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don_socalJune 30, 2013

What we kids didn't understand was that we were living in a commercial, commodity culture. Everything in our environment had been bought and sold. As middle class Americans, we basically grew up on a movie set. The conscious values that are pushed are only part of the picture. The medium itself plays a much bigger part than anyone realizes: the creation of illusion. We are living surrounded by illusion, by professionally created fairy tales. We barely have contact with the real world.
Robert Crumb

About the only power you have is the power to discriminate. Living in a culture like this, you have to make choices and search out what has the most authentic content or substance. In the 1960s, while on LSD, I realized that my mind was a garbage receptacle of mass media images and input. I spent my whole childhood absorbing so much crap that my personality and mind are saturated with it. God only knows if that affects you physically! As a kid I became increasingly interested in earlier periods of culture. I turned into a little nostalgia boy, and I became steeped in the Our Gang fantasy from watching them on TV. So much so, that my speech patterns were affected. The style of those Our Gang comedies was so charming that I started acting and talking like Jackie Cooper and Alfalfa. They had these cute kids, artificial mannerisms. It must have been embarrassing for people to hear me talk like that.
Robert Crumb

Before industrial civilization, local and regional communities made their own music, their own entertainment. The esthetics were based on traditions that went far back in time�"i.e. folklore. But part of the con of mass culture is to make you forget history, disconnect you from tradition and the past. Sometimes that can be a good thing. Sometimes it can even be revolutionary. But tradition can also keep culture on an authentic human level, the homespun as opposed to the mass produced. Industrial civilization figured out how to manufacture popular culture and sell it back to the people. You have to marvel at the ingenuity of it! The problem is that the longer this buying and selling goes on, the more hollow and bankrupt the culture becomes. It loses its fertility, like worn out, ravaged farmland. Eventually, the yokels who bought the hype, the pitch, they want in on the game. When there are no more naive hicks left, you have a culture where everybody is conning each other all the time. There are no more earnest "squares" left�"everybody's "hip," everybody is cynical.
Robert Crumb

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I love your quotes, Brother, but with all respect: there ain't no June 31 - time jumps to July 1 - it's a man-made construct, maybe doesn't really matter, but still, it is. The heat - the heat- the heat - your mind it eats!
Nobody is prefect, ain't they?
Love and :)
your virtual sister Lilo

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Yes it has been hot and my brain has melted. =^-_-^= Night night.

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I happen to think that trying to create a middle class is a grand experiment in this country, but I don't know if it will be sustainable
Also, .I don't think a space cadet on LSD is sustainable.
Something needs to change.
I'll put my money on the middle class changing things, rather than a fried brained, one note, hippie and we saw plenty of those in the Height-Ashbury (SF) in the early 70.

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