We walked the last mile.

west_gardenerJune 24, 2012

Some 22 years ago, when dh and I were at the tender ages of 50 and 53 years old, we supported a group of people who wanted to build a trail from the SF bay to the ocean. We hoped we could walk the trail when it was done.

We donated money, walked the 5k walks, bought tee shirts etc. What we did was small stuff comparing to what other people have done to make it happen. Well, we have not made it to the ocean yet, but on Saturday we went to the latest phase of the trail within our city and we walked the whole way. And we are proud of that.

Younger peope are taking over the support for this trail to the ocean, and from what I saw, I'm confident that the trail will reach the ocean.

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The next phase is to bring the trail to the high school campus. That will allow the children to bike to school without having to cross any streets, freeways or highways.
The trail has several enter/exit points so they can get into their neighborhoods safely.
Microsoft has an enter/exit point at their campus.

Google's headquorters and huge campus is on the bayside and they would like permission to tap into the trail so their employees can bike to work without crossing any streets.
There is a lot of work to be done, and dh and I are happy bikers.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

It sounds like a great, worthwhile project.

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The neat thing is that this is an all volunteer organization. The funding comes from fund raising and grants. That's why it takes so long to get something done.
Although the city is supportive of the project there is no direct tax payer's money involved.

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We have an extensive trail system here in Fullerton for hiking and biking and people use it a lot. Some trails connect with surrounding cities and along our big concrete "rivers". They do get raging full during the winter rains but most of the time the are just a trickle.

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