she and her family are OK. Will know more in the next week if there was damage on their property or close by.

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