I'm cold and I don't have an accent!

gandle(4 NE)June 21, 2011

First, we can't seem to get the thermometer out of low gear. High today in the 60's and it has been that way for weeks. Haven't even taken the cover off the air conditioner. Weatherman says we might make to the low 80's next week.

Had some visitors from Ontario Canada this morning, they seemed very interested and bought some books and had a lot of good questions. When they were leaving the woman said "I just love your accent". First time anyone ever said I had an accent, maybe because I didn't say hoose for house.

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George, I wish we could send you some of our heat.
We are in the melting stage here.

I don't have an accent either except when I leave the
southern most part of the US or we have Yankee visitors.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Yeah...I know...freekin' freezin'.....for late June.

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Wish I could ship you some heat too and huminity.

Had to laugh about the accent. On our street, with the exception of 1 Kentuckian, eberybody comes from somewhere else and has a different accent.

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I had triple digit heat for a couple of days, but humidity went down to 18% for a while, big fire danger.
Moderating to 91� today.
I do have an accent, that's for sure. My sister thinks I do and she doesn't, so at her last visit my daughter made a video and sis was shocked that she really has an accent, hers is just a bit different than mine, she lived in France for quite a few years and in the US she lived in Manhattan until she moved West, hers is sort of a French/NY accent.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

We got off to a slow start, but have had a few scorchers. My tomatoes are finally setting fruit, but they're a long way from ripening. I don't have a single pepper on any of my plants yet.

I own the fact that I have a distinctly midwestern accent. It's not as strong as many I hear, but I catch myself "singing" the word "yah" when I agree with something, and I can't deny it. It could be worse, donchaknow...

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tibs(5/6 OH)

Ds says we say "bag" and "beg" the same way. He noticed after living away for about 6 years. They sound different in my ears when I say them but....who knows. I was told at one time that newscasters were told to model there voice after the Cleveland Ohio area.

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I can spot a northrun Ohioan a mile away. Visited the extension department one day, and they had a new economics agent and I even pegged what town he was from. We S.E. Ohioans...........well, those who have lived here any length of time at all. They're easy to spot as well. Not only the accent but the idiomatic expressions, and certain grammar glitches. Even the very well educated ones insist on saying "Him and I", or "Me and her". I heard it recently at a ceremony when an educator was giving a speech. OMG

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In the last three weeks, I've been cold, wet and hot, I don't remember a nice 73 degree day. That's my optimum temp, both inside and out.
Re an accent. I have one, It is slight, and it is not easily identifiable. I have lived in a lot of places, learned a smattering of several languages both formally and informally.
It's fine with me here in Silicon Valley, where there are people from all over the world.

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So, today is our 34th straight day of over 90 degree weather. Add to that all the days before that were over 90 also.

The cattle farms in the area are having problems. The grass isn't growing, no hay, and none growing to cut for the winter. The farmers have been feeding the cattle watermelons.

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My theory as to why those people who talked with you didn't hear one is that they aren't from the US, since midwestern accent is as close to a "lack of accent" as possible. Media uses this accent to appeal to as many people as possible.

Southerners don't think I sound southern, but Northeast folks say I absolutely do? But then, I've lived in all parts of the US, landing here the longest. So it's probably an amalgam, with a strong Southern tinge.

I'm curious to see just how hot it'll get this summer as it started early this year. Last year, it was cooler than normal, but way more humid. We'll see.

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I read an article a few years ago that LaGrange, Illinois is considered the epicenter of the "no-accent accent of the Midwest." The article said that many businesses locate their customer service call centers in LaGrange because the local residents speak in a way that is easiest for most callers to understand.

In weather news, wth...??? I'm freezing. No wait, I'm dripping sweat from the humidity. It took forever for summer to get here. Now I'm kinda wishing for fall. lol


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