How to save Water in Gardening

shah_gardenerJune 5, 2011

Plants use 10-15 % of water, the rest goes as seepage. Keeping in view of shortage of Water.

Here is what I do.

Take a pet Bottle, make a small hole in the Cap, and a larger hole in the Bottom, fill with Water,

and press the Head in soil at 45 degree angle, it will start drip action, keeping the soil moist round the clock. It will take a week or more to consume. This can be done in Flower Pots ad in Flower Beds. In flower beds keep a distance of a yard apart.

I had done this when I left for a week for upcountry. My plants were all fresh on my return

Baqar Shah

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Sounds like a good idea but what is a pet bottle?

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I don't know what a pet bottle is either, but I'm thinking that it's a good idea and any kind of plastic soft drink bottle or water bottle might work.

I think the main problem would be to make the small hole the right size.

Down here, water would get very hot during a sunny day. I wonder if this would damage the plant as they seem to do better if the root system is cooler than the top.

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Me, I use 5 liter plastic water bottles, punch holes in the wide area around the neck, upturn them and cut the 2-3 in. bottom (now the top) off, but not completely, so the "lid" can be opened and closed, usually held closed with a rock. I bury the bottle neck down about halfway or less, and fill it with water from hose or bucket. The plants are planted in a circle around each bottle. The water seeps through the holes directly to the roots - no evaporation, no waste.

Now that the full Middle East summer is gearing up, I have been filling these bottles - meaning I have been watering my garden - only once a week! As it gets really hot through to the end of august, I'll up that, but I can guarantee that I'll water less, waste less and pay less for water.
I have a bucket in the shower, which every day goes on another part of the upper container garden. For the lower veggie/herb/flower gardens, which all have the buried bottles, I'll be collecting the water that drips from the air conditioners and using that to fill the bottles.
With all of this, I barely open the hose, barely pay for city water, and so far the garden is happy.
I based all of this loosely on "buried clay pot" irrigation. I use one clay unglazed pot and it works just as well as the bottles. The tomatoes are so big now I have to push them aside to get to the bottle and they can barely be seen.
Want pics?

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Yes, Batya, please send some pics! This is so interesting!
I always save leftover Coke and mix it in with water in the watering can
for an extra sugsr shot for the soil.

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