don_socalJune 19, 2011

The path

The mind's desire

to find the way

is directed by

the path it takes

To choose a course

to embrace ideals

direction makes all

dimensions real

Seeing the way

for each a choice

influenced by

past mind's voice

So the future

reflects the past

till perception

reveals the path

Narrow, twisted

hither an yon

up and down

and then beyond

To the edges

of limits

that are

not really there



no borders

there be

Inner freedom


for you

and for me


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Thank you, Don, reminding me that inner freedom is always possible, no matter what circumstances dictate outwardly. Just got to keep weeding the Path.

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Great one! As always Don. Terrific.

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Keep your poems coming. Love it.

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Thanks Don. This is a terrific poem.
I agree with lilod about the inner freedom.It is so peaceful.
I really like this part.

"To the edges
of limits
that are
not really there".
I guess we set our own limits.

I like the whole poem. I would like your permission to put the poem on my little bitty personal page that I have posted here in the GP.

    Bookmark   June 20, 2011 at 7:37PM
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