Jimmy Dean RIP

west_gardenerJune 14, 2010

I read that Jimmy Dean passed away today at age 81.

I remember Jimmy as a very nice young man when he was hosting a radio show in DC, way back. We, our friends and I were invited to go to his radio show. He would greet us at the door and thank us for coming. During the show we danced to the music and after the show he would stand at the door and shake our hands and thank us for coming. He was a gentleman all the way.

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jimmy dean, jimmy dean, come back to the 5 and dime. Steve S.

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He always radiated energy of a very nice person. He certainly had a varied life and career and seemed quite satisfied. I do hope he was.
RIP Jimmmy Dean

Here is a link that might be useful: Big John

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Big John brings back memories and I'm glad he had a big hit. I met him when he was a young guy, just starting out, I'd say he was about 23-25 years old. He was skinny as a reed and pale as a ghost. But when he sat down at the mike the wonderful voice came to life.
coconut, come to think of it, I think you have something there about him "radiating energy of a very nice person". And I think our parents knew that, because they allowed us to go to his radio show, they even droves us there and picked us up.
The bad boys, Sinatra and company came to town (DC) during the same time and especially during Kennedy's era, they invited us young girls to attend their "parties", but our parents said no. So no it was. Lol, I guess the parents knew best.

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LOL.. West.. that's funny... yeah.. keep ya away from those Jersey boys... smiles..

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