four couples-is he right

rob333June 10, 2014

My grandparents (knew each other since they were 10 until they died)
Gandle and Leone
Jan and Neil
Don and Missie

My boy is headed for girls. I told him not to "settle"-Instead--to be like the four! He said he got it. And he's right, i think. Y'all are (his words):

"A soulmate is a friend who is so close to you... the relationship is brought to another level. And the 'other' raises 'you' to beyond what you are"

Do you agree?

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Thanks, needed that. Yes he has it right.

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And Michelle and Steve... and many more, I'm just sure of it, but my mind is so foggy. It's me, not you.

I hope my boy finds someone like y'all found each other.

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I don't think I've ever mentioned my husband's name--it's Jack-- but we like to think we fall into the "soul mate" category. I was 16 & he 18, when we met. Through 'ups and downs', good times and bad times, we've been there for each other. We like to say " I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow".

We'll be married 63 years in September. I sincerely hope LF, soon to be BF, finds his soulmate, too.

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gandle(4 NE)

Only been married 66 years but probably form an opinion soon.

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gmatx_gw zone 6

Robin - DH and I have known each other since we were about 8 or 9.....basically grew up together. Married when we were both about to turn 18. I graduated HS when I was 16 and he dropped out at the end of his freshman year to go to work (he did later get his GED and has some college hours). He came from a very poor family. So, long story short we will be married 50 years this September 5th. We both believe we are married to our best friend! May your young man find his "best friend" when he is ready to marry.

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See? Loads of you. I am so bad at staying married. I've not even dated since the last divorce in 2008. It's so beautiful to know there are good folks who get to be with other good folks. It can be done. Y'all are doing great! Being a great example and renewing my spirit in humanity. And I learned a little bit bout y'all too.

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DH and I have been married for more than 53 years.I was 19 and he was 23 when we married.
But before then both us "dated" a lot of different people.
Dated, could be a loaded word but in our era, it meant it was not serious, No sex, one night stands, no talk of marriage. It was just fun to go out and have a good time with our friends and being with a special someone.
The first time I was allowed to go out with a boy alone, was at the prom.
I hope LF will have good experiences with the girls he meets.
And I hope that when he meets that special someone, it will last a long time.

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To put it simply, Neil was my heart.

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