Good News and Bad

agnespuffinJune 27, 2011

I decided that maybe I could manage to post something that wasn't 100% complaint. So here 'tis!

Good News! I can wash the dishes without it making my back hurt.

Bad News! I can wash the dishes without bending over as much.....I have lost a couple more inches in height.

I swear that I am going to write a book entitled, "They Lied About The Golden Age of Retirement" Those "Golden" years may be fine if you can keep doing the things you love, but if you can't....boredom is Not your friend! And I could never stand the daytime slop on TV. That leaves Books, books and more books. Libraries are wonders!

Husband Guy went out and mowed the back yard after it cooled off a little. It was about 7:30pm. Then a thunderstorm came and he sat on the back porch and watched.

And other than getting him fitted with a new hearing aid, that's all the excitement for this week.

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LOL Puffy. Well so far I still have to sit down to do the dishes. My only problem with that is keeping the water from running off my elbows and onto me. Hey, maybe you should start measuring your height on a doorway like you do when your a kid. Yours will go down instead of up. Just an idea. Smiles. Btw, you don't have to worry about the daytime slop. Most of it has gone off the air. I do find myself leaving the tv off more and more and reading.

Christy's Mother passed away Father's day, so I'm alone at the homestead until the end of this week. I've been on animal duty as well as the other chores. I find that spreading that stuff out has taken up an awful lot of time. The main duty of petting everyone takes up any extra time I have. I should be down to nubs by the time she makes it home. The cats say I'm slacking and lacking. The dog and I did have one big adventure so far when I had to go pay the bill for the car. He went inside with me and he loved having all those guys make a fuss. Plus, guys being guys, they were all very bad and encouraged him to jump on them, something we highly discourage in an 80 lb lap dog. He did have fun though. Tomorrow we're going to the post office. McDonalds is near there so I thought of stopping in for one of their little ice cream cones to share with him.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Your retirement comments make me feel lots better; it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who has fits of boredom. I tried to think of something interesting in reply to "What's Happening" and while my imagination had a hundred interesting answers, my honesty had to admit "Not much is happening around here." I drive around on Mondays (and sometimes on other days, too), but otherwise my days are mostly: read, crochet, read, garden in the cool of the morning, read, clean up the kitchen after DH's breakfast, read the newspaper, vac or dust or some sort of housework (I'm neither Heloise nor the FlyLady - housework is boring and I can't find anything interesting to say about it), read, fix/serve dinner, read, maybe help DH with his latest jigsaw puzzle, read, crochet, read, sleep. Stuff like mowing, splitting wood, canning, and bread making squeeze out some of the reading time, but [sigh] those other things really don't take up much time. I live near a Regional Library -that's about 80 double-sided, twenty-five foot-long rows of books; I've read almost everything in the SF section and the mysteries section, most of the fiction and biographical books, and a lot of the non-fiction, and am working my way through the reference sections. I'm a reading addict - and it's a good thing this library gets several hundred 'new' books a month! I'm working on a new quilt, but I'm not really enthusiastic about it. Isn't retirement just wonderful?!

I haven't shrunk in height -yet, but my feet grew! Not a case of the manufacturers changing size numbers, they really grew longer... for some reason, this was a surprise. I vaguely recall someone mentioning that this would happen, but of course I didn't apply that to MY feet. I finally figured out why it was hurting to do much walking... would you believe that shoes one and a half sizes larger eliminated the pain?! This is not fun news for someone who really does not like to shop. Oh, the retirement age is just full of surprises.

BUT, if I want to take a nap at 6am, I can. Ditto 2pm or 4 pm. If the bones are full of aches, no one is going to expect me to go to the office, and no one fusses if the housework doesn't get done on a particular day. When the dawn is beautiful and the weather cool, I can go for a walk without having to think about going to work at a particular time. If I want to phone a friend, I can even if it's in the middle of the day. If the neighbor down the street has a party that is still playing 200 decibel music at midnight [like last night], that's okay because I can sleep late the next morning. Yes, I miss my job but I have more time for friends and family now. Yes, I sometimes miss the daily contact of the folks I used to work with, but hey, I've got nice neighbors and great family; and those who were both inside- and outside-the-office friends, are still friends. If I've got a really good book, I can read it when I want to, not just on lunch break or after dinner. I can garden when the weather's good and not just when it's the weekend.

There's a lot of good things about retirement. Maybe it's not really boring, but just a change of pace: I walk slower these days, and now there's time to look around as I go.

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Lol, the good news is that I can identify with the comments above. I can say, been there, done that. I'm not alone.
The bad news is that we don't talk about the bad times enough.

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I dunno - maybe I expected something good with golden years
and its not gonna be?

I have been laughing over the fact that I arrived here almost 70 years ago slightly plump, toothless, bald, and grumpy, and unable to walk.

I seem to be getting back to all of that....

the ONLY thing that makes me feel half-way decent in any given day is to do some small unexpected little thing for someone every day.

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I think I'll agree with Meldy. It's a very good thing to be able to take a nap any time you want to.....and to stay up as late as you want to.

And BOOKS!!!! what on earth do people that never got the habit of reading, do?

Speaking of naps, I see it's after 1:00am. I think it's time I turned in and took a long one.

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So here it is, Thursday, and it started wrong. After my late night post yesterday, I went to sleep and slept well.....until about 8:00 am. That's went the dratted phone rang and woke me up.

It was a recorded message. (people know better than to call that early) From our garbage collection service. After listening to a lot of blatter about what good customers we were and how happy they were to serve us, finally, a reason for the call. It seems they won't be working on July 4th. And therefore, our collection service will be one day late.

It doesn't take much to ruin a whole day.

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That would bum me out, too, Agnes. Our trash collection service bills on a quarterly basis, and they always have a message sheet included with information about any changes from the regular collection days. I put it on my bulletin board, so it's handy. If a holiday falls on a regular collection day, it's a sure bet that all collections will be one day late. It amuses me that so many folks must not bother to read the sheet, for there are lots of trash cans/bags on the street a day early. Next week, since the 4th is Monday, our pick-up won't be till Sat--instead of Friday. BTW, hope everyone has a good 4th of July!

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The good news is that it is finally tomato weather around here. Nice and hot.
The bad news is that everybody else is saying it's too hot.
It's always something.

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I'm glad I joined this post as all the above posts are so true. Our Dish Washer leaks (haven't had time to get a repair) so I have been doing dishes by hand and can stand up to do it but it sure makes my back ache! Went to the doctor and they asked how tall I was and I told them 5 ft. 7 & 1/2 inches. They said no, you are 5 ft. 5 & 1/2 inches. O.K. where did that two inches go?
We aren't going to talk about wrinkles are we, and I don't mean in our clothes? LOL

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posieh, you want to talk about wrinkles. I'm game. I don't have many wrinkles on my face or neck. However, I have deep wrinkles on my forearms. Go figure.
I used to be 5'5-1/2" tall. Now I'm 5'5". I don't know where the 1/2" went except to say that my shoe size has gone from 6-1/2 to 8-1/2 so perhaps my stuff is shifting.

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