Remove the Stamen or Anther for longer bloom time?

Iris05July 12, 2013

I know it is common to remove the anthers from a Lily because of the staining issue. I have read that it also prolongs the bloom. Should the entire stamen be removed or just the anther?

Does this apply to all flowers? Such as Torenia and Alstroemeria?

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Hey Iris!

I've never tried removing the stamen/anther. Would it make the flower look odd? I can't imagine it. Let me know if you try it. The most I've ever done is deadhead.

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I always remove the "reproductive" organs from an easter lilly, before I bring them into the house, because the pollen stains anything it comes in contact with, like the flowers and my nice tablecloth.

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daituom(UK 9)

I would prefer to leave everything in place for the sake of the bees and plants. If you remove the plants` reproductive organs it`s bye bye pollinating insects and bye bye new varieties.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Removing the stamens does prolong the bloom time. It takes a lot of plant energy to produce pollen and to prepare to receive pollen. I've never really thought of it for other plants, because the staining aspect is the primary reason to remove them, and lilies are the main culprits. I don't see why it wouldn't apply to other flowers.

I just remove the anthers, myself. And only on lilies that I am bringing inside the home.

daitom, the pollinating insects visit primarily for the nectar which is always located deep inside the flower. Bees consume some pollen as a protein source but nectar is their primary food.

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daituom(UK 9)

BUT bees take pollen back to the hive NOT nectar. Nectar keeps the bee going so as it can continue looking for pollen. By removing the reproductive organs you are putting more stress on the bee population, and, as gardeners, we need to do whatever we can to save the worldwide bee population.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Nectar is taken back to the colony in big loads....honey bees actually have a special chamber in their bodies for the nectar. Nectar is what eventually makes.....honey! :-)

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Well I would only remove the stamen or anther from cut flowers in my home, that would be my main reason for wanting to prolong the bloom time. I buy flowers with my groceries every week, as well as growing them.

Thanks for all the input!

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Iris, I agree,

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