slit seeding sucks!

newowner21August 19, 2014

I've been looking forward to this day all summer, but I didn't anticipate it being this hard. I rented a classen slit seeder from home depot and damn near broke my back doing my 11000 sqf lawn. I never want to see one of those p.o.s. again! Now on to being neurotic about keeping the seed wet.

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Lol, But great results.

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what was difficult about using it? Also did it do what it is supposed to do?

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The machine was pretty heavy, like pushing 5 or more lawn mowers at once, and it doesn't want to turn which I had to do like 100 times because my yard is long and narrow. Also if you hit any spots that have a clump of mulch or thick dry soil, the machine just stops. It gets beached. It's like trying to push and maneuver a super heavy mower through sand.
I'd look around to see if anyone has a self propelled one. The 2 places by me didn't have one.
As far as if it did what it was supposed to, we'll have to wait a week and see. The setting for the drop spreader was too small. I did my whole front before accepting the fact that little to no seed was dropping. So you may have to open it up.
If I do it again I'll stick to a rake and broadcast spreader unless I can find a machine that is more manageable.

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Thanks for the heads up! I was just looking at them at HD the other day. You may have saved me a lot of trouble. I didn't realize they were not self-powered.

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The attached drop spreaders seldom work properly so I don't use them. I broadcast the seed, then use the slit seeder. The depth of the slicing blades should be adjusted so that they will cut into the soil even in low spots. Ideal depth is 1/4" but 1/4" to almost 1/2" will work. If you have soil that is so uneven that you are cutting 1/2" or more into high spots and making no cut into low spots, you need to level the lawn or not use a slit seeder. Setting the depth too deep can impair seed germination and make operating the machine harder. At the proper depth, the blades will help pull the machine forward but not so much that you need to hold the machine back. Almost all are not self propelled and are a bear to push up hill, so operation at a diagonal or parallel on slopes is a must.
They make for very good results with KG, not so much with larger seed grasses.

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I'm planting tttf and I'm pretty unhappy as I stare at piles of seed laying on top of the soil. The furrows I dug aren't even that noticeable in most places, but if I went any deeper would've been 1 inch deep and I'd be dead now. I hope this seed takes. I spent lots of time, effort, and cash on it.

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