Quick question regarding cutting new grass.

sunbum(Z7 Atl GA)August 28, 2011

Had to do some clearing around the house a few weeks ago. This necessitated planting new grass in some areas two weeks ago.

I probably did this all wrong, but here goes;

I put out half annual rye grass seed and half shade tolerant fescue (Rebels) seed. Really probably more like 75% and 75%.

Anyway the Rye grass started to take real well after only 4-5 days and now has come in over most of the area (about 10,000 square feet). I know that the fescue will take longer to germinate.

The Rye is now about 3, 4 or even 5" in height across most of the area. But I'm sure the fescue is just starting to sprout.

Do I need to cut it now (the Rye) or just let it be and let the fescue come in?


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You mow as soon as it need mowed. The taller the Rye gets, the more nutrients, water and sunlight it robs from the Fescue seedlings which have not germinated yet.

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