Another weekend down the tubes....

sheepco(MN z4)April 26, 2008

Woke up to this this morning....

And 3 days ago it was 68F and I raised all my plants and cleaned the ponds.

Fickle MN least it will melt soon. Oh, hey! No Mosquitoes!!! .... yet.....

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Don't feel bad. At least you did lift your plants and got the ponds cleaned out. I still have to do that and it has been in the 80's some days with no snow for months and months. I've been working on my gardens and lawn. I think I'll pull my filters and pump up tomorrow morning since one of the filters floated up. I did scoop some leaves off the bottom today but I really need to get the shop-vac out of the basement. I might have to forgo pulling up the potted plants. This has been the latest I've gotten around to it in 5 years, but every one of my discs in my cervical spine are bulging or herniated so I've been doing little bits at a time for months. My left hand as no feeling in it. My plants are sprouting up though - in the pond. Showing are waterlily, floating heart looks great, pickeral weed, yellow flag iris is several feet tall, and thalia starting to green, but I need to repot them all and they are too heavy to lift right now. Oh well, will stuff a few fertilizer pellets in the soil (if I can get them past the roots).

I don't think I could deal with Zone 4 at all. I am thinking lately I don't even like Zone 7! Zone 9 or 10 looking better all the time with a condo with no gardens, lawn or ponds.

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

That gives me the shivers! We had a cold spring last year but this year has been wonderful - unfortunately I haven't had any time outside, my pump is still not running and I never got the leak at the biofilter fixed last year ... so despite your cold weather, you are way ahead of me too!

CT - sounds extremely painful. Whats the prognosis? I can only imagine how hard it is to be down during the best time of the year. I hope you get some relief soon!

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horton(6 b Ontario.)

Oh thit! Don'tcha just hate when thit like that happens!!

Just when you think it's safe to take the longjohns off!

I guess snow rain mix is forecast for out neck of the woods on Monday, after the last two weeks of above average temperatures.
What the hey,we have to take what we are sent, like it or not.
This too shall come to pass!

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"CT - sounds extremely painful. Whats the prognosis?"

I don't know yet what can be done. I do have my MRI report and it is not sounding good when I look on the internet some of the things I am reading. I have an appointment on May 5th with an Orthopedic surgeon and will see what they say. I'll follow up with a 2nd opinion from another Orthopedic surgeon if surgery is suggested. I also want to see a Neurologist maybe. The deadness of my left hand is now moving up my arm and my wrist is numb also. I will be conservative in treatment though - I think anyway. I've been taking Demerol and Flexiril for almost a month. I was shocked my appointment has taken so long so maybe what I have is common and not a big deal, but it is painful even through the drugs.

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catherinet(5 IN)

I'm sorry for your pain comettose.
I might be totally out of line saying this, since I don't really know the full extent of your problems, but I think exercise can help so much. There are so many different strengthening/stretching exercises for all the different muscles. I think I'd really do all those before going under the knife.
My ortho doc told me I needed knee replacements. But instead, I've been doing just a couple simple knee strengthening exercises, and so far, so good. Within 3 days of stopping them, I begin to have knee problems, so I know they are working.
Forgive me if my suggestions are too simple, but I wanted to bring that up as a possibility.
I have been hearing lately that the trend is to deal with backs more with exercise now, and less with surgery.
Good luck comettose!

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

I understand. Sigh... I was a bit startled when the doc stuck a pin in my thumb and all I felt was a bit of pressure. No wonder I kept dropping things. The first carpal tunnel procedure was done this past Wed.
They are doing great things with titanium these days. I have to carry a card with a picture of my spine and it's new hardware to get through some security scanners. LOL! I avoid airports. Sorry about the Demerol. That is one that you can get too used to and then it stops working. Maybe you could ask for a trial period on Lyrica instead. I have to take close to the maximum but it works as well as most of the demerol type drugs. The doc told me to get a Hydrocodone script filled because I would need it for the wrist but I have not needed it.
I've been taking 30mg of Flexeril each day for 14 years or so. The thought of getting adapted to it is nerve wracking. I don't think there is anything out there that does it as well. Before taking it I could be in tears trying to make my muscles take the next step. For those of us who need it to get through the next few hours it works wonders but it can't do anything about the nerve damage.
I hope you have good insurance. Sandy

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Thanks all. I do have a few back exercises and exercise does make me feel better. So does a back and neck massage with heat therapy. I also use an ice pack, alternating heat and ice. I also have Vicodin with Tylenol which I take some days instead of the Demerol. It makes me itch though. The flexeril makes me sleepy. I hope not to have surgery and will only do that after several doctors agree. I do have good insurance, same as our Congress. I am pretty tough so I think everything will work out OK.

Thanks again.

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sheepco(MN z4)

Oh shoot, do I feel like an idiot for complaining about MY day. And meanwhile I spent 2 whole days helping a friend paint in her new house....I HATE to paint. But I'm sure god's giving me a few extra points....

CT, my heartfelt wishes that you may soon be ponding pain-free!

Tomorrow I get to have another MRI on my heel that I had surgery on a year ago, blah,blah,blah etc. Achilles tendon is great and strong. Surgical site still not completely healed. I suspect.....several things, but will let the experts clue me in. I really like and respect my doctor, and he says if this MRI tells him ??? we should get another opinion..................where???????????????

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CT, I'm so sorry for what you've been going through! I've had scoliosis pain almost my whole life, but it sounds like nothing compared to what you're dealing with. I sure hope you find some answers, and relief, soon!

It's been 90F here the last couple of days, which is miserable this early in the season. Then I think of the folks down south who are dealing with fires and temps in the 100s. Wish they could get some snow "cuttings" from you, Sarah! :D Hope you get warm temps soon, too!


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