Idyll #267 Blue Skies shining on me....

just_tMay 25, 2006

Here's hoping for blue skies in everyone's lives.....

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Still no internet access at work and not much time at night.

V, I was also saddened to hear your brother's news. I agree with Taryn, cancer is nasty and non discriminating. Healing thoughts to all of you for the days and weeks ahead.

Well a huge 18 wheel trailer dropped off an asphalt grinding machine in my cul-de-sac this morning so I guess that means the street resurfacing will really be starting next week. They must not have had any place to store this thing over the weekend.

Here's to a productive three day weekend!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Good Morning Idylls! Blue skies in our lives, I'll vote for that too!

In fact, it is pea soup weather out there, drizzly, wet, gray and muggy so far with thunderstorms in our future. The bugs are enjoying it so tomorrow, when things are sunny again and HOT, I will need massive protection to get out there and weed and plant. But the weeding should be easier and the weekend is expected to be partly cloudy, so it will be OK for new plants to settle in.

Not quite sure what the day will offer, perhaps the thrill of cleaning the refrigerator? But the pets are asking me to hurry up and get things started! ;-)

I'll be back later to make sure Sue did her weekly colourful thing!


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Good Morning, We had thunderstorms here overnight but nothing severe. We needed the rain. I was surprised how dry it was getting even with all of the wet weather we've been having. The paver project is progressing. The demolition is finished, the debris has been hauled away and the pavers have been delivered. Hopefully we'll get the bulk of it finished over the 3 day weekend. Like I've been hearing some of you say, I hate the mess and upheaval when a project is in progress. Yesterday I carried up the last of the plants that had been overwintered in the basement and unplugged the last of the lights. It looks like warm weather is here to stay, at least for the next couple of weeks. I'm hoping to get started on the container gardens this weekend too. I was at Lowes yesterday and a clematis asao came home with me thanks to Deanne's pictures from the other day. Busy day ahead here. Have a great Friday everyone. Eden

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Sorry this is so late Yeona! I hope you aren't tired of irises yet: )


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning! I'm lookin' for those blue skies; so far I only see gray. But I know they're coming!

Eden, we've had at least two inches of rain in the last couple of days but like you said, I was amazed at how fast the soil was drying out before the rain. Although we are officially out of drought conditions, I think the subsoil still is making up for the lost moisture from last year. That's my unscientific thought and I'm sticking to it!

Last night we went to the senior honors banquet. This is a nice tradition the HS started as a compliment to the sports award banquets. All the students who are graduating with honors are invited, and they are allowed to nominate a teacher to attend also. It was a nice evening, but what really made me smile was that we were seated with Nick and Chris and their parents. In 2nd grade, DD was caught beating up Nick with a stick because she didn't like him. In 7th grade, she asked the swing choir director to stop pairing her with Chris because she "despised" him. Today, they're all best of friends and lovely young adults. So there is hope, moms of younger kids.

My goal for the day is to have my desk cleared when I leave, so I shall get started on that. I have placed a plant order to take home with me and I'm hoping for a couple of really, really good gardening days.

Thanks for all your support on my brother. You idylls are the best! (I'm really trying to break myself of the habit of saying "you guys"!)



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V-I am so sorry for what is happening to your brother-he must be really scared. How frustrating for all of you wanting to be there for him. Maybe he needs time to recover from such a shock before he can share his worries & thoughts. I know you'll be a supportive sister. My thoughts are with your family.

So did you all make it through the nasty weather so far? We had some pretty turbulent stuff here-I don't like those green skies-supposedly there was tornadic activity in these parts. most of you know about AJ and his weather anxieties well just to update those who are interested he's a changed man these days!! I am really amazed. I suppose part of it is his own maturation but I also think the work I did with him earlier made a difference and plus last month in school they did a module on weather and he learned quite a bit-knowledge is power,right? He just seems really together lately about school assignments and pushing for good grades. I guess they do grow up in spite of their parents lol. It really is a relief though.

Eden speaking of containers, your mini trough garden behind your shed that I saw during IU1 have inspired me to create my own this year using an interesting ceramic 'vessel' my late FIL made when he was in art school(I'll show pics eventually). Luckily I have some nursery gift certificates to get started with: ) If you have any good recommendations for unusual trough plants I'd love to hear.

Sue I wanted to tell you ages ago that Tom did a nice job on the privacy screen for your tub-thanks for showing the pic. With these dreary rainy days a soak in a hot tub sounds pretty fun-imagine after a long day in the garden how nice that will feel!

I'm really hit or miss on my comments since I'm a skimming maniac so bear with me...guys, er,um...idylls)how's that V?).

Taryn-hopefully we'll be toasting to good news from you on the house soon!Crossing all appendages here; )

Ryan passed his hearing test with flying colors-I had a long talk with him about focusing and using his listening ears and he did just that. I never told you that I had to reschedule his eye exam because he had a fever last week. We don't go until later June now. At least one hurdle is past.

Eileen! I've been thinking about you-nice hair cut!; ) I liked the pictorial montage you showed in the last thread-I was all goosebumpy while I read it and thought about it quite a bit as the day went on. I'm thankful that I do look for happiness in immediate things-it's so right that you just can't wait for later to appreciate life. Honestly I've learned that through so many of my idylls friends and what they've been through.

Sorry I've got to go-lunch detail today.

HI Mary!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Babs, I believe some of the best years of my mother's life were her latter years. I keep hoping I can say that about myself. The funny thing is...bad times in my life are rather like childbirth; when it is all it the past it doesn't seem nearly as bad as it did while it was happening.

I'm so happy that Ryan got a good report on his hearing, and that Aj is overcoming his fears.

Yeona...A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

If I already did that, please excuse my lapse of memory. Besides it won't hurt for you to get 2 such wishes from me. :-)

Also .. Another belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Woody ( I miss seeing you posting here.)

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Blue skies here today, unfortunately it wont last for the weekend. The long weekend is predicted to have a chance of thunderstorms, lots of wind and hot. IÂm talking 90! What happened to the 75-80 days??? Work all day and then tonight we have 8th grade graduation for RickÂs grandson, so more sitting inside. Enough whining from me. Maybe V will have this super weather we are having today tomorrow or Sunday.

The morning started out interesting. I pushed the button for the garage door to go up. Nothing happened! Since we leave at the same time, Rick was still there. The spring on one side of the door had broken. We have a double wide door so it is incredible heavy. We did manage between the 2 of us to raise it. Rick had to hold it up while I backed the vehicles out.

Babs, that is really great news about AJ outgrowing the weather fears. I can imagine your relief. If you can get Ryan to focus and listen, IÂll have you talk to Rick. (Remember Ryan is male LOL) Seriously though IÂm glad to hear that the hearing test turned out well.

Cindy, thanks for the comment. ItÂs a good thing I can enjoy those tulips in the picture because the wind we have had the last few days really took its toll.

Since we had to be gone last night also, I havenÂt been in the garden since Wed. I did see about 6 or 7 monarchs that night. With all the rain, everything is looking nice and lush. What fun to see things start blooming that you planted last year. This year my gas plant is really coming into its own after languishing in the first spot that I planted it. It got too much shade and didnÂt do much. It seems to like the full sun spot that I moved it to.


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Yesterday I had a huge post, and almost had it posted, when I deleted the whole thing¡K so I will try to recompose it. I have been consumed by trying to build up my real estate on the fear that I was losing my job, therefore have not been reading the idylls all of the time. Right now, it looks like I am still employed.. good news in our house. I was running about panic stricken for the past month. I feel really sorry for those who lost their jobs. I know everyone says it always works out for the best, but that is difficult to hear when your livelihood is on the line. Between that whole drama and getting ready for the wedding, I have been a basket case. I am not a good one for living insecurely¡K

Last weekend the Botanical Garden had their annual herb sale, so I walked over there during my lunch hour on Friday. (One of the best things about the location of my job) They featured 18 kinds of scented geraniums.. the one I picked has a nutmeg fragrance. Funny that you are all talking about Baptisia¡K one of the vendors had a lovely specimen of Purple Smoke, it was $20, and I thought it would be a little shortsighted of an almost unemployed person to buy it. Of course then I called all of the nurseries close to me to see if I could find one, and no luck. I did find an australius for 6.99 though. I wonder why some plants are easier to find than others? The leaves on the one at the Gardens were beautiful green/gray, and it was raining, so they just looked so nice.

GB, those clematis are absolute beautiful! I wish I could grow them. Which ones did you pick up on your journey?

Babs, good luck on the job interview! Will you work the school year? Between Dr. Chris and yourself in your new role, everyone will be in perfect health! You should come over sometime and walk to the garden with me this summer. Bring the boys for lunch. I love your pictures by the way¡K You captured that lily of the valley so nicely.. and those blue bells! Wow! By the way, did you get a notification that our flight time changed a little?

Ei, I really enjoyed your musical posts.especialy the ones of your father and family¡Kthat photo really captured the moment perfectly. and that little baby bird was adorable. Last weekend we found a little sparrow on our way home from a walk. Devin wanted to pick it up and keep it.. he called his mom and said it isn¡¦t the prettiest bird, but it is a loving one¡K he named it Tweeter¡Kkids truly do say the cutest things¡K I had sort of gotten used to him being a rough and tumble boy lately, not snuggly too much anymore, he puts up with it when he has to, but doesn¡¦t search it out, so the tenderhearted comment sort of caught me off guard.

Marian, glad you got your new fridge, soon you will be cooking away in style on your new stove too. How exciting to get new appliances. My fridge bit the dust this year, and I really like the new one I got. My oven hasn¡¦t been heating up, but I think I might try to clean it before I give up on it completely. Skip said it might have a blockage from my messy cooking.

V.- Your daughter¡¦s prom picture was lovely! I hope she had a wonderful time. She must be looking forward to the new adventure next fall. They grow so fast, don¡¦t they?

Mary, I bought an ugly plastic Blue Heron a couple of years ago to guard my pond after my butterfly koi dissapeared along with a cute little freckly one. It seems to work, I haven¡¦t noticed any disappearances since¡K However, I have purposefully not bonded with any fish sinceº Wonder why they at the ones I liked the best?

Honey, can¡¦t wait to hear what you and your new designer come up with! You have had quite the sage with that front excavation, haven¡¦t you?

Well, I can¡¦t remember what else I had to say¡K . Hope you all have a great holiday weekend¡Kgood luck to you Taryn with the Open house, hope all goes as you hope! Happy Birthday Yeona and Woody! Cards to follow tommorrow!


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Good morning

Grey skys and drizzle here but the forecast is good for the weekend so I'm not complaining.

Drema - glad your job is still secure. Nice score on the Purple Smoke. We'll have to dub it the Idyll plant of the month!

Babs - that's great that Ryan passed his hering test - one less thing to worry about - and wonderful that AJ's anxiety has passed. You'll do great at the interview and I bet the training will be fun. What sort of costume did you create this time?

Marian - that is a very pretty rose - do you know which one it is?

Michelle - you're hitting 90 already? Did you get all the planting done in the field?

Taryn - hope the article brings in a shower of offers!

GB - I did it, I purchased both Huldine and Etoille Violette and I'm delighted with both. I'm hoping to get them planted in the rain today. The Huldine will go next to the yew by the patio. There is a reasonable space for planting, and its near the tap for easy watering. It is a very vigorous vine so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will bloom as profusely too.

Sue - Annie and David would LOVE it if our road were resurfaced as its much easier for roller blading on. Perhaps I'll send them over to you.

Need to run as a friend is coming over to walk our dogs - hope to be back later.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Mary, it is Evelyn. I bought it in honor of my sister who's name is Evelyn.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

I'm baaaacck! Online at work that is. It's been a long week-not only did I not have internet but I couldn't access a couple of other software programs I need just about every day.

Anyhoo, as far as plant scores go, I actually found Sambucus Black Lace at of all places, Lowe's. There was a whole shelf of them tucked away on pallet that hadn't been unloaded yet. That is usually how I find the best deals at Lowe's. I've seen this plant for sale at a variety of nurseries for anywhere from $25-$50-usually a two gallon size, maybe the $50 was for three gallon. The one I got at Lowe's was a gallon but the shrub is a nice size. The price...$9.98. Now to figure out where to plant it. I already have both Physocarpus Diablo, and Summer Wine. I also got a Rhododendron 'Crete', a yaku cultivar, for $12.98.

Marie, I have a Golden Wings rose too. Are they all grafted? Mine languished in a too shady spot for a couple of years until I rescued it last year and planted it in the new garden next to my driveway. Now it's getting big and looks great. Will I be wanting to remove it in a few more years?

Babs, that picture on Woody's card is stunning. Supposedly some pretty severe thunderstorms are headed for CT this afternoon. So far it's just been gray all day with a few sprinkles. Believe it or not I've only been in the tub once since we got it. Usually by the time I'm ready to go in it's after 9. Maybe tonight.

Happy Birthday Woody wherever you are!

Tom was able to fanagle a load of stonedust yesterday from some landscape supply house right near us. I didn't get home til almost 8 last night and he already had the majority of the basework done for the patio around the hot tub. This morning he took my truck to work so he could pick up a load of tumbled bluestone pavers. They couldn't deliver those til next week and we wanted to get this patio done over the weekend. Even with the truck, it will probably take a few trips. If he gets this patio done, maybe I can convince him to work on a few other projects from my endless list.

Well, I'm going to try and sneak out of here soon. I have some errands to run and would like to squeeze in a work out but my ever growing plant ghetto has been calling me name.



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Mary here's the costume-it's supposed to be a music conductor's jacket. Not the best pics but you get the idea. The cool thing was that the whole thing only cost 10 bucks since I already had most of the supplies. I wonder if a similar thing would be that cheap in a thrift store-this at least specifically fits the student. She's very excited!Lol I worry that it will be warm that night and she's going to bake or pass out in this thing. I'll let you know what happens: )

Drema-you poor girl having to worry about the job on top of wedding stress~I'm so glad the job seems to be holding. Are the wedding plans going well?
I really would love to walk your garden-you need to come and see mine too and please fib to everyone that it's gorgeous(lol). I am dreading each time I go out there. After the deluge I found a few peony plants kissing the ground and the irises are quickly becoming mush between the rain then the sun.
Devin is really a sweet kid-I love that he's so sensitive. Even though they get older I'm sure that sensitivity will always be there-that's really good! It's funny,Aj has become a keen bird watcher since they started a science unit on birds. each Wednesday they go on a bird watching walk and he comes home telling me about birds I didn't even know we had around here. I can imagine Devin and AJ bird watching together: )and then there's Ryan-I was planting grass seed earlier and when I turned around he was laying on his back in a three inch puddle of water in the middle of our lawn-happy as a lark...and muddy(!)
Yes I got teh notification about the flight time adjustment-I bet it changes again before we actually leave. I cannot wait to get away!
Yes,the health aide job coincides with the kids' school schedule-that's why it's perfect for getting my feet wet as a working stiff again; )

Deanne if you are coleus are either rotting or getting tunneled out by chipmunks so I do feel your pain about planting the coleus too early-hopefully our weatehr will cooperate soon with our plants needs lol. We seem to have a bumper crop of chippies and squirrels this season-that warm winter let them thrive I bet.

Michelle...I also kind of bribed Ryan to listen well by telling him if he passed we could go buy something fun at Joann fabrics. He got a bug box for catching insects-it now houses two sow bugs and a millipede....does this sound like something Rick would respond to?? lolol!

Marian-I liked those bday pics you just posted.
You give me hope about my future if the best is yet to come: )

I was wondering about those of you with kids-when do they gain back their freedom for summer break? AJ goes until June 13th!! I feel bad for them, that seems so late.

I'm making homemade pizza tonight-haven't done that in ages so it should be fun.

Mental note: must find 'Purple Smoke' ; )

Off to my pizzaria...

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Babs, that is a gorgeous costume/outfit! I love the tails, and the extra touches, music notes, etc. you are so talented. I don't think I could pay anyone to actually wear anything I made. When I said "walk in the garden", I guess I should have specified... you guys come have lunch with Chris, then we can go walk in the BOTANICAL told Skip the other day that mine will not be ready for viewing for at LEAST 3 years...

Off to find a millipede...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Today I am able to reply without logging in! A relief!

I have just returned from a long nursery adventure. My 2 favourite gardening buddies came unannounced and kidnapped me. (Not too difficult!) They took me out for a Thai lunch and to a new place in Kitchener Ontario where the most amazing things are sold in small sizes for $2.50!

I came home with things like Heuchera 'Mocha Mint', Wallflower 'Apricot Twist', Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty', Geranium 'Confetti', Farfugium 'crispatum', Tiarella 'Heronswood Mist'....along with annuals for yet another planter which included Chocolate cosmos, Coleus 'Midnight Train', an apricot Agastache, dusty miller, a yellow/green ornamental grass and more. The total came to $80. Amazing! I know a nearby nursery that sells the podophyllum alone for $45! Well, that sure beat cleaning out the fridge!

This weather makes me very tired and draggy...I should be out there planting, but I think I'll walk the dog and go get the mail instead. ;-)

I'm enjoying today's good news concerning AJ and Ryan, the fabulous music conductor's costume, Tom's progress on the hot tub landscaping, Mary's clematis score, Drema's hanging on to her job, Marian's beautiful rose, Michelle's monarchs...and beyond! Sue, I found my S.Black Lace for $15 at the grocery store. I do hope it likes my climate! As I said, I think Golden Wings was my favourite rose just was all those suckers that got me down. If I ever find an own root version, I'm grabbing it!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

:-) Thanks Babs! So then, you dont think the new haircut makes me look too fat? :-) The conductors jacket is wonderful! You are so creative and it looks like it would be *so* fun to wear, creative and yet feminine too! Of course the little girl's thrilled...who wouldnt be? Can you make me one? :-)

Michelle Good to hear about the Monarchs. No butterflies spotted here yet, but soon I hope. Funny about the dictamnus! I was just thinking about mine today, that it just keeps getting better and better every year...that is once you get past the "settling in" part! :-) Its a neat plant and I really like it. I've had the pink one for a long time. Last year I bought a white one, which I babied the heck out of (because of the drought) and Ive been rewarded...its returned! Yeah! I wonder if I was confusing Country Gardens with another mag? Have they always been a seasonal mag or were they ever monthly? Anyway, thanks for telling me...Ill look for it this weekend.

Drema Devin got to me too! :-) What a sweetie! And, a *smart* boy too...I find its always best to pick the "loving ones" over "just a pretty face" too!

Well, Im going to cut this short, as Ive got things to do, but decided to share some thoughts I had today. Ive been reflecting on a philosophical opinion someone once shared with me.... that "every thought you think reverberates across the universe, touching everyone and everything." I dont know where that philosophy originated but from the very moment he said that to me, it had a ring of truth and stuck in a little space inside my head. Kind of the same way as the words from this scene in the movie Crash: "It's the sense of touch. In any real city, you walk, you know? You brush past people, people bump into you. In L.A., nobody touches you. We're always behind this metal and glass. I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something." As I say, Ive been thinking about my friend's words a lot lately...maybe its because Ive been searching for some answers. Well, Im taking a deep plunge here, sharing this with "you guys" (sorry V...well we are from Chicago; aren't we?) :-). Anyway, Ive decided to try a little experiment. I decided I only want my good thoughts reverberating through the universe. :-) Today I decided I will not allow negative thoughts, judgmental thoughts, unloving or unkind thoughts to enter my brain...that I would shut them out as quickly as they entered - even the silliest, insignificant things such as resentment at someone for cutting in front of me in line, or frustration because the store ran out of the product I was looking for, or negative feelings about some teenagers I saw hanging out in front of the grocery store. As you can see, its harder than it looks. I mean these are the negative thoughts that entered my head in just the hour or so that I was at the grocery store! I am amazed and a bit disappointed in myself. I have always thought of myself as a pretty upbeat, positive, kind human being. Yet, Ive become so conditioned to these little negative thoughts and reactions I play out in my head, that I didnt even realize I was having them! You guys may think Im a little wacko, unrealistic, silly, whatever, its okay, Ive decided Im going to try it for at least a week anyway....maybe I can last even longer...maybe the rest of my life...wouldnt that be wonderful? What have I got to lose? If nothing else, at least for a week, there will be a few less negative thoughts reverberating through the universe! :-)

Its been a beautiful day here today, sunshiny and birds singing their little hearts out...actually theyre kinda noisy...LOL! Well, Im enjoying them anyway and the Miss Kim lilacs are in bloom every where and sending their ravishing perfume through the air. Nothing exciting to report, just took mom grocery shopping and to the bank and then to some garage sales. Although, I have to say a pretty "Aha" moment was my mom saying, as we were walking up a garage sale driveway and she took a deep breath of fresh air "Isnt it a beautiful day?" "I love getting outside in the fresh air!" That really touched me and made me smile. Im so happy that she can still find joy in the little things, even if its "just another day"

So heres my song for the day:

Just Another Day Stacey Earle

I woke up early this morning, I asked myself why
It's four in the morning, so closing my eyes
I rolled over on my other side
Ten o'clock came fast
Heard a noise down the hall
Sounds just like broken glass
And for no reason at all
A picture had fallen from the wall
Oh, it's just another day

Guess I'll spend it in the garden
Why, I can make this day mine
And later at the market
Where I know I can find
A place to spend more than just time
Everyone is in a hurry
They're grabbing only what they need
Their faces poured with worry
"Please sir, go ahead of me
I really have no place I need to be"
No, it's just another day

Three o'clock came slow
I heard a knock at the door
So I opened it real slow
He said "say no more
I must not be who you're hoping for"
"Why, could it be you're expecting company"
"Ma'am if I may
Have you sign right here please"
And as he walked away
He said, "Oh have a lovely day"
Yes have a lovely day

Six o'clock rolled around
I hear the traffic building up
It's all around the town
Driving like there is no giving up
Arriving home to the ones they love
Table set, please sit down everyone
Won't come to bed until the dishes are done
And turning out lights all but one
I like to read some
Won't fall to sleep until my day is done
It was just another day

But I've enjoyed it anyway
Just another day
I'll always find a way
Why I can sleep in tomorrow

Yes, have a lovely day and a great week-end too all you Idyllers! Ei

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good Evening all,

Well, a very busy, busy gardening day here. I was able to put together a few more of my containers, edged the front of the Sundial and Terrace gardens pruned some stuff that needed haircuts and did a bit of general cleanup in a couple areas that hadnt been attended to. I still had time to do a nursery run as well, I was looking for this Nemesia Berries and Cream that will look great in a combo Im planning. Im a bit on the tired side but it is a good tired if you know what I mean. Ive finally gotten the patio pretty well cleaned up from all the winter and wind storm debris. It seems I no sooner get it cleaned up and the wind comes up and Ive got to sweep again. Anyway, no wind even with the T storms that blew through here so Im in good shape for the weekend.

The gardens are looking pretty nifty at the moment and I just adore all the new foliage on the fresh new growth. The slugs have found a few things like my Agastache Blue Fortune (of all things) but so far most things are looking fairly good. Ive been after the lily beetles and I usually find a few each day but not the numbers Ive seen in past years.

V. Im so terribly sorry to hear the news about your brother. Sending positive thoughts for you and family in what will be a difficult time.

Eileen, you are a better person than I, I dont think Id make it five minutes let alone a week. Kudos to you. If everyone followed your example the world would be a better place. Patience has never been a quality I was blessed with.

Bug, sounds like you really scored. What a great bunch of plants and a Thai luncheon to top it off. Neat!

Babs, Love the costume! You are amazing! ~~ What a bummer about your coleus! I feel your pain. Mine are all looking a lot better in the last few days. ~~ Good luck with the job interview.

Sue, so Im really curious as to where you are going to put your Black Lace. How large does that get?

Drema, Sorry about your lost post! I just hate it when that happens. Great to hear from you and glad to hear you are still employed. ~~ How are the wedding plans going?

Michelle, what a drag about the garage door. It is a good thing you werent near it when it broke. That happened to a friend of ours and the spring broke his hand when it let go. ~~ Great you saw Monarchs. Ive not had any here yet.

Eden, I got all the basement plants outside and turned off my lights this week too. Feels good doesnt it? ~~ LOL about that Asao jumping into your basket. It really is a lovely clematis.

So here are a few pics from today

I just love these wine colored iris. I dont know the name of this variety as it was a gift from a friends garden.

Here are a couple containers for the patio.

Just look at all these cute little pansy faces! It looks like those blue ones lined up to have their picture taken.

Yep, Im a bit out of control with the container thing. LOL

I love the foliage of Ligularia Britt-Marie Crawford with the Phlox Nora Leigh

OK Im turning into a pumpkin and have to get to bed. Have a great evening all.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Quicky to Ei~~I totally, totally agree with you! It is not silly, it is KARMA on a day to day basis and it works! I find an attitude of gratitude brings wonderful things! Ever have one of those days where everything just works out perfectly? The universe just keeps giving you gifts? When you do, think how your thought patterns and actions were that day or just previous~~it may surprise you! You might want to read Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Between her and decluttering is decluttering a lot of stuff I don't need any more, and that includes negative emotions. See link below for a neat story from SBB's website. Oh and thank you very much for the lovely anni card! And all the good wishes on that, Bruce and Gigi and the house you guys! (gals!) (Idylls!)


Saw our future home again today and are convinced the water in the basement is fixable. If (no WHEN, thinking positive!) we get a firm offer here we'll put one in on that house, conditional on the current owners fixing the problem with this company. The owners were there today and were very, very nice! Answered questions about schools, the area in general, etc to my satisfaction. Our dual agent advised us before we went in not to talk about putting in an offer or anything, so mum was the word, but I liked them very much, and they've been there 16 years and are only moving because he has health problems and 2.5 acres is too much for him. They are staying in the area though. They acquired a baby girl granddaughter this morning, named Devyn! So maybe that is an omen eh? Paperwork for the offer is already drawn up, but we want to go in firm, unless another offer is looming and we need to move really quickly. ARRRGG, this is nervewracking! Must get some zzz's soon, very, very tired and lots I'd like to do still to make Sunday's open house absolutely perfect! Is going to be 29C (84F) and a darn sight nicer than last frigid weekend or today, which poured with rain. Happy Memorial Day weekend to all those south of the border! And please keep sending those positive vibes! I see blue skies ahead!


ps jain said I could share some California colour with you all! Wish she'd come back but she feels there's too much water under the bridge now. But here's a visual treat for y'all: (can't believe how much has matured!)

jain's gardens

Need Iris??? (lily auction)

pps Ei please email me about Ebay and I'll email you back next week some information about how to get started selling that I've saved on draft--YES, it IS worth it to get your items out to where the most buyers are searching! And it's easy!

ppps Babs I love the costume! Drema so glad your job is secure! Okay I've got to stop now and hit the hay, but I'm thinking positive and witty comments to all of you! ;)

pppps Hey Ei, Blue Skies by Irving Berlin (sung by Bing Crosby) has a bit of serendipity in the lyrics no? Okay, that is IT from me! Way too many p's!

Blue Skies

I was blue, just as blue as I could be
Evry day was a cloudy day for me
Then good luck came a-knocking at my door
Skies were gray but theyre not gray anymore

Blue skies
Smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Do I see

Singing a song
Nothing but bluebirds
All day long

Never saw the sun shining so bright
Never saw things going so right
Noticing the days hurrying by
When youre in love, my how they fly

Blue days
All of them gone
Nothing but blue skies
From now on

I should care if the wind blows east or west
I should fret if the worst looks like the best
I should mind if they say it cant be true
I should smile, thats exactly what I do

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Ok Deanne-HOW do you make your plants look so good even this early in the season?? lol! I ended up snapping off the rotted coleus stems and just stuck them back in the soil I figure the wetness will make them root. I have a neat coleus called Stained Glass 'something or other'(I'll get you the actual name later)-if it does well you might like a cutting of it-it has a nice red hue to it.

Sue you better be tubbing it~the night is young! I hope you don't have all the mosquitoes we have-they are ruthless! We tried to sit out and enjoy the dry sky but I kept getting bitten: (
Thanks for the compliment about Woody's card-I took it just before dusk so it is pretty dark. I wonder if we can summon Woody to offer a quick hello...?

OK gals and....gals(whatever happened to Blackie and Bruce.I think Bruce is doing home renovations)

Time for the movies~enjoy your long weekend!!!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Thanks for not thinking I'm silly Taryn. It's too you know I was singing verses from that very song in my head today? :-) Maybe Eden's Idyll Title put them there somewhere...or maybe you were sending me good thoughts! :-) Thank you for the link...I'm anxious to go there and check it out and the book too. I'm sending my positive vibes your way too. :-) Hope all goes great with the "showing" this week-end! Thanks too for sharing Jain with us. Her PT album is *amazing*! What a slice of heaven she has created. *Everything* is so visually stunning it almost brings tears to your eyes! And such a wonderful sense of "play" and humor...I *love* the Chester and Friend pic...brought a huge smile to my face. And OMIGOSH all those beautiful irises. I have never seen such gorgeous pics of masses of *beautiful* iris anywhere! Okay, I'll stop gushing now. Have to say I dragged the hubby in just so he could see her stunning gardens too...and he stayed for the whole show! :-) I still say she needs to create a garden book...she has all the elements right there in her PT would make a *stunning* book! Please let her know how much she is missed and that I think of her often.

Nah Deanne, *not* out of control...just surrounded in beauty. You really tickled me with the pansies! That's a soft spot for me too...I *love* their little faces! :-) I love those wine colored irises too...just beautiful! BTW, do you mind ID'ing everything in that pic with the birdhouse? I *love* all those colors together...what's the ruby colored flowers (I'm thinking rhodie?) in the background combined with the bright pink (clematis?) and then carried down into the light pink all just makes the the burgundy foliaged plants pop! I too love your ligularia and phlox Nora Leigh combo...wish Nora would like me more. P.S. No, I'm not a better person at all and I would have to disagree about your must have *enough*. A gardener as amazing as you knows the true art of patience! :-)

LOL Babs! I was thinking the same thing about Deanne's garden...isn't it stunning and so lush and full already? I tell you the talent and the beauty I see here just amazes and overwhelms me at times.

Okay Gals (yea I miss that Bruce too Babs - still hoping he'll pop in one day)and need to get to bed...lots going this week-end, mostly just catching up with the outdoors.

Have a great one all! Ei

P.S. Did you guys notice that I'm trying to be better about my excalmation points? I swear, I go back now and always delete at least a dozen of them! :-)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Good Morning Idylls!

It is supposed to reach 80F today and be sunny. I hope to accomplish a great deal in the garden yet take care of my back. I still have a few days before DH returns from his trip and I must get huge amounts accomplished out there. The temperatures will be rising right through until Wednesday and that always means BUGS and less accomplished than I hope!

Monday a friend is supposed to come by and help with the new arbor. It already looks odd to me, not only because it is something different, but because the lumber is new and not yet aged. I'm sure by next year it will please me and the clematis will be taking hold there. I HOPE that I'll have photos soon.

I'm really annoyed that my weed whacker isn't starting for me. I'm sure DH can start it, but I need to trim things before he returns. I guess I'll have to do a lot of hand trimming. (Ei, I won't let it get to me, just wished I could save time.)

One of the benefits of Ei's new outlook is on the highway! People are so tense and anxious when behind the wheel...crazy even. They have to get to the red light first and fastest. Their lives are most important, and there's little thought for others. Just ask Honey's Tom! Certainly they are most occupied by their cell phones and so on....not watching what is going on around them or the landscape. Their loss! Why even driving a grocery cart is a tense event these days. I think people who have had to care for aging parents develop a new outlook of patience and caring. It is a profound change. I'm afraid that for me the calm approach does not extend to things political. I continue to be outraged by political corruption and sloppiness and greed, lack of foresight...and feel that there is a place for outrage there, that speaking up is a positive thing in this case. After all, that is what democracy is about in my opinion.

Well, the cats and pet rabbits are watered and fed, Charlotte and me are next! Good luck with your garden weekend my friends!- By the way, we still have our last snapping turtle to deal with. I sure hope he moves back to nature and out of our bathroom this spring! I've put in my formal request to DH!

A vista of Camassia, white bleeding hearts, blue phlox and spring green tulips from yesterday-


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well GB we are supposed to get that hot summer weather here today also. They are talking mid 80s for today and up to the 90s for Monday. Jeesh! Our usual very cold, near freezing mornings to full summer in a week routine. How funny it is happening on Memorial Day Weekend.

So Doug and I are hopefully going to get the pond finished and up and running today. Im not looking forward to moving that HUGE waterfall rock. Ive often thought that wasnt the best idea Ive ever had but I really dont want to change the top of the waterfall at this point in time. Then we have to move this behemoth boulder Doug got out of the hole where I wanted to move the wisteria, well, there is another rock in that hole the size of a Volkswagen so Im trying to find a new spot for the wisteria. Im thinking of pruning the thing with a chain saw as the whole issue of finding a new location for the thing is getting to be too much of a pain.

Bug, you are so right that Es new attitude would be so helpful to me when driving. Im terribly, horribly impatient with nu-nu drivers talking on their cell phones, driving through red lights or not paying attention and not starting when the light turns green because they are too busy having conversations on their phones. ~~ Im looking forward to seeing the pics of your new arbor. I also want to see all those fence posts you just put in. ~~ Gorgeous photo!

Eileen, Ill try to ID the plants for you, starting the front right that is a columbine seedling that has been there for several years now. My cousin gave me some seeds and I threw them about the gardens and this is the most successful seedling from that batch of seeds. Next to that, going right to left in the front row is a white astilbe, Brunnera Jack Frost, above the brunnera is the Clematis Asao, then to the right of that is another of the white astilbe, the dark foliaged plant next to that is Wegelia Wine and Roses, below is a small gray patch of Nepeta Six Hills Giant, the blue to the right is Polemonium Bressingham Purple, above to the right of that is a cimicifuga. In the top of the photo above that is the Hydrangea petiolaris on my oak tree, the pink next to that is an azalea and you were 100% about the deep burgundy in the upper middle of the photo, that is a rhododendron. The blooming tree above the birdhouse is my mountain ash. It is looking pretty good at the moment and Im hoping it doesnt defoliate in August again this year or Im going to prune it with a chain saw.

So Babs, so many of those plants are the fuchsia Ive had under lights for months now. They harden off easily and I wind up with really large, mature plants for my containers early on in the season. Im so in love with them because every year I winter them over the next season they just get bigger and better looking.

OK time to get myself outside on this lovely morning! Have a great weekend all,

Whoops, PS I almost forgot to post these pics of my Clematis Miss Bateman for you.

This is the back of the mailbox, Im really liking this with the alllium

And a shot from the front of the mailbox

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Lovely combo Deanne!

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Just a drive by...lots to do. Paul and I are off to look at some privacy trellising in about an hour. All is peaceful and beautiful this a.m. (though we are to get the hot too Marie & Deanne). I'm cracking up right now because the "peaceful" has just become a little noisy with honking going on (the geese kind). Paul just left to take Scout for a short walk and now I hear all this honking. Yep, Scout's shooing off the geese. Anyway, reminds me of a cute story. Did I ever tell you how one day I was walking Scout and we passed some ducks and Scout walked right past them as if they weren't even there? Then a little further down the road were some geese...Scout went nuts...tearing like the wind after them and giving me the most unpleasant jerk with the leash. I wasn't expecting him to chase, since he ignored the ducks. I told my husband about it and he laughed. Turns out my husband had been conditioning Scout for years. Every time they would see a duck, Paul would would build them up, telling Scout that ducks ("quackers") were nice and then would seem unhappy when he saw a goose, telling Scout that geese ("honkers") were *not* nice; "Quackers are good!" he would tell Scout, and "Honkers are bad!" So that everytime Scout would see a duck, he would ignore them, but every time Soout would see a goose, he would be on the chase. BTW, we do not really think that honkers are "bad", but we don't like to have them hanging around our property...they make such a mess and we would *never* allow Scout to get close enough to actually touch them.

Anyway, Marie...What a gorgeous pic of your Camassia, phlox, bleeding hearts and tulips! I really love those two colors together; especially lovely picture with the green of the lawn and the large evergreens, very restful and inviting.

Deanne - I love 'Miss Bateman', such large, beautiful, pearly white flowers. I had to move mine a few years ago and she didn't look very happy last year; hope things will be better for her this year. That is a lovely combo with the Allium. I imagine the color of the allium brings out Miss Bateman's lovely "eyes"! :-)

Oh well, gotta go, I see Paul rounding the corner with Scout and I still haven't had my shower before were off for the day. Have a great day all! Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Oops! I'm sorry Deanne, I meant to tell you how nice it was of you to take the time to I.D. all those plants; I really appreciate it! Thank you! Also, your mention of your Wisteria is funny. Why, just the other day I was looking through the album you shared last year(Yes! I saved it to my favorites) and admiring your romantic pic of the Wisteria. I hope you will be able to find a satisfying's so lovely in your pics. But, that is the way it goes in the garden sometimes, I guess. I am having a similar situation with my Miss is surely dying. The other is blooming it's full head off, so full of bloom that it is almost laying on the ground...but *no leaves* and very weak branches! These are the two I mentioned a few posts ago and had mentioned how I will probably have to get rid of them. I'm fretting now because after being out with mom yesterday and seeing and smelling them everywhere we's hard to think of getting rid of them, but I really think I need to. Oh well...I really have to go now. Have a great day! Ei

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good morning! Well I'm just rubbing my grubby hands together at the prospect of having three full days of gardening ahead. It's a bit overcast now but is supposed to clear up and be warm and dry for the remainder of the weekend. By Monday it's supposed to be in the 85-90s F range though-jeesh. The few roses I have are starting to bloom already-Golden Wngs, Carefree Sunshine and Knockout.

Last night we met friends for dinner then went to the local homemade ice cream shop for a taste. Neither the restaurant or the ice cream shop were the least bit crowded so everybody must have headed out of town for the long weekend. On the news they were saying all the campsights in the parks down at the beach were booked solid. When we got home we sat and swirled in the tub for quite a while. I think I'm going to like that setup when it's all done. Tom bought all the tumbled bluestone the stoneyard had in stock yesterday and only got about half what he needs so he's going to call around to some other places today and see if he can scare up the rest. Hopefully I'll have some pictures of something to show you soon.

Deanne, at this point I have no solid idea where that Sambucus Black Lace is Maybe as a backdrop for a combo I've been nursing along-Baptisia Carolina Moonlight and Peony Cheddar Charm. That area of the garden is at the bottom of a slight slope so the soil stays somewhat moist and the full sun would help keep the dark foliage color-we'll see. I may have to shuffle some other things around and I'm reluctant to do that with 90 degree weather in the forecast. Great garden shots. My group II Clematis are doing well this year too. The President on the front lampost is the first thing you see when you drive up the street.

Ei, banishing negative thoughts is something I would have to work on too. Both of my parents are very negative so I know where it comes from. Driving while on a cell phone was recently outlawed in CT. You're supposed to have a hands-free device but not too many people do and so far the police aren't really enforcing it.

OK, my neighbor was just here gabbing for half an hour. The day's a wastin'



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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Happy Birthday, Yeona!

((((((V)))))))) and family. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. I, too, am hoping that as they run tests, they'll have better news. You and your family must be so devasted and n a state of shock. It must seem surreal. Please know our prayers, hearts and thots are with all of you.

Thanks, everyone for the nice comments on my containers. And yes, Deanne, you certainly can have a piece of that fuschia.

I'm to meet with the landscape guy again this pm to see a new plan after I dissed his last one. We'll see. Gotta go.

After much mess, working in the rain, etc., the new pavers are installed! Yeah! They'll come out tues. to put in the silica crystals and pick up a check. See link to photos.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Dotti! Your pavers look sensational! Funny, they resemble my new walkway as well! I have a simpler design, but the same horizontal side pieces. I hope to show you more SOON!

Back to the weeding!

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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

Questions for the more well informed:

1. If I plant an endless summer hydrangea in an area that is shade most of the day, dappled shade/sun in the afternoon, and sun from fourish on, will it do well?

2. Can I move a very large hosta from shade to shade at this time of year without killing it? I don't mind if it doesn't bloom this year, but it needs to be moved. And I need its color in the shade bed where it will go.

I'm to the stage where I'm looking for color and leaf/texture combos on plants. Before I just planted. Now things have to be moved, which I can do, but they are mostly mature plants! The hydrangea is new, of course.

I've been planting containers. You Idylls ARE having your effects on me, I have to say that my containers look better than they have EVER looked. Not as good as all of yours, but good for me. I'll take pictures when I'm all done with them this weekend. Finally I feel like my eye for spacing/color/texture is maturing a bit. You all have such gorgeous gardens, and I have lovely plants, but they are not placed as well. And I need stones around some of my beds! I should go get them but they are awfully hard to hide from DH...he does see them....

Back to the yard. I have a corydalis to dig for Mom - it's the yellow one that spreads well. It has seeded itself all over my arbor bed, so I'm sharing with her.



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How funny! I've been outside working with pavers all morning and I come in to check the Idylls and what awaits me but talk of patios and pavers, lol. Honey and Marie, yours BOTH look sensational! We're still at the base building stage, lugging crushed rock and sand. Hopefully I can show you all a picture of ours finished by Monday.

Suzy, can't wait to see your container gardens. My experience is that your hosta will be fine with the move. They're a hard plant to kill. Just keep it watered.

Brad's calling for me. I seem to be his go-fer girl. I've already been to Home Depot twice today. Be back later.


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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

Another question - I have a huge clump of vigorous daylilies (not orange ditch lilies) that I really need to divide - no scapes yet. Can I dig those up too? (suzy deposits 5 cents in the box for the help)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I would be brave and move the hosta. Water it well for a few weeks. No idea, but I'd go ahead with the lilies too, but I bet you lose the blooms this year. Can't you wait til later on them?
I don't know about the others Suzy, but I do know that the Corydalis lutea doesn't move gracefully. It will need to be watered daily for weeks until it looks OK again. If you get a huge clump of soil around it, maybe it won't notice it is being moved!

I've been edging for hours...with scissors! Would you believe??? I don't! My shears are broken, no money left...and the mower guy is coming over to check out why it backfired ...or whatever it did that scared me to (almost) death! I thought I'd been shot! Anyway, it starts but doesn't MOVE or CUT. So who needs it? I so want to have the grass cut before DH returns!
Back to edging....Hope you're being good to your garden slave Eden!

'bug (Can you tell DH is gone? I'm posting every few hours!)

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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

3. Why is it that the Splish Splash (the perennial cranesbill) that seeded itself 6 feet into the rose bed is blooming profusely, but the parent has no signs of any blooms?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I feel my age tonight! UGH! I'm sore and I ache...but Ei, I feel quite happy about what I accomplished out there so I'm not grumpy. I trimmed around the 'orchard' trees, edged around the garage and the "blue and yellow garden", shoveled 8 wheelbarrow loads of compost into the veg garden, planted Alaskan iris and tiarella, filled in a groundhog hole, watered the plant ghetto, and so on. Not everything I needed to do, but a good start. More tomorrow. Funny though, after all that rain things are dry...and no rain in sight. Now, time to read.

Bon soir mes amis!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good morning! Everybody up? I couldn't sleep so I got up at 5:30 and took a walk for almost an hour and a half. Then I showered off yesterday's grime and went out for coffee. It's going to be another beautiful day so I might as well make the most of it.

Yesterday I played with containers all day. Later this morning I'll go out for more plants and potting soil but I really need to concentrate on getting that compost moved and shuffling some more plants. Tom has gone as far as he can on the hot tub patio and is planning to clean and open the screen porch today. I think the main reason I'm having trouble sleeping is I can't stop thinking about all the stuff I have to do.

Wow, Honey, the walkway came out fantastic! You are going to have some fun planting around that. There is nothing like good hardscape to raise a garden to new levels and anything stone is high on my list.

Marie, yours looks great too. You are going to have the most picturesque vegetable garden I've ever seen. Where is Eden's contribution to the paver project gallery?

Suzy I have not had much luck with Endless Summer Hydrangea in too much shade. I just moved one a few weeks ago to a sunnier spot with hopes it will actually look like something this year. My Hydrangea serrata Bluebird has some nice buds on it and I just planted 'Blue Billow', a macrophylla cultivar that is actually supposed to bloom reliably in zone 6.

Speaking of Hydrangeas...usually I'm not seduced at all by H. macrophylla because chances are the only time you'll see it bloom is the year you buy it-at least around here. However, has anyone see the new 'Lady in Red' cultivar kicking around the nurseries? The foliage is reddish. I'm in love but will have to do some research on it's actual performance before taking the plunge.

One last thing before I disappear for the the newest issue of Fine Gardening that I received in the mail yesterday, there is a letter to the editor from someone who lost a cat because it nibbled on a Brugmansia leaf. I was planning to use a Brugmansia as a focal point plant on the patio this year but will now banish them all to outside the fence where my dogs can't get near them. Apparently there is no antidote for the poison. I knew they were poisonous but not that poisonous.

Enjoy the day!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

What a gorgeous day here! It is already 74 degrees out and the birds are singing and the sun is shining. We are supposed to get up to 84 or so today. Yea, its summer!

Im loving reading about everyones projects. Honey and Bug your paver projects are looking fabulous. How great to be getting all that done.

Suzy, you can dig and divide daylilies just about any time even when theyve formed scapes. Ive dug and replanted them even when the scapes are formed and theyve still bloomed. ~~ Ive got an Endless Summer in similar circumstances to what you describe, maybe it gets a bit more sun, I think that area does get about an hour of sun mid afternoon, anyway, I planted it last fall after leaving it in the pot most of the summer and it now has tons of buds on it. I love that plant.

Sue, photos of those container gardens when you get a chance??? I did another batch of containers yesterday myself. I did the cutest little urn with those tiny dwarf dahlias surrounded with Scirpus (Fiber Optic Grass) I think it is going to be sweet when it fills in. Thanks for the heads up about the brugs. Our boys leave them totally alone. I didnt know they were that toxic either.

Rahjii totally cracked me up yesterday. Doug has the birdbaths out front so he can resurface the insides and when I walked through the kitchen his nibs was sitting on the pedestal. He knows he should be up on a pedestal doesnt he?

Doesnt he just think he is too special

OK Im off and running. Tons of stuff to accomplish today. Have a great day everyone.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Is this the where members of the International Union of Bricklayers, Local #257 should meet? :-) Am admiring all the *beautiful* new walkways! I admire them especially, because I couldn't make level ground if my life depended on it. I can't even set a birdbath level. Hopeless! Anyway Marie & Honey your walkways are just beautiful! Hope Eden will share hers too when she's done.

LOL Sue, believe me, I understand. I didn't say I *could* actually succeed, just *trying*. It *is* very hard. I catch myself at least a dozen times a day starting to form a negative thought. I'm talking to myself all day long, it seems! :-) Oh well, at least I'm aware of the negative thoughts now! :-) I see Marie's been thinking about it too! :-)

Deanne - Well, that Rahjii *is* very special! What a fantastic picture! Are they doing the "Cat" contest again this year...the one where Rahjii made the cover? If they are, you should *definitely* submit this Rahjii pic...he looks *so* regal!

P.S. Marian - did you get a chance to see Jain's pics? She has your lovely 'Eden' rose in one of them.

Okay, off to work. TTTYL! Have a great day all! Ei

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Need prayers and good vibes my Idyll friends...I'm feeling how I imagined Michelle's friend felt who was grieving losing her baby while standing up for her sister at her wedding. We had planned to be at a neighbor's having a few cold ones and watching how many people come through our house, and hopefully entertaining an offer later on. Instead we are leaving it all up to our agent and driving to Georgetown to try to see Bruce one last time. He ingested some food last night in his lungs and has developed pneumonia. The next two hours are critical but it doesn't look good. And I didn't do the video or letters for him. We always think we have more time...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Following along! Just finished 3 hours of weeding. So much left to do, but my back said ENOUGH! It is about 80F now but supposed to go over 90 tomorrow. UGH!..OOPS! Did that sound negative? Well, beats snow!
Need to do some indoor stuff, then shower and off to visit garden friends and see all their improvements and have dinner. I'll try to remember to take the camera! They live rent free in an old brick farmhouse in exchange for renovating the interior. Well, they do that in the winter- but in Spring, the gardens are worked on. Should be amazing!
Oh! Poor Woody. She took her old dog Chelsea in to be put down yesterday afternoon. :( I hope she is enjoying her garden today!!!
Happy holidays to you all!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Sending them your way Taryn.
Aren't you glad you took photos and had the party! I am.

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I think after yesterday, I feel like I am Maries age. We started at 8:00 and picked up rocks in the field for 2 hours. Its a job best done when it is cool. I mowed and Rick trimmed. Things were a little out of hand with the trimming since we have been busy and had all this rain. I did quite a bit of weeding and edged one of the 2 beds that dont have brick or rock around them. I also spent quite a bit of time digging out the million shasta daisy seedlings in that bed. Luckily they are shallow rooted as they are only about 2" tall. I could take my trowel and loosen the soil under them. Since I have been taking out all the shastas, white obedient plant, ladybells and bouncing bet, I have quite a few bare spots. I did pick up 3 shrubs the other day so maybe they will fill some of the voids.

Hugs to you Taryn. My heart goes out to you all.

Its very hot (88 degrees) and windy again today. I think I am a jr. member of the bricklayers union (Ei, leveling is not my strong suit either) Mine is not nearly as impressive as Marie and Honeys. That project is at a standstill right now. I just need to get some other things done first. I didnt get the containers done, as it is just so windy that I figured the stress of the planting along with the wind couldnt be a good combination.

Deanne, Rahjii makes a fabulous garden statute. I have to tell you how big the fuchsias that you sent me are getting.

Ei, the dahlia that you were unsure about is bigger than all the others. I have a very lovely pot ghetto right now.

Im loving all the wonderful garden pictures. You guys are so great at combinations.

Company coming soon so I must go.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Taryn, my prayers are for you all.....

WE STILL do not have our new range ! A female at Home Depot called yesterday morning and said (2 or 3 times) that it 'would' be delivered sometime 'today'. Apparently that 'today' is still here...because the range is not ! I had the computer off all day in case the delivery driver needed to call. That never happened either. Later in the day I got to reading all the papers that were given to me at the time of the purchase. I discovered that they have a clause that absolves them of 'all ' responsibility pretaining to the delivery ! I read the disclaimers on the papers to Nolon and we got more and more agitated. ( Poor Nolon had disconnected the old range in the forenoon, in anticipation of the delivery, and removed the 'pig-tail.)
Since I would have no means of cooking his breakfast this morning...he managed to put it back together, but it really took a toll on him. ( It is extremely hard for him to get down in such a position, and even harder for him to get back up.) Anyway, we were both fuming and fussing, and it was bedtime, and neither of us were in a mood to go to bed!
I don't know how long it took him to go to sleep when he did go. I stayed up a little longer with the hopes of relaxing on the computer. It took me a long time to get to sleep.
I did some Googling, and certainly wish I had done it BEFORE going to Home Depot !

I don't know why these will not link right.

In the future I will trade with a hometown dealer. If I could get a full refund, without a hassle, I would do so. They have that aspect covered also. A 15% of the purchase price is charged on returned merchandise, or ordered and refused merchandise.

Have any of you had similar problems with Home Depot?

Deanne, our cats love 'pedestals' too. They do think they are royality, don't they......:-)
All of your pics are so lovely!

Honey and Marie, your walks are very neat. I want one !

Marie, your camassia is gorgeous! That combo is, also.

Honey, that pic of your yard is stunning !

Ei, I have Jain's PT account bookmarked too. Have had it since 'the begining'...:-)
I also see and read her on the GardenBuddies Forums.
Her gardens are featured in one of their 'Magazines'.
That rose is 'Evelyn', and yes, I know she has it also.

Marian ( nap time! )

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Busy gardening day here today. DH just went off with the loppers telling me he'd seen some wild grape he needed to get rid of. 20 minutes later I found he'd industriously removed all of the Sweet Autumn Clematis I'm training over a large Arbovite. He felt terrible when I told him what it was:0( On the positive its a perfect day here and I'm planting away happy as Larry. I might even take my first dip in the pool later as I'm getty grubbier by the hour.

Hugs to Taryn

Hi to everyone else


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Taryn...thinking of Bruce & Gigi and the kids, and of you too. I'm so sorry you all have to go through this. You will all be in my prayers. Ei

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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

Hugs and prayers, Taryn. Time is too short, isn't it?


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Taryn, I'm so very sorry you're losing your friend. Hopefully he'll pass peacefully and his family will find the comfort and support they need-that's my wish for him.

Take care,


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Taryn, my heart goes out to you, Bruce & Gigi and family. It is all just too sad. Another reminder for us to enjoy all the special people in our lives while we can.

Michelle, I'm so pleased to hear the fuchsia are doing so well. I just knew you'd love them. ~~ Your weather sounds awful, hot and windy is a recipe for blowing the life out of any late spring flowers that are open right now.

Mary, Oh no!!! Sounds like something Doug would do. I can remember one year I'd been growing some ferns along the back foundation and he 'took care' of them with his brand new weed wacker... LOL

Marian, sorry to hear you haven't gotten your new range yet. Now that is beyond annoying. I'd be frothing at the mouth by now.

Eileen, I don't remember what you had your 'Illustris' planted with. If you get a minute would you be able to post that photo of yours again???

OK time to turn in. I was up way too late last night and need to make up some missing shut eye.

Nite all

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Taryn, thinking of you, Bruce & his family....


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Day three of gorgeous gardening weather. Today it's suppoed to be the hottest too-90s F. I may have to work in the shade. So far things aren't progressing as fast as I'd hoped but they never do. Progress is being made though. This year the majority of my plant ghetto inventory is annuals and tropicals for the containers. Usually I have a pile of hardy plants but this year I've only been buying very specific plants for specific spots. I think my days of buying everything I want and finding a place for it may be coming to an end. Although I have found room for plants here this year I never thought I'd be able to

Did I tell you all I bought a couple of tomato plants to grow in pots on the patio? I love fresh tomatoes so I bought one grape and one cherry plant as an experiment. Any advice from your experienced vegetable growers will be appreciated.

Today the push is on to spread the compost. I still have quite a few pots to do. I wish I had some larger containers-at least two feet across to make focal point combinations. No one sells anything that large around here. Maybe I need to get creative. The day I told Tom he could throw out the back of the old toilet we replaced this winter had him breathing a sigh of relief. Now I'm thinking I should have kept

OK, off to the trenches. Have a great day! Remember our veterans.


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Good morning

A quick peek in before leaving for our town's Memorial Day pararde where David is marching with the Cub Scouts.

I was thinking how hard it would be to loose Bruce on a holiday weekend as that day will forever be one of loss. What sadness. More thoughts will be going out to Taryn, Bruce and their families through out the day.

We're going to hit 90F today, hopefully not till after we've finished marching.

Have a great day everyone


PS DH just asked me if there were any more favorite plants I'd like him to destroy LOL!

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

:-) Are you kidding?! I'm tickled that someone would ask...

Here's the pic:

According to my planting list from last year this was what was in the pot (you can't see the ornamental cabbage yet, cause it was still small - but is on the opposite side of the petunias):
2 Black Illustris Elephant Ears (one in each pot), 2 Love Lies Bleeding (one in each pot), 2 cascading petunias 'Supertunia Bordeaux' (one in each pot) and 2 Color Up Pink Ornamental Cabbages (one in each pot).

I changed the pots this year because I'm trying 'Black Magic' in those and my Love Lies Bleeding seed failed! :-(
I'm using my 'Illustrius' in some other pots on the back deck this year.

Marian - My head was thinking 'Evelyn', but my fingers were thinking something else. :-)

You are on my mind today Taryn...


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Mary! Have a wonderful time at the Memorial Day Parade. Paul is off on a motorcycle ride, but I would like to see our parade too...maybe I'll go alone or ask Dotty. I have all those wonderful, brave men & women on my mind this a.m. Especially poignant for me today thinking of dad, who was a veteran of World War II. I only found out when making up a flag case for my mom after dad died, that he had a purple heart! He never told us about it. Mom said dad didn't like to talk about it cause he never felt like he deserved it...."I had friends who died there, right in front of me...they were the brave ones who gave their lives for their country...I only had a schrapnel (sp.?) wound." I wish I would have known, I would have liked to talk to dad about that. Anyway, I know he knows how much I love him and how much I admire him. Well, maybe I'll go to the parade by myself if I have to and then to finish the garden. It's been hot, hot, hot here for the last two days, but glad to be able to get the plants in the ground. Have a good day all! Ei

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Hot here today too. The paver project is progressing but not yet finished. Hopefully today. I still haven't planted a single container. Tomorrow maybe? We have to go to a barbeque later this afternoon.

Deanne, love your new garden statuary, lol.

Sue, the only advice I have on the tomatoes is to plant them deep, keep pinching out the suckers that develop in the crotches between the branches, they won't produce any fruit, and fertilize. Also set them up with some sort of cage early, they grow fast when the weather's hot.

Taryn, You and Bruce are in my thoughts and prayers today.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

I don't know where my mind is these days (yes, I do, I'm overwhelmed with my efforts to improve my attitude). Anyway, Deanne, just reading over my post from yesterday and realize it wasn't Rahjii who was on the cover; was it? It was your other beautiful kitty. Well, Rahjii should *definitely* have the cover this year then! :-)
Bye! Ei

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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

Also hot here today. I've been out mulching and though it is only 10:30 it's already a humid 86 degrees, we're headed for over 90.

So far this morning I uncovered a golden skink in the mulch pile (didn't hurt him, I think they are fab) and a baby toad in the rose bed. I started taking pictures but the battery on my camera died, so it's on the charger for later.

Marian I'd be so upset over not having a stove yet! What a letdown. Nothing like waiting all day and them not showing.

Deanne, your cat is adorable on that pillar. Our neighbor's cat was on top of an 8foot post this winter in our back yard, just perched there like an owl. I have a picture of him doing that.

Those paver projects are drop dead stunning. I'd love to do something like that in my yard, but without male help it would take me forever. The male partner doesn't do yard work, except for the occasional weed eating while DS mows. And if the weed eater runs out of twine, I have to refill it for him.

We have a cookout this afternoon, so I want to get a bit more work done before I have to rinse off the mud I've already accumulated. Back to the yard...

Thinking of you Taryn.


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Taryn I'm sorry Bruce has regressed. I feel so bad for his kids right now-not that this is any easier for Gigi-it can't be. I wish her strength through this. All of them and your family as well are in my thoughts.

We are having a quiet day today as I prepare for tomorrow's interview...must find clothes to wear! I suppose I can't get away with shorts and flip flops can I? I can't believe we went from spring to summer so quickly.

Have a great holiday~thoughts of thankfulness for those who've given their lives to let us be free.


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Now that the clay is extracted from under the fingernails and I have feeling in the tips again, wanted to drop in and say Hello! I've read along and know that many of you (((Taryn today especially))) are going through hardships that just aren't fair. You have all been in my thoughts ....

The pics of gardens are so inspiring! The bones of ours are done and planting is in full swing. Only serious casualties so far are two Rugosas that I was sure would take moving right before bloom. AAAAAAAHHHHH DUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH. Think constant watering for the next two months will bring them back. LOL

All in all, the vision is taking shape. I'm particularly pleased with the fragrance succession planning and we've had sweetness in the air for the last two months and will for three months hence. It's the little things.

Also want to publically THANK YOU SUE AND ALL for the tremendous generosity of the CT plant swap. Great example: I asked Sue for a piece of Stella D'Oro. She brought me a 12" wide mature plant that I split six ways and will never need to get another Stella again. So many unusual things and so MUCH fun. Here's hoping Idyllunion will be half the blast :-)

Much is going on personally and professionally. I've made a solemn promise to Rich that I won't devulge any delicate personal info for a while. We did have a scare with a person who I knew a very, very long time ago who found me here. It went beyond email and got scary. This is not mentioned to evoke sympathy or fear -- just Keep Yourselves Safe Out There!

WILL tell you that Kyle has been an enormous help with bull work and his Japanese foster mom's business is, of all things, the propagation of Tree Peonies!! She's thrilled that Ky knows his way around plants and sent a parasol as a Mom to Mom gift for my one really rare speciman. She has an international plant sending license so when Ky gets there he'll have pics of the gardens and she's looking forward to filling in some blanks. Yes, Gratitude brings the most Wonderful Things!!

So wish I had time to keep up daily with the goings on of the Idylls. I'll say it again, you are all in my thoughts as I trudge through Year 2 in clay :-)

Best - Martie

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good evening! What a long weekend it's been. I'm too dog-tired to read all the posts, but I did scroll up to find Taryn's post about Bruce. Taryn, I hope for the best for all involved. I'll keep Bruce and his family in my prayers.

The weather has been incredibly hot. I can't believe that only two weeks ago we had a fire in the fireplace. Sunday I think I came stupidly close to heat exhaustion. I finally came in the house where it was a teeny bit cooler and almost was in tears because we put in new thermostats this winter and I couldn't figure out how to turn the A/C on! Later that evening, it was apparent that the power company was totally surprised that it was hot, because we lost power for about 3 hours and then had 30 minutes of brownouts. Yuk!

So I didn't get all that I wanted done in the garden, but I did get the pots all moved out or planted or re-planted, finished the veggie garden and did a chunk of weeding. And cleaned the house. And planted MIL's veggie garden. And had the family over for dinner. I need to go back to work to recover!

Today was the last time DD marched in the parade and played taps at the ceremony. I recorded Taps on my cell phone! Too cool! She did a great job, and looked so somber and serious with her eyes closed as she played. She told me later that she closed her eyes because of the sweat running into her eyes!

1st warning - brag ahead! We had the HS Thespian banquet Friday night and DD got the Distinguised Thespian award with a scholarship award.

2nd warning - vent ahead. So after going to MIL's at 8:00 am this morning to plant her garden (with the plants that I bought because she was too busy - "what do you want?" "Oh, you know, anything is fine." "Oh, you didn't get me any beets?") the first thing she does when she gets to my house is to look at my bay tree and tell me it looks like it needs more soil, then she looks at my garden and points out a large weed we overlooked, and then criticizes the location of the new gazebo. She's a nice woman, but there are times...

Alright, there's a load in the dishwasher to empty and more stuff to pick up, so I'd better go. I'll catch up on reading tomorrow morning when things are a little quieter.


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mybrainhurts(6, MI)

I have been thinking about all of you the last few days but this is the first time that I've had any time to even think about loading up GW and seeing what is up. I feel so bad about not coming back with a picture of that skirt once it was done. I feel bad about a lot of things but free time is very precious right now and it's hard to find internet free time lately.

I've been busy with work (still at the meat market) as well as other things. A few of the things that have eaten into my free time are things like learning about essential oils and aromatherapy, research into vitamins and the like (it's just not sinking in very well and must be read repeatedly for anything to make any sense), and being the head storyteller for my gaming group. I had no idea when I "put my money where my mouth is" that it would take up so very much of my time... but it's been very rewarding. For a couple of months at the beginning of this year, I was trying (unsuccessfully) to dodge the internet drama bullet. I was reminded once again that some people find the internet a place where they can be much more vicious in their manner of speaking since they are not face to face with the people that they are addressing. It's sad.. but having weathered the drama once more, I'm a stronger woman for it.

I'm loving my garden right now since almost all of my irises are open, many of the ones that I'd gotten from Jain are blooming away in the most gorgeous array of colors. It truely is a feast for my eyes and my soul to walk into my back yard. My containers are not anything to write home about but I hope to change that soon.

I don't know when I'll be able to come in here again but I remembered that you gals like to read the occasional "Hi, I was here" post so this would be mine.

Hello, friends. I've missed you and wish that there were a few more hours in the day. It's always lovely to come in and take a few quiet moments with each of you.

I'll share a couple of photos with you tonight but I don't really have an online album right now. (That hosting issue was a couple of months of drama all in and of itself that wasn't resolved until I pulled the authorities into the picture to recover money. *le sigh*) It's been a heck of a year so far, that's for sure.

~da, the lost child

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh V! How do you do so much? I've done 6 hours of weeding and still not made it near the veg garden- which must be weeded before it gets planted, right?
The mower is repaired. Thank goodness!
Still plants to be planted though. And watered.

But today, although it reached 96 here, was a day to remember. EVERYTHING looks so nice and there were many surprises out there: an azalea with yellow buds, my Magnolia acuminata which I grew from a stick has buds on it, the Malus trilobata which I won at a silent auction about 6-8 years ago is blooming and reminds me of the man who ran the event at the Guelph Arboretum but who died at Christmas time of brain cancer. Henry, IT'S BLOOMING!
Also the primulas are fantastic, the tiarella is going to town, the columbines are tall and gorgeous, the phlox is fluffy and blue...anyway, I must remember today when February comes around again.

Time to cool off in the bath.
Hope the parades were all a success!

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mybrainhurts(6, MI)

A very very blurred picture of my little woodland garden bed

Hope it wasn't too many.

Have a great week.

~da, the one in black.

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Where did the 3 day weekend go? We picked up rocks for an hour this morning and ate breakfast at our church youth groups pancake feed. I actually got a few containers done, but realize that I have many, many more plants to go. I wonder how many containers I will end up with??? I got buzzed by the first hummer of the season. Later in the afternoon we went to Sioux Falls and picked out a new storm door for our mudroom. We went to Sams and I got this great outdoor bakers rack that I had looked at earlier in the season. The great part is it was ½ price. It will be perfect in my potting area.
I talked to Kenzie on the phone on the way home. What fun.! She said "miss you" "how are you" "Im fine" "I love you" and "Oh my" She is really talking. Since it was so hot DD took her to the beach. She had so much fun that she cried when it was time to leave.

Da, how great to see some pictures from your garden and to hear from you. Wow, your garden is looking so good.

Marie, you are right, everything looks so lovely. When its February, you will have some great photos to remind you of spring. Although, 96 isnt very spring-like. LOL

We hit the mid-90s yesterday and for sure 86 today.

V, funny, but I made that same comment to Rick about having to go back to work to recover from the weekend. Congrats to your DD, you must be very proud, but I know also how emotional it is to experience all the "lasts" occurring in her life.

Martie, nice to have an update from you. Dont worry about the rugosas, they can take a lot. I had an interesting story about one of mine. One fall I came home to find this 4 tall rose lying on the lawn. The gophers had eaten the roots to nubs. They must have been in the way of their tunnel. I pruned the whole thing down and replanted. It survived and thrived.

Mary, sorry that your DH was so helpful ;o)

Remembering those who have served.

Michelle (wife of a Vietnam Vet)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

It is going to be another gorgeous sunny, summer day here. Its difficult to believe that a couple weeks ago we had a week of 40 degree weather with torrential downpours. This week is going to be simply beautiful. The spring flowers are sort of rushing along with their blooming from the heat but the summer flowers are coming along to fill the space and things are looking just fabu in the gardens right now. All the containers I planted in the last few weeks are finally starting to show some growth and fill in and are also looking pretty nice. So I ran out of containers (can you even believe it?) so I went out to the Christmas Tree Shoppe yesterday and they have a ton of them for cheap, cheap, cheap

Sue, They have some really large, I think 24" for $29.99 do you want me to pick up a couple for you? Yes I bought two, LOL. They are in a nice ochre shade with a bit of acanthus leaf detailing on the lower edge and a geometric design above that Ill have to grab a pic later on and measure the openings for you to see exactly how big they are. I repotted my Brugmansia Charles Grimaldi in one of the biggies hoping for some really nice size from it this year. Their smaller pots are really inexpensive, $9.99 for a 14" or so and $7.99 for the next size down. Ive done a few small single plant containers this year with those Sahdow Dancer fuchsias and am enjoying using them as small accents here and there. Ive got to get Doug to rig a watering set up for the containers in the corner of the front yard and along the fence in the back as that will save quite a bit of time over the summer for me.

Michelle, I just about sprayed my screen with coffee when I read your post about your outdoor bakers rack. Well, guess what I have sitting on my back deck on the patio? Yep, that very same rack, too funny, great minds and all that. It is really nice isnt it? And even though I paid full price it still is a good price for that.

Bummer about the extreme hot temps but right now Ill take it over the cold wet we had for the beginning of this month. ~~ How cute Kenzie is talking on the phone.

Da, great to hear from you and your gardens are looking just lovely right now. Isnt it a heartwarming thing when all these friends in the garden come back to amaze us with their beauty? I just love the perennials that have been with me a long time. That patch of large hosta next to my shed have been there for fifteen years now and the peonies I got from Dougs grandmother have been here since 1979! So neat.

Bug, thanks for the pics. Your primula are just fabulous! Is that in a damp spot for them to do so well. I wish I could get them to grow well for me but I think we are just too dry here for me to ever really succeed with them like you have.

V be careful with the heat! I have to watch Doug like a hawk because he tends to get very overheated when the weather first turns hot. He doesnt think to come in out of the sun until hes about to drop. ~~ I feel your pain about the thermostats. Doug loves the new fangled things that have all this programming in them and I just want to be able to set it where I want it and change it when I need to adjust. Nope, he has to do all this fancy programming and they are never right. I have a hard time getting it set where I want it also. In fact we had a bit of a discussion about the thermostat last night as we were going to sleep. Somehow he had set the upstairs on 85 and I was dying of the heat. The room was only 82 but of course the ac wasnt turning on. He told me to go and do some deal with it and I told him I couldnt figure it out. Anyway, he had to get up and fix it and was annoyed with me. ~~ So sorry about your MIL. Dougs father is exactly the same way and is so unkind. I think it is some kind of behavior that he uses to compensate for his lack of self esteem. If he puts down everyone else around him it makes him feel better about himself. Weird.

Martie, how great to hear from you! I miss your AM posts when I get up in the morning. Glad to hear all is going OK and that your gardens are taking shape. I second Michelles opinion about the rugosa. They really are tough customers and yours should be fine. ~ How fantastic about Kyles foster moms business. Tree Peonies!

Babs, thinking of you today. Best of luck with your interview!

Suzy, Id love to see the pic of the neighbors cat on the eight foot pillar. Rahjii gets up on the top fence posts of the stockade fence on our back lot line. They really are too funny. ~~ How neat about the golden skink. I like critters like that also.

Eileen, no worries about what cat was on the cover of that book. That was in fact Luke but he understands. He said that as youve never met them in person how would you know he was the most handsome of the two of them. LOL ~~ Thanks so very much for posting the photograph of the Illustris. Your combination is really beautiful! Ill have to take a pic and show you what I did with the one you sent me. BTW how much sun does yours get? ~~ How interesting about your dad and neat that he had a purple heart. Did you finally go to the parade?

Eden! I simply cant believe you havent planted one container yet! How can that be? You are going to be in a flurry of plants, pots and potting soil when you finally get going with that project.

Mary, how was the parade and do you have pics of David marching?

Sue, ditto here with going to nurseries and not buying anything except what Im specifically looking for. The only thing I still tend to put in my cart are really nice tender things but even that Im over the top with now. HD had some fabulous 10" hangers of fuchsia this weekend that were just gorgeous and a couple of those fell into my shopping cart. Doug said I needed an intervention. LOL They also had some really gorgeous true, deep red ivy geranium for $9.99 and I bought a couple of those. I planted it with a variegated ivy and a deep red New Guinea impatient and that looks pretty nice.

Marian, I sure hope you have your new range by now!

OK Im burning daylight here and have to start my AM round of watering. Have a great day all.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hi friends! (not guys)

It is beyond hot here. We're at 90 or so still. Just TOO much for working outdoors.

Woke up this morning to a visitor. Charlotte was really annoyed and barked loudly.

If you've never heard baby coons...well you are lucky.

Since it was too hot to do anything outside, I decided to put gas in the car for DH, also to vacuum and wash it. Inside the car looked a bit like Muesli...with nuts and various crud all over the place. It looks a bit better, but obviously needs a more powerful suction. The wash helped minimally, but was just water with no scrubbing etc...He'll not notice probably, but at least he won't be embarrassed.

Next I was off to collect some chicken wire for the arbors, some garden string, etc etc.

So I got a bunch of small nuisance errands done, but don't have energy to go tie up clematis, peonies and more. I've wilted!

The gardens are fantastic...beyond what I've ever had before. This heat has everything blooming! I must water as soon as the sun stops cooking the plants.

Here is today's favourite clematis: Omoshiro


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

scuse me guys, Babs, make a little room for me in the "skimming maniacs" corner! Forthwith I will commence with a string of unrelated comments. (Yes, the heat is still bothering me)

Drema, Ive had a nutmeg scented geranium for several years now. I manage to winter it over in the house. It always looks a little pitiful right about now, but in a couple of weeks it will be gorgeous again. I love the scent of the leaves and the soft green color. By the way, Baptisia Purple Smoke is a newer cultivar on the market, so Im sure its still hard to find. I planted a second one this weekend, and I will say again that they dont look quite so impressive in their first year but once they settle in wow!

Babs, what a cute costume. Youre one clever lady! We found out Sunday night that our mosquitoes are both abundant and ruthless. I hope your interview went well today.

All you coleus junkies I bought a Sedona again this year and mine is looking like crap. (Yes, its among the many things my MIL criticized yesterday.) Im starting to wonder if perhaps there is an issue with the Sedona source material this year? I havent had these problems in the past.

Ei, I am sending positive thoughts to you on your quest to think only positive thoughts. I know exactly what you mean; this can be a tough nut to crack. Did you know it takes six weeks of doing a new behavior every day for it to become a habit? I know at the moment I have way too many negativities in my brain and I need to flush a few of them away!

I love the quackers good, honkers bad story! Mystic was outside the other day and we each thought the other was keeping an eye on him. Then I heard the sandhill cranes calling, and a dog that sounded very much like Mystic barking yep, he had disappeared onto the next farm and was chasing a couple of huge birds! We got him back home pronto and no harm, no fowl I mean foul done to the cranes. Perhaps the good side of the story was that the cranes where quick to take off Sunday night when a couple of coyotes approached.

Marie, it seems this year that one piece of equipment after another keeps breaking. Of course, perhaps it has something to do with the shear quantity of power toys that DH has accumulated. The ATV was just repaired, the Suburban is in the shop right now (major $$ - :( ) and the weed trimmer would not start. Four to five week wait to have the weed trimmer repaired.

Deanne, all of your garden photos look wonderful, but I really love the 2nd one of Rahjii on a pedestal! His green eyes match the foliage! By the way, 85 degrees seems to be the universal default setting for these things. My BIL put in a new one and didnt get it programmed right and it bounced back to 85! And I bet it will be at 85 when I go home tonight.

Marian, here at work we ordered a small pole barn building from Home Depot and had a simply awful time with the delivery service. It was promised many times, and then they tried to deliver it at 6:30 pm on a Saturday. Well never deal with them again for anything that requires delivery. Im so sorry that you are having the same problems with your stove.

Mary, Ive never heard the expression "happy as Larry" and it really gave me a good laugh, because I used to work with a Larry who was one of the most negative people Ive ever met. So in my frame of reference, someone who is as happy as Larry is pretty darn miserable!

Sue, you sound like you need a "potty" bench As for tomato advice, try to keep the amount of water that they receive somewhat even. Its tough if youre getting heavy rains, but when you hand water, the same amount every day is better than a lot one day and none the next. And ditto the advice on cages. Ive got to get some this year; I always wait until its too late and then try to (badly) improvise something.

Da! Thanks for checking in and sharing more great photos. Never too many!

Whoa! I am caught up I cant believe it.

Its only 84 here today, but of course I cant work outside today because of work and other commitments. I dont know if I said this already, but I have mentioned in the past that I am on the board of a local enviro group. Well, the executive director left a couple of weeks ago, so I am doing the accounting work for them in the evenings for the time being. You know I didnt have enough to do

Okay, I should get some real work done. Or I could look at a couple of idyll photo tours? Get to work!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi all.
The range snafu is over forevermore! After waiting 2 hours for the 'nice lady' manager at Home Depot to call,( this morning), things were getting pretty testy here on the home front. I quickly changed clothes and charged into town, to Home Depot.I asked for the female manager that I had talked to on the phone. She was out to lunch ( it was between 11 and 12 ). I said, "I have came for a complete refund! " And I got it! I drove to the "good old country boy"s furniture and appliance store. (He used to be our neighbor.)
I told him..." I have come to buy a new range from you, thanks to Home Depot." And that is what I did. It was delivered around 2:30. While we were outside chatting with the delivery man ( for an hour or so), here came the Home Depot delivery !!!! It was a quarter to 4.
( They were supposed to call before they came. NOT ! )
Actually it was pretty funny. The fellow from the local business jumped into his truck and high-tailed it! I think he thought the fur was going to hit the fan. It didn't..:-)
We just informed the 2 fellows in the HD truck that the range was no longer ours. Their truck had Georgia plates on it ! They were almost out of diesel, and asked if the local store carried diesel ! I hope they made it back to Harrison.

Enny-hoo, I have a brand new range in my kitchen. The first brand new one since 1974 ! It is all installed, and ready to go ...Whoopie!

Now I need to get a new computer.Any suggestions for the best kind, and the best buy?

Marie, I have both heard and seen baby raccoons. Our local 'coons usually bless us with a family of 4 every year.They wreak havoc with a lot of the vegetation around our yard and on the deck.

I am dragging the hose around for the first time this year. Rain has continued to be in the forecast... but Home Depot must be in charge of that delivery also.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Whew - a few days away & still you're burning up the threads!
It was over 95 here today (after hitting 90 for the last 2 days) so I feel like you, V, -I too overdid it the first day when it almost hit 90 on Sat. & have tried to recoup for these others - my poor clematis & some other things appear stressed - despite my long all day watering on Sunday. The only saving grace is, like you said, V, Im going back to work tomorrow to recuperate & it is also finally going to get cooler - so both I & the garden may recuperate properly! Of course, I didnt move anything or accomplish much. Bummer.

So much going on -- Taryn, thinking good thoughts for you & Bruce & family -- Im in fact hoping that he is able to recover from the asperative pneumonia - My Mom has had that twice -- scary & close but she got thru it- so Im hoping perhaps Bruce will weather it as well, to just have more time to spend with his family.

Hi, to Da & Martie - welcome back - even for quick pop-in -- Da - your flowers are looking lovely -- even w/ all that going on in your life, taking time to watch the flowers really helps, doesnt it?

Sue - glad you saw that note re the Brugmansia & cats/pets - I thought of both you and Deanne when I read it -- to think just a fallen leaf/flower can be so lethal -- I had a close experience once re oriental lily w/ my dog, but luckily she survived - so I now tend to try to keep really bad stuff away from her stomping areas. That plant is beautiful but not worth endangering a beloved pet, right?

Marian - good for you & great to have your stove -- I was thinking it was the subcontractor who was probably the problem - they contract all installations out & I think that minimizes control H.D. has on it - not a good thing.

Deanne - Rahjii looks so regal - I think he needs to have his portrait done - I would vote for the 2nd photo!! Maybe you should try it out? He's definitely demanding his portrait there I think.

Gardenbug -- that O. clematis is on my wish list - Id seen earlier photo you had (maybe last year?) of it -- fantastic!

I too need a potting bench -- & havent checked out the local Sams - that bakers rack is so cool for plant stand! Deanne & Michelle, you really scored. More shopping tips for lurkers out there!!!

Well, I dont have anything to contribute as you can see -- but wanted to say howdie & now that Im back to the routine, I 'll be keeping more regular watch here.


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Hi everyone

Wow, lots to read and comment on today.

Hope Babs had a great interview.

Hooray - Da is posting again with some fab pictures. I love the jack in a pulpit! Keep them coming:0)

Hi Martie - glad to hear you are well. Hope you can post some pics of your bones soon (garden ones that is!) How wonderful to have the Tree Peony connection.

Ei - your writing about keeping thoughts positive made me think a lot. How special about your Dad's Purple Heart, and especially touching that he was so modest about it. He sounds the most wonderful person.

Marian - somehow there was much satifaction in reading you gave your business to the local shop after HD treated you so poorly. Nice to hear how promptly they delivered. What a hassle, but glad you have it sorted. Enjoy your cooking! I'm afraid I know zilch about computers.

Deanne - I forgot to take my camera to the parade which was a shame as the little boys looked so good in their uniforms. Next time David has his on I'll try and remember to take a pic. Did I tell you how fabulous your kitty on the pedestal photos were? National Geographic are running a competition for pet photos, perhaps you could enter one or two. My fuschias are looking great and all bursting into bloom, especially Swingtime. Now I just need one of those bakers racks and some of those pots.....

V - how neat that you DD was chosen to play Taps at the Parade. That would have bought tears to my eyes. Do you think Happy as Larry is an English expression?

Michelle - I had no idea Rick was a Vietnam vet.

Cindy - I too am in need of a potting bench. I have a tray and work behind the garage but its hard bending over. Let me know if you find a bargain.

Taryn - hope the weekend wasn't too heart wrenching and that a good offer came your way on the house.

Today was over 90F and the school I was working at has no AC and cannot run fans in the classrooms. I joined the children in a dunk in the pool after work and boy, did it feel good. I then did the second round of watering. Some of the plants wilting in the heat surprised me and others were holding up remarkably well.

Dinner tonight was a salad from the last of my spring lettuces with a Sezchwan Eggplant dish I tried for the first time. It was delicious and a big hit with everyone, especially David who loves veggies. Let me know if anyone would like the recipe. Right now I'm about to head upstairs with a book. The heat seems to have drained my energy so I'm giving in and having an early night.


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Marian-You go girl! I loved your Home Depot story-you sure did take charge; ) Lol about the rain predictions coming from Hope Depot...I hope the heat doesn't stop you from using the new range. Our ancient(+30yr old one!)seemed to have no insulation so I always grilled outdoors during summer when I could. Once I got the new range I can bake and it's not unbearable even during summer.

Thanks V and Ms. Deanne for thinking of me on my interview day: ) Everything went really well after spending yesterday with the worst lack of confidence in myself.I should have called Ei for a pep talk; ) I don't know why I do that but I worried for nothing. I think the chunk of years away from the work force did that to me. Naturally it would be a hotter than Hades kind of day so my hair would frizz up and I'd be stuck wearing it pulled back and my recent suicide bangs took their life for a second time as the heat curled them shorter!!!lol.
The interviewer was SO sweet(always a big relief). She liked my background in child development and the fact that the CPR and 1st aid classes I need will be more like refereshers since I've taken them before. AND I told her all about you 'guys'(dolls!). Well not in depth(you know,those internet axe murdering stalkers; ),actually just that I wouldn't be available July 21-23 if orientation was then because I have business with some gardening friends of mine in Chicago...she got all excited and she wants to ask me advice for her own yard now.I am quite sure this was the most enjoyable interview I've ever had lol.

BTW Deanne-you sure do put Rahjii on a pedestal; ) Beautiful shots-both of them. He's got such personality!

Oops Michelle I realized in my memorial day thoughts I only mentioned those who perished in wars-I should have said *all* who served!Sorry for that oversight.
How cute about Kenzie talking on the phone! She's really saying a lot-good for her!We're all so proud of her.
Wow the baker's rack you and Deanne have is really nice looking!

Ugh Marie we have one of those 'masked bandits' wreaking havoc in our garage-he got in and pooped in there. That's one animal that doesn't seem cute to me even when it's young! I do have a pic of a fawn born in our yard(twice again this year)but I wasn't sure if he'd be enjoyed here since we all know what they grow up to do lol. I have to admit he was adorable running circles around his mom once he found his legs-he was even hopping!

Deanne I was doing the hose drag today too. Hopefully we will really get rain tomorrow. Never satisfied are we: )

Tomorrow night my conductor's tails make their debut! I am a little concerned that the actress wearing it will be very hot since the weather is so warm(It's 80F @ 10pm!).

Hi Da! LOve the images you posted. It sounds like you are having a full life these do you still get headaches?; )

Eileen-do you remember the Caryopteris clandonensis cuttings I simply stuck in the ground per your suggestion and you were worried that your advice might not work? You were 50% correct though,lol(notice the positive spin there). One lived and the other didn't make the winter weather. I did a bunch more cuttings this year again....the mother plant looks like it's dying and I suspect the serious wetness we had before it had time to start growing for the season was the culprit.
How's your hair today?

Ok time for a little vino-just to celebrate my successful interview! Hey I even get to wear a white lab coat on the job!(lol you can tell I don't get out much)

Annyway Still thinking of Taryn and her friends. Hope to hear from you soon.

'nite ladies

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It was a lovely evening and I got quite a bit of potting done. I also got some perennials in the ground. I had picked up another gas plant at this nurserys close out sale. It was about to bloom so I thought it would be a good time to find a spot for it. I have actually made quite a dent in the annuals to be planted. Which is a good thing. With all the heat and wind we have had, they dry out so quick in the small pots. Today was somewhat cooler and much less wind. Funny but the containers seem to be taking on a more tropical flair this year.

Deanne, LOL, that is the same bakers rack. I had looked at it earlier this year and then also one at Walmart. This one was much nicer though. Now to get it together and fill it as nicely as yours is.

Babs, your interview sounded like it went very well. How cool that she wants your gardening expertise. I bet it was fun to watch the fawn.

Bug, what a stunning shot of the clematis. I noticed my first clematis bloom of the season tonight. Its the multi-blue that I planted last year.

Marian, good for you on letting HD know that they need to give better service or youll go elsewhere. Thats so funny that they showed up just after the other was delivered. What timing! We have gotten our new appliances from a tiny little store. The guy always treats us so well. My latest computer is a Dell and Im happy with it. I know that there are many options. Some are quite inexpensive, but I guess it depends on what you need in a computer.

Mary, Id love the eggplant recipe. That is one thing that I always grow in the garden. I actually have a nice wood potting bench also. I picked it up on a garage sale for cheap. It seemed too nice to put outside so it resides in my mudroom.

Night all

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

hi guys, quickie here, so no caps...bruce rallied a bit last night and had a good visit (well he wasn't scary) with his sons. but is going downhill seriously now. fever is back (40c/104F) which is very serious for an adult, breathing sounds much, much more congested. They say he can go for 2 hours or 2 days, but at this point I'm seriously praying for the former. Gigi is holding it together amazingly but we are all very tired and very stressed. My mum and I took care of the daycare kids today while she was at the hospital. I think her parents are in Quebec now (driving) and should arrive tomorrow. Gigi has been with Bruce every chance she could, but here in the mornings to get her guys off to school and also get them to bed etc. Me and my mum have been filling in the gaps and taking care of the daycare kids (she hopes this won't scare off her source of income!) She's amazing at juggling very many balls. I couldn't do it for long and the tension here is starting to show, even with my mum and I. Re house news we had a couple come back for a 2nd look today and the private offer couple left us a message today that they have re-evaluated their finances and want to put in a "much more substantial offer". So maybe some GOOD news is coming soon. Thanks again for all the support, haven'ty read but know it's there...Will have 8 kids under 4 here by 8:30 to time for zzz's...Thank you my friends...


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(((((((Taryn)))))))) honey, I am so sorry.My heart goes out to Gigi & Bruce-I don't know how I could deal with what they are going through,it just breaks your heart. I am just praying for Bruce that he can be comfortable.The things you describe don't sound good to me. I wish I could be there to support you too. Can we hope for miracles at all?


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Marian (apologies cause I wrote this before seeing your post - but Yahoo & Congratulations!): Any news on the new stove? I sure hope it arrives soon. I can imagine your frustration. I miss all the small privately owned businesses they use to have here. Because they were small; customer service was foremost and they always stood behind their products they *appreciated* their customers. About the only thing the big box names can offer over them, is selection. But try to figure out whom to complain to, to get action when you are unhappy! Very frustrating! At least when things dont go how they should at the little guys shop, you *know* who to go to. I especially miss the small hardware stores. I use to love walking down the wooden floored isles (guess I'm aging myself) and seeing all the little bins of product and the smell of wood and dirt! :-) About the smallest hardware store we have here anymore is Ace and I dont think any of them are locally owned. Oh well, I sure hope your stove is delivered today! BTW, Im sure your containers came out lovely. Your strawberry planter sounds very pretty with the yellow marigolds and purple angelonia. I love purple and yellow together. Im sure it is very cheery...I like bright! :-) BTW, did you plant Sedona in the copper pot? I bet the coloring of Sedona *would* look lovely in the copper container.
P.S. Like Michelle, I have a Dell too, but cant tell you whether they are any better or worse than any others, nor the price, since hubby does all the "electronics" shopping here. This is his 2nd Dell, so I guess he must think they are good and I dont have any complaints.

Hey, Good Lookin'
By Hank Williams

Hey, good lookin'
What you got cookin'?
How's about cooking something up for me

Well I'm free and ready
So please go steady
How's about keepin' a steady company
I got a hot rod Ford and a two dollar bill
And I know a spot, right over the hill
'Cause there's soda pop and a dancing spree
You want to have fun, come along with me

Hey, good lookin'
What you got cookin'?
How's about cookin' something for me

I'm gonna throw my date book over the fence
And then find me one for five or ten cents
I keep it 'til it's covered with age
'Cause I'm writing your name down on every page

So, Hey, good lookin'
What you got cookin'?
How's about cookin' something up for me

Hi Da! It was great hearing from you. Sounds like you are a busy girl, but happy busy mostly, and thats good! Your pictures are lovely. The first one is true artistry...what a talent. I love the way you make a simple subject (thinking of the Mountain Bluet and I dont mean that in a negative way) anyway, love the way you can take a simple subject and turn it into something so sophisticated and intricate. Your gardens are looking very lovely and glad to hear Jains irises are giving you such pleasure! :-) Too many pictures? Nah, theres never enough in my opinion! :-)

Deanne Thanks! Those containers face north, but are in an open position so that they receive a lot of light, one receives a little direct sunlight from the east and the other, a little direct sun from the west. My containers of Illustrius that I planted this year are on the back deck and get direct east sun, but thats about it. Not sure how the darker EEs handle full sun (whether they would fade out or be stressed), but my green elephant ears from last year received full sun and seemed just fine. I would *love* to see how you planted your Illustris. This year I planted them out back; one container with Illustrius, Fuchsia Claire de Lune, Purple Ruffles Basil, and Orange Impatiens and the other has Illustris with Coleus Sedona, Purple Ruffles Basil and salmon colored Alaska Nasturtiums. Sedona is still looking pretty sad and may have to be replaced. The containers are still not very lush looking, but with this heat we are having, Im sure they will be filling out quickly now.

Michelle, you and Deanne really scored with those bakers racks...very handsome! Is the weather cooling some by you? It was cooler here last night after the rain, but back to hot again today. Looks like we will be going back to typical temps for this time of year starting tomorrow, at least I hope so.

GB- Melting here too Im afraid. There is to be rain tonight & tomorrow, with slightly cooler temperatures ahead...if I can just hold on! :-) *Everything* certainly does look fantastic in your garden! Its amazing what a little heat can do. Your primulas are just awesome...if I could only grow a patch like that. I dont think I have the moisture they need. I tried them a long time ago and failed, but your picture is making me want to try again. :-) Your clematis is just lovely too...gorgeous color!

V You are an amazing woman...I dont know how you find the energy to do it all! Thanks for telling me about the 6 weeks...I never knew that...well, at least its a goal to shoot for...LOL...Thanks for the positive thoughts! A big congratulations to *should* be very proud!

Babs! :-) Well, its true, I *am* your biggest fan! Im glad it went so well and glad you had a budding gardener for an interviewer...thats a good sign! Im so happy I was 50% right...LOL! Sorry you lost momma though, well its a good thing you made cuttings! Hmm, looking very Shirley Temple-ish...Wait! No, thats an insult to Shirley...definitely more like Harpo in this humidity...LOL. You cracked me up about your hair. Good Luck to the little conductor and to you! :-) too! Id love the eggplant recipe. I love eggplant. In fact, whenever I try out any new Italian restaurant, I always order the eggplant parmagiana...if its good one, then I know that its a good Italian restaurant and I will come back again to try their other entrees. :-)

Speaking of recipes...We went over to our neighbor, Bridgettas for Memorial Day. She is a *fabulous* cook (German) and I have yet to be served something by her that I didnt love. Anyway for desert she served a Rhubarb cake that was *awesome*! It looked like a New York Style Cheesecake, with a thick cream cheese top layer to it. Turns out the top of the cake is what Bridgetta says Germans call "Schmutt" (sp.?)! It was delicious (made with sour cream, cream cheese and pudding). The filling of the cake was cream cheese and rhubarb and then the crust was very similar to a New York Style Cheese Cake crust. Delicious...sweet, but not *too* sweet, and with a lovely bit of tarty tang to it. She gave us 3 pieces to take home and hubby ate them all! I was okay with that cause I think I did enough damage to my calorie count...LOL...but I *am* going back to get the recipe. :-)

However, I was a little perturbed at hubby, Ill admit. Not about the cake, but about my New Dawn. I had been asking him for the last two months, to *please* prune the dead stuff out of the New Dawn rose for me. If I could do it myself I would, but even with a ladder I cant reach most of that rose anymore. So, yesterday afternoon, Im watering the roses and Im eyeing New Dawn. "Paul", I say, "Would you *please* prune New Dawn today, she is going to be full of bloom anytime now and all that dead stuff that needs to be trimmed off is going to ruin the show." He says, "Ei, I promise Ill do it, but not now, I just dont have time to smell and stop the roses." LOL. This is why I keep him around and why I can never stay mad at him he always makes me laugh, especially when he knows Im aggravated with him. Hes a cornball - and Im easy! Well, Im not giving up...I will nag him again this coming week-end.

Didnt buy the privacy trellising...$2000.00 was *way* out of my budget right now. Oh well, you guys are just going to have to look at my neighbors carport with the 5 or 10 large garbage cans and, apparently, anything that isnt good enough to keep in the house anymore...LOL! The mother (who I liked very much) gave the house to her daughter to live in. Nice "youngish" couple, just probably shouldnt be homeowners...Oh well...I guess its best to lay it all out for ya, before ya come! :-)

I was going to show some pics of my peonies here, but then realized there were too many, so I think Ill put them on a separate post tomorrow. Its just whats going on in the garden right now...nothing clever...just pics! :-) The peonies are behaving very well blooming loverly and standing upright, which is a good thing, since I never did get to putting the rings around them.

:-) I am minus 15 exclamation points today! :-) But still talking to myself way to much...

Well *girls*...I really need to hit the hay. Tomorrow I want to get up bright and early and finish planting. I *did* get the tomatoes in tonight before the rain, which Im sure will make them very happy!

Thought for the Day:
"The next time it begins to rain... lie down on your belly, nestle your chin into the grass, and get a frog's-eye view of how raindrops fall... The sight of hundreds of blades of grass bowing down and popping back up like piano keys strikes me as one of the merriest sights in the world." - Malcolm Margolin - I definitely plan to try this tomorrow when it rains! :-)

Thinking of Taryn too...wish there was something I could say. Well, if you are reading this, at least you know we are all thinking of you and sending our good thoughts...Hope there was some good news on the house.

Friends are like the walls of a house. Sometimes they hold you up, sometimes you
lean on them. But sometimes, it's enough to know they're just standing by.
- Author Unknown -
Good Night All!

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Taryn...we must have been posting at the same time. Thanks for the update. You will all be in my prayers tonight! Ei

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning Idylls,
What a weird weather pattern we had last night. We were supposed to get those T storms that hit the Albany area and instead of moving toward the south and east like they normally do they went due south and then a bit west. I dont believe Ive ever seen a storm front move toward the west before. Now they are predicting more storms for today and tomorrow. It would be nice if we got a nice gentle rain but Im afraid that isnt going to happen. Today the weather guy is predicting some significant rain for Friday. Apparently there is going to be another tropical feed of moisture and they are predicting several inches of rain, even up to six inches again. Ive had to start doing some watering here in the last couple days and yesterday both of my oscillating sprinklers broke! What a pain in the neck.

Marian, ROTFLOL! "Rain has continued to be in the forecast... but Home Depot must be in charge of that delivery also." You cracked me up! ~~ So happy to hear you finally got your new range wherever you got it from. Good for you for sending the HD one back. ~~ RE Computers, Ive had a couple new Dells that Ive been very pleased with but the models Ive gotten are probably way more than youd ever need. My big one in the studio has 160 Gig hard drive and two gigs of RAM memory. I process a lot of graphics when I write painting instructions.

Cindy, I think you are right that Rahjii is looking to have his portrait done. LOL

Mary, that is too bad you didnt have your camera at the parade. I love the littles in their scout uniforms marching in parades. ~~ So happy to hear your fuchsia are bursting into bloom! Neat! Mine are doing the same here and it is going to be fabu in another week or so. The standards are finally really starting to put some significant growth and Ive done enough pinching so I can let them set bloom now. Ive put the Beacon Rosa standard on the corner of the Terrace Garden and Im enjoying it there where it echoes the Rosa Rugosa standard in the second tier. ~~ Id love to have that eggplant recipe. Im in need of some new ideas for veggies.

Babs, how great you had such a good interview! Too neat that the interviewer wants advice for her garden. ~~ No kidding about we are never happy with the amount of rainfall. It is either too much or too little.

Michelle, how neat you are making such good progress with your container gardens. Im thinking Im almost finished with mine also. ~~ I was really surprised at just how nice and rugged that bakers rack really is and it matches my patio set so that is even better. Ive got my special coleus babies on it so I can give them a bit of extra attention.

Taryn, sending you support in this difficult time. You are a true blue friend. Many people will run in the opposite direction and you are running to help. Dont forget to take care of yourself too.

Eileen, I really miss our little local hardware stores also. We have one place left in town that I try to shop at first before going for something to HD. I bought my new sprinkler there yesterday. They might be a bit more expensive but they have staff that are very helpful and I want this store to stay in business. ~~ Ill get you a pic of the Illustris container when it fills in a bit. ~~ LOL about Paul not having time to "Smell and stop the roses".

V and Eileen, You might want to give Sedona another week or so before you replace it. Ive found that Sedona is a bit difficult to harden off to the outside and it goes through the uglies every year Ive had it but once it starts putting on some new growth it does very well.

OK Ive got to get my day started here. I want to get the rest of the pot ghetto moved up to the trailer park and get Dougs garage back in order. He sure is a patient man and I love him for putting up with my plant obsession. He did tell me I needed an intervention when I bought another fuchsia basket at HD this weekend. Well, who could pass up a 10" hanging basket of the most lovely, lush, full fuchsia growth that had just arrived? I told him I had to rescue the beautiful thing. Te he.

Have a great day everyone, Marian you have to tell us what you are cooking up on your new range.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

So nice to have Da back! Glad your gardens are thriving. We need an update. Same job? Travel soon? Crochet projects?...OH! For some reason I didn't see your message, only the photos! Now some of my questions have been answered. Good to read "Le sigh!" once more! You must be very pleased with your clematis'performance!

Taryn, I'm at a loss for what to hope for regarding your good friends. Seems to me everyone is doing well at what they are best at. Hugs!

Sounds like thunderstorms. I hope it rains with little would save so much time and water from the well. I did tie up a few clematis and peonies yesterday. Still expected to be close to 90 today, but startinmg tomorrow, more normal temperatures for this time of year.

Happy to hear of V's DD and her awards, Marian's dealings with HD and the arrival of her stove, Bab's successful interview, those 2 fantastic baker's racks. So Ei, now that you saved $2000 on privacy fencing, what are you going to spend the money on? Maybe plants? ;-)

Must start my day. Lots to accomplishe before DH returns from China this afternoon. It will be 38 years since the small ceremony was performed in New York State. So many ups and downs... such is life! More challenges to come no doubt, never boring.

Here's a parting shot, a sweet little plant given to me by friends a few years ago. Known as B*stard Balm...I have no idea why!


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Good morning!

Taryn, you've been in my thoughts often and will continue to be. What a very difficult time for everyone, but what a treasure Gigi & Bruce have in their friends.

'bug, Happy Anniversary---38's wishing you many more years filled with many more blessings in your lives & marriage. (Your garden project looks great and the clematis photos -- wonderful!)

Marian, I got a laugh out of your rain being controlled by HD. Glad you were able to get your complete refund and were able to get a new range quickly.

Babs, congratulations on the successful interview! I enjoyed seeing the 'tails' and hope the weather isn't too hot to let the wearer enjoy wearing it.

Michelle, please tell your DH "Thank you!".

V, sounds like you are constantly busy....hope life settles down soon.

Ei, it is very nice to have you back to Idylling with us often.

Da!!!!! What a treat to hear from you. You are missed! Your photos are lovely, you have such an eye for composing! I, too, enjoyed seeing "le sigh" once again. I do hope your life & time will allow you to pop in more often.

Deanne, lovely photos of your lovely regal kitty.

Drema.........busy? ;o) I was glad to read that your job doesn't appear to be one to be cut. Best wishes that the wedding plans will go smoothly.

Honey, the completed walkway is beautiful! Eager to see the plantings that you've chosen.

Oy! this is turning into a novel......I shouldn't let myself fall so far behind or if I do, I should quit feeling like I need to try to comment on all that has gone on......

No intent to slight anyone.....but I'm stopping now and just going to wave to all as I exit. This morning I'm to be the pack horse for DD as she does her grocery shopping. She isn't suppose to lift anything heavy so she's asked me to go grocery shopping with her---to do 'grocery lifting' and 'bag carrying'. I'm glad to help. She's at 28 weeks and the last ultrasound showed the babies growing appropriately....the tech said they were each at about 2# at that time. All seems to be going well and we've got our hopes flying high that she'll continue to do well for the next couple months.

Hello to all!


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Hi everyone

Here is the eggplant recipe we enjoyed.

*available at Oriental markets, specialty foods shops, and some supermarkets
1/4 cup vegetable oil
a 1 1/4-pound eggplant, peeled if desired and cut into 1/2-inch cubes (about 6 cups)
1 teaspoon cornstarch
1/2 cup chicken broth
1 teaspoon minced garlic
1 tablespoon minced peeled fresh gingerroot
2 to 3 teaspoons Szechwan chili paste*, or to taste
1 teaspoon hoisin sauce*
1 tablespoon rice vinegar* or white-wine vinegar
1 tablespoon dry Sherry
3 scallions, sliced thin
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon firmly packed light brown sugar
1 red bell pepper, minced
1/2 teaspoon Oriental sesame oil, or to taste
white pita and whole-wheat pita, cut into wedges, as an accompaniment

In a wok or large skillet heat the vegetable oil over high heat until it is hot but not smoking and in it stir-fry the eggplant over moderately high heat for 3 to 5 minutes, or until it is tender and browned. Transfer the eggplant with a slotted spoon to paper towels to drain.
In a small bowl dissolve the cornstarch in the broth. To the wok add the garlic, the gingerroot, the chili paste, the hoisin sauce, the vinegar, and the Sherry and stir-fry the mixture for 30 seconds. Add the scallions and stir-fry the mixture for 30 seconds. Add the soy sauce, the brown sugar, the cornstarch mixture, stirred, the bell pepper, and the eggplant and stir-fry the mixture for 1 minute, or until the eggplant has absorbed most of the liquid. Remove the wok from the heat, add the sesame oil and salt and pepper to taste, and toss the mixture well. The eggplant mixture may be made 1 day in advance and kept covered and chilled. Transfer the eggplant mixture to a bowl and serve it with the pita wedges.

Makes about 4 cups.

Ei - I love the quote about friends and walls and chuckled at your story of Paul and the pruning.

T - nice to hear from you. Wonderful that your daughter is progessing so well in her pregnancy. Have fun lugging those bags! Have you taken more photos?

GB - 38 years of happy marriage is a great achievement!

Taryn - you are a true friend indeed. This must be the hardest part.

Babs - wonderful your interview went so well. I bet it will be a fun job.

Need to run soon. DH has just left with David for Karate, then Annie and I will head out for her annual String Extravaganza. String players from Elemntary through High school get together one night a year for a big concert. It will be fun, though beastly hot I'm sure as there will be hundreds of kids and parents. We were in the 90's again today.

have a good evening


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Hi Folks!

This will be quick because I'm taking tomorrow off and need to get to bed soon so I can get an early start. For the past couple of nights I've forced myself to do full workouts and I just got out of the hot tub so la-la land will come quick.

Marie you seem to have access to the coolest plants. I hit a nursery at lunchtime today and picked up Nepeta 'Little Titch' (finally), Sedum 'Black Jack', Brunnera 'Looking Glass', and a tricolor Hypericum that is unreliably hardy here in addition to another castor bean plant and Fuschia 'Gartenmeister'-a pretty good haul considering I hardly find anything anymore. If I didn't hav to haul compost tomorrow I'd skip up to the Variegated Foliage Nursery. Hmmm...maybe I still will.

Marian, I loved the way you handled your stove purchase. I'm one who believes that the big box stores will end up being their own worst enemies. We've convinced ourselves in this country that cheaper is better and have essentially driven most of the decent paying manufacturing jobs to other countries. Personally I refuse to set foot into a Walmart and only buy odds and ends at the Lowe's and the HDs of the world. For the big stuff, we shop privately owned specialty stores, get better service, better quality and don't end up paying any more in the long run. I say good for you.

Taryn, everybody should have a friend like you.

OK, here are a couple of pictures I grabbed over the past few days. We're supposed to get another 2 inches of rain here sometime between Thursday night and Saturday morning so I figured I'd better get the peonies and roses before they get wrecked by the weather.

Clematis 'The President'. It grows in crappy dry soil, part sun and gets better every year. Tomorrow I'll feed it compost and rose tone.

I've been waiting a couple of years for this combo to get a bit more mature-Baptisia 'Carolina Moonlight' and Peony 'Cheddar Charm'. The Nepetas I've planted as companions aren't blooming yet. Look close and you can see my new Sambucus 'Black Lace' in the background.

The front of the house this weekend. They ripped up the street on Tuesday and didn't touch the curbs at all. I moved all those plants for Oh well, the garden needed a new design anyway.

The impromptu shade garden I put in next to the driveway a month or so ago. I'm still tinkering with it a little bit. Some of those hostas had to be moved with a wheelbarrow.

Good night!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

GB, congratulations on your 38th wedding anniversary. Fantastic! ~~ Sweet plant. How large does it get?

Mary, thank you for the recipe for the eggplant. Im going to have to try it soon. My nutritionist reminded me again this morning to have more vegetables and this sounds like a delicious way to do that. ~~ Unreal you are in the 90s again today. I think we only made it into the middle 80s.

So T, how was your day schlepping for your DD? So glad to hear she and babies are doing well. Ill bet you cant wait to see them in person.

Sue, bravo, bravo!!!! Your photos are gorgeous! That new shade area is wonderful and I love, love, love that Baptisia/Peony combination. Superb! I sure wish we lived closer so I could go plant shopping with you tomorrow.

Well I had a busy, busy day here and got a LOT done. I planted another three containers today and am finally getting to the end of the containers. I moved all the leftover baby plants up to the trailer park today and need to get all the rest of my potting supplies out of Dougs garage. So I took a few pics of the gardens today. Things are all looking so wonderful right now. I sure wish I could transport you all here for a lunch in the garden.

One of the groupings of containers on the patio. I really love those little dahlias. I planted them in that small urn with Fiber Optic Grass. I cant wait for this little one to fill in.

The newly planted hayracks on the fence

The rhododendron is fully open and the Asao is just about to finish up. The heat the last few days has the petals falling like confetti.

Globemaster Allium

The sambucus is incredible this year

Beverly Sills

Ive placed this container on the granite patio around the pond which is eye level from the hot tub deck. All the better for viewing these little gems.

Allium Gladiator and Clematis Miss Bateman

I love this time of the year!

Nite all

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

What a treat for the eyes all these lovely garden photos have been! Got home about 6:00pm with the boys, as Gigi's parents arrived around 11:00am and will be able to stay for a while. The daycare kids are actually all wonderful children and it helped me immensely to be able to interact with them the past two days. My last post indicated 8 kids under 4 years old--that wouldn't be legal, lol, it was actually 5 kids under 4yo plus my 3 that I meant. If nothing changes her mum has watched them all before and will do so tomorrow, then she doesn't have them back until Tuesday anyway. For Gigi having the kids there, with her strictly regimented routines, has kept her sane through this, with nothing else in her control. So while many people would ask the parents to find alternate arrangements for a week, she was much happier having something NORMAL happening, especially regarding keeping normal routines for Ryan and Reid, 8 and 5 yo. She has prepared them very well, it is heartbreaking but they will be okay, I know that. One of the daycare mums today brought 2 plaster kits to make handprints of Bruce's that the boys could each have forever. She approached me with the idea as she didn't know if Gigi would like it or not, but she did and I think she'll do that tonight or tomorrow maybe. It will be heartbreaking to do. It will be so special for them to have...

Still just waiting for Bruce to let go. They couldn't keep an IV in him any more today, veins colapsing and he was retaining a lot of fluid, which means the organs are shutting down. So they are giving him meds to reduce the edema, as well as morphine and masks, etc, to keep him as comfortable as possible. I had so many phone calls today (at Gigi's) as people want to be updated, but dread every time it rings it will be bad news. But truly, this needs to end soon, and I think it will be good news really, closure. For everyone involved.

For some ACTUAL good news, our private offer couple phoned Glenn at home today and said they have done some creative financing to meet our bottom line and would like to get together to hammer out the details! Whoohoo on that! This would be a cash offer so we can go on firm on the other place. Also because it is private we will save the 2.5% we would have paid the buyer's agent, though will still pay our's of course. So the price is actually higher than our asking when you factor that in.

In other good news, my dear friends Dawn and Jason are trying invitro fertilization again for the 5th time, but this time with a donor egg from a younger woman (Dawn is 41). They did retrieval yesterday and are doing the testtube thing now and in 3 days she will hopefully be pregnant. It is funny, I purposely withheld the news about Bruce from her because I knew this was going on at the same time and she needs to be calm and zen-like ideally, plus they are not friends, just both my friends. But Dawn found out and called me at Gigi's today. I'd already told Gigi why Dawn didn't call, so now I explained it to Dawn, said email her a note, but stay out of it. Life is a circle, and I'm going to do everything in my power to keep it going round...

Thanks all for all your support. I'm expecting the call any time and then 'arrangements' will need to be made. Had a neighbor of Gigi and Bruce's call to ask how they can help financially but discreetly regarding that (and huge drug bill) and I think a bank account will be set up very shortly to help in that respect as well, as long as it is very discreetly done. The more I read the news, which is so negative, the more my own experiences with wonderful human beings counters that. You guys are tops...


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Im pooped and ready for bed, but didnt want the day to pass without wishing Marie a Happy Anniversary...38 years. Thats amazing... I bet you can hardly believe it yourself! Hope you had a lovely day!

Marie your Ba***rd plant reminds me of Impatiens balfourii, a plant we called "The Poormans Orchid", except the markings on yours are more showy and pronounced than I remember on my balfourii. Is it a heavy re-seeder or controllable? Very really does remind me of an orchid. Ive also always been fond of the old fashioned balsam...touch me not. What fun to touch the seed pods and watch them explode. :-) Very pretty, little flowers and nice foliage too!

T How did I miss it?!? DD is having *twins*!?! I knew she was expecting, but I didnt know it was exciting! Either I missed that or my mind is worse than I thought. Oh well, at least I get to be excited for you all over again! Congratulations! Hope you had a nice day...

Mary thank you for posting the recipe. It sounds yummy and sounds quick and easy too...thats what I love about stirfry! I will print it out tomorrow cause Im just too pooped tonight.

Sue your pictures are *gorgeous*! Well, *I* certainly thought it was worth the wait...what a lovely combination with the Baptisia and Cheddar Charm and that Black Lace is just the ticket to combine with them...very dramatic and will be even more stunning as the Sambucus matures! Beautiful pictures all! I *love* your home and landscape.

Deanne What a treat! Your containers are *all* so lovely, but I am totally captivated by the dwarf dahlias with the fiber optic the airy texture with the fiber optic surrounding the dahlias. Your fuchsias are *unbelievable*! I cant believe how lush and mature they look. *Love* the color of that red iris with the touch of plum. Well all your pics are gorgeous, as always. I love the Miss Bateman/allium color combination *and* the container combination in the same any chance are they near each other?...Stunning!

Okay, I really need to get to bed, I cant even keep my eyes open...Good Night All! Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Taryn! It's so hard for me to read, I can only imagine how hard it is to be there. I was so touched by the "hands"...I think it will be a special gift for the children. I *do* understand Gigi's need to keep *something* normal going heart just breaks for her and the kids and of course for Bruce. Taryn you are a true and wonderful friend and Gigi & Bruce will *never* forget that! I will keep you all in my prayers... Ei

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Good to read that you have some good news as well Taryn. Thank you for finding the time to keep us updated.

I'm back to having to log in here...a pain.

Yesterday was odd. We has tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings, so when DH returned from the airport, he couldn't find me or Charlotte! I was in the basement with flashlights, reading a mystery. So obviously I didn't get anything accomplished. From the look and feel of things, it is still humid and only a little less warm, the creek higher and muddy. I'm glad i did manage to tie up a few things, but all my clematis and ghetto stuff is back in the house. Guess I'll try to move everything back outside later this morning. After last year's tornado here in August, I paid serious attention to the warnings. Here's from last year:

I hope a gentle breeze starts up today so that I can start work on the veg garden...without bugs!

Speaking of bugs, DH brought me some amazing insects made out of reeds. I'll have to try to photograph them for you. He had a very fine trip, slept for 11 hours last night, and doesn't want to see another Chinese banquet for at least a week. ;-) I think I'll have to wait before trying Mary's eggplant dish!

Sue, I was so glad to see your posting of Carolina Moonlight! Mine is 3 eight inch stems -in its second year. I've never seen one in bloom and was hoping it would look as beautiful as yours eventually! I think our Black Lace plants are the same size! Your place looks gorgeous!

Deanne, it is looking rather bare under those hayracks, I think you need some more containers there.... ;-) LOL

Thanks for the kind anniversary wishes. Perhaps we'll go for a nursery jaunt and lunch together this weekend and rehash memories along the way.

Eden, you there? I know Ei is still asleep. She was sooo tired. Honey must be busy planting her front garden, and Marian is cooking up a storm!

I'd better get moving...

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Marie! No, I'm up, but still tired...LOL! The body clock wakes me up whether I want to be or not! :-)
This is just a drive by, but I had to comment on your terrifying and yet so cool! I was mesmerized by them. That first pic looks like a shot from a modern version of Wizard of Oz! But that 3rd pic with the sun glaring out through the funnel...that is awe inspiring! Thank goodness you were okay and I'm very glad to hear that yesterday was not a repeat.

Okay, I'm off to run some errands and then house cleaning today. Paul invited his class to our house on Sunday for a barbecue and I suppose I should remove the first layer of dust on everything today.

Also meant to mention last night Taryn...exciting news on the house! I'm just tickled about that!

Have a good one all! Ei

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well, The pot ghetto is officially moved behind the fence in the trailer park. Good deal, I think I climbed that hill thirty times last night and I was totally exhausted after also having done 45 minutes on the Stairmaster yesterday morning. I'm hoping to pot up a couple other things and clean out Doug's garage today. He'll be so happy to have his garage back after not having it since April 1st. What a good sport he is!

Bug! ROTFLOL! Yes I can see what you mean, I surely need to add a couple more containers to that fence line. te he... ~~ Glad to hear you are OK and didn't get any of that severe weather. Those photographs are unreal and are like fine artwork. Awe inspiring. We are supposed to be in for it today with the thunder storms and get another three to six inches of rain over the weekend. Thank heavens it has been three weeks since the last deluge.

Eileen, thanks!!! I really thought you'd like that tiny urn with the dwarf dahlias and fiber optic grass. I was actually thinking of you when I put it together and said to myself, "I'll bet Eileen loves this one". Sometimes it seems so strange to me to know someone so well when we've never met in person. LOL RE the blue container, nope it isn't near the mailbox where the 'Miss Bateman' Alium combo is but wouldn't that be gorgeous. BTW do you or anyone else know what is that tiny gesneriad in that pot? That came from the flower show as a freebie and I almost threw it away several times but am now glad I didn't. It looks like a dwarf streptocarpus of some kind. Maybe Marian knows.

Speaking of Marian; Heads up all, dinner is at Marian's house tonight! LOL

Taryn, glad to hear there is good news on the home sale front. ~~ I'm hoping Bruce finds peace soon. The end is so da - - ed difficult.

OK time to hit the gym and get outside before this rainy weather arrives. Have a great day all.


PS Eden, Honey and all missing Idylls, Please check in? No need to 'talk' to everyone, just let us know you are OK.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

What a treat for aching eyes such glamour! Wow. Im speechless.....

Sue, how old is that President? Ive got one thats in its 2nd season, but it sure doesnt look anything like that it put out 2 blooms & then wilted....Ive cut it back but Im skeptical Ill get much regrowth if it stays so hot. And you say thats in crappy soil, uh? Maybe I need to abuse mine more? LOL.... You have a real artist's "eye" for dramatic combinations they can be "quiet colors" but you manage to make them dramatic.... I sure wish I could master it. It seems like things I plant together just never seem to bloom at the right time they can miss by a few days or a week its very frustrating to me. How did you manage to figure out the baptisia & peony Cheddar Charm would bloom together in your yard?

Deanne I just love that allium & Miss Bateman combo truly masterful! We know You are an Artiste... in lots of mediums - but I love to see how fresh "together" it all almost makes me wish for rocky soil & lots of partial shade!

Taryn that idea re the handprints brought tears to my eyes what a truly wonderful personal idea... simple but enduring... Taryn, Im so glad to hear you got some good news & a solid offer on your house youve been incredibly patient thru it all. Im so glad for you.

Ei you & I seem to be speaking the same phrases the plants we noticed were the same & our comments! when I saw Maries photos I thought of the Land of Oz weird! I would also love to see you post your peony photos - as mentioned before, one of my very favorite flowers. I can never see too many of them.

Marie, you are one incredible photographer & seem to always capture just the right light & angles. Also, many congratulations on your 38th Anniversary thats a great achievement. Interesting that quite a few idyllers here seem to have longevity in marriage... (cant count myself in that category but its great to hear about others who have managed it).

I hope today brings relief & solace to Taryn, her friend Bruce & family and sunny skies & wondeful gardening weather to Sue & anyone else who can make into the garden. Ill think of you as Im slaving in the hot, stuffy, humid D.C. office here....


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Hi, I'm here, I've been reading along and drooling over the beautiful pictures. I'm just juggling a few too many balls right now, between Bella, the house, pets and garden. Making progress on the containers though and the pavers are finished. Starting tomorrow I won't have Bella here for the next 6 days so hopefully I'll have time to post some pictures and do a longer post. I'm thinking of you all, especially Taryn, Bruce, Gigi and their boys.

It's time for Meg to drop off Bella so I have to go...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A quick note just to make sure you understand that the tornado photos are NOT mine. I may be foolish at times, but I would not go driving around to take photos of a tornado. I'd be collecting my family and pets, gathering supplies, and heading for the basement!

The damage from last year's tornado is still visible everywhere. Houses have tarps covering their roofs, trees remain uprooted over many many acres. Nature sure provides drama and affects many lives.

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Taryn I like the idea of Bruce's handprint. It chokes me up but that would be a neat thing for the boys to have. Sending peaceful thoughts your way for all of you during this sad time.

AJ's musical was sweet-since I know so many of the kids from lunch detail I couldn't keep the smile off my face. The conductor's tails looked great-the girl did a fantastic job and I let her keep the jacket-she was so happy and proud-her mom was too! I couldn't get over my AJ, I could actually hear him sing and he even 'danced' with a smile on his face! I am so proud of him too because we had horrible storms here yesterday and he's unphased by the storms these days. I can't express what a relief that is.

Marie those pics are stunning-wouldn't want to be underneath those clouds! Lol seems like every time a new bloom opens here we get rain to plow down the plants. First my irises and now the peonies! Digitalis will be next you watch.

I better go-lunch detail beckons....


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Hi guys,
Thanks again for the continuing good thoughts. I am only being the friend I hope would be there for me if the situation were reversed, and I know all of you would be as well.

Bruce passed last night, very peacefully and quietly (he had another little rally) in Gigi's arms. Right after she did one of the hand castings for the little one, Reid. She told him Ryan said he carries Daddy in his heart but Reid wanted to hold his hand, and swears Bruce seemed to help her do that. She is calm, and though I knew she had prepared the kids, I was still of course very worried about how they would react, as I know she was. Well they are FINE, and the older one Ryan actually insisted on going to school today! Together with Gigi they talked with the principal, so he can leave if he changes his mind, but they are okay. That is a huge relief, though it may hit them harder later on.

In other news, we have two couples who were here on Sunday coming back for another viewing at 7:00pm tonight, on top of the couple coming in with the private offer. So it's all good...

'Bug those pics are very cool! I really need more zzz's to catch up a bit, so will check in later. Again, thanks so much for all the support.


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Taryn, I'm thankful that Bruce is at rest now.


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Im having to log in again too.
Taryn, my thoughts are with you and your dear friend. My deepest sympathies to all who loved Bruce. What a great friend you have been to them. Its great to hear that things are looking up on the house front.

Deanne, I am awed by the pics you posted. Your containers are fabulous looking already. I think Ill have to wait a bit to post pictures of mine after seeing how mature yours look. LOL about running out of containers. I am running short and am scrounging around for more. My sedona from you is perking up, but solar flare is pouting badly.

T, great to hear that things are going well with DD and the babies. Ill bet you are getting excited.

Sue, your garden is looking wonderful. I like the peony/baptisia combo, but really enjoy the long shots.

Ei, we will be so busy oohing and aahing over your garden, we surely wont notice the neighbors property. I bought seeds for the salmon Alaska nasturtiums too. Of course I havent gotten around to planting them yet. I planted my Illustrius with a wire vine, several coleus Plum Frost, Gays Delight and Moonglow and geranium Black Magic Thanks again.

38 years is quite an accomplishment, congratulations Marie and hubby. Stunning photos. Im glad that you were sitting in your nicely painted basement instead of storm chasing.

Cindy, I know the feeling about bloom times. My best combos werent planned. LOL


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Post note -- Deanne - my Beverly Sills Iris NEVER looked that good -- and she got the royal heaveho after getting iris borer....amazing what different climates can do to a plant.

And Sue, that was some deal re the Sambucus you got for $9.95 - I think that's about the size of the plant I got from Song Sparrow last year (for twice that amount of course...but I Just HAD to have it *immediately*).... I got the Nepeta Little Titch & like it -- but it had a somewhat short bloom time on it... hope it reblooms.

Taryn - Im thankful all are at peace now. Good luck on the house!

Babs -isnt that wonderful when kids Finally get thru their "phase"/phobias - it's so painful & you feel so helpless when they're in the midst - what a big relief... growing onward and upwards. That's great.


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Good evening Idylls

Taryn - I hope there is peace now the end has come. More hugs for everyone. As you know, the grieving period is a journey all its own, with often unpredictable turns.

Sue and Deanne - those are some fabulous pictures. How lovely both your gardens are looking. Deanne - that red Iris is stunning. Do you know what its called?

GB - that is one scary storm cloud.

Babs- I bet that fabulous costume just made the musical. You must be so pround of AJ!

Here is a picture of Annie just before we left for her orchestra concert on Wednesday. My little girl has suddenly grown up - now when did that happen?


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Mary! I thought that was YOU! The resemblance is amazing. Don't tell Annie though, she might not want to hear that yet.

I managed to weed a chunk of the veg garden today. After the rain is always a good time. It went quite quickly. (2-3 hours so far) More tomorrow I hope! My friend is supposed to bring split rails for the arbors too. Please, no thunderstorms!

The crabapples, early clematis, tulips and so forth are fading. What did I expect after such a heat wave? It is always hard on me to see things move along that way. But the hawthorn trees, iris, roses and other plants are heavy with buds so of course there is plenty to look forward to.

Here is my tree peony with tons of blooms this year.

Sleep tight y'all!

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Taryn, words just never seem to express what I feel,and the end is never easy. It's good that everyone was somewhat prepared. I know Bruce will be missed terribly by Gigi and the boys as well as all his family and friends. God bless.
Good luck with the house sale. Wishing you the best.

V, you and your brother are also in my thoughts.

GB, Happy anniversary. Those are some awesome shots. I'm glad you didn't have a repeat.
It keeps thundering here and raining hard all around us , but we have had very little rain here.

I have been enjoying all pictures and posts. It has been a very hectic time around here lately so I just haven't been into Idylling. I'm hoping after this weekend things will settle down.

Mary, Annie certainly does look all grown up. Time flies doesn't it.

Best wishes to all. Hopefully I can ease back in here. Norma

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

The fastest of fly-by posts here.

Taryn, I'm relieved that it went quickly for Bruce at the end. How very wonderful that you all had such a special time together not very long ago. My prayers will include his family as the next several days are sure to be tough.

I've scrolled through all the lovely photos and only stopped to read Taryn's posts. And I am boned-tired right now but I feel like I've accomplished some things in the last two days. I just wish those accomplishments were in the garden!

And in the "brush with fame" news department, several years ago I met a woman who devotes a lot of time to conservation issues in a nearby community. Her husband was just nominated to be Treasury Secretary!

Okay, time to bed...


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I can't sleep so thought I'd do some 'clean up' on the computer....and I decided that I'd finish up this Idyll tydll so that the first poster of the morning can start a new one.


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