Okay. Time for a roll call.

pondmaninal(7b)April 8, 2010

I see names that I remember. Let's see if they remember the PondmaninFL.

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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

If my memory serves me correctly your name is Scott and you and your wife were in the process of buying a trailer home with acreage in Florida.


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Well, Jenny, you got the name right but we both lost our jobs and were only renting. My sister paid for most of the move up to here. A reduced version of the pond moved with us.


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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

Well hello there Scott. How's the reduced pond faring? Here up north spring has arrived with a vengeance, the pond cleared up within a week of starting up the waterfall and settling chambers, the lily pads are at the surface, the water is 65 degrees three weeks after ice-out - I sooo can't wait to get wet!

It's a bit sad to see the goldfish without their fearless leader, since Demetrius was a floating ice lump in early March... but the waterlilies will fare better so it's all good.

:) Mary

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Mary, I know all about losing fish but not because of Winter. A lot of plants are coming back. Last year, someone sent me some yellow floating heart. It grew like a weed and was the first to come back after the ice left the trough. I've been emptying pots that tropical water lilies were in. I have found lots of corms that they produced when it turned cold. Now to put them in a warm barrel to see if they will start.

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