eradicating mediterranean grass

Flash48(9B)August 5, 2014

I live in Mesa Az and have Mid Iron grass (hybrid Bermuda) as my lawn grass. I do not plant a winter grass.
The mid iron is well cared for and looks great. The problem is an invasion of Mediterranean grass (Schismus Barbatus) that takes over the yard from mid winter to early summer. This is an invasive, self seeding annual grass that is ugly; I want to get rid of it. Is there a pre-emergence herbicide that will eradicate the schismus without killing the mid iron? If so, when is the best time to apply the herbicide.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Are you sure it's Med grass and not Poa annua? They look somewhat alike. Does it have white flowers?

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Good question dchall. The invader seems to start as multiple single green blades through out the yard but soon forms ugly clumps that send up lots of seed heads. The clumps are about 6 inches in diameter and the seed stalks are about 5 inches tall. The invader dies out when the hot weather arrives but reappears again in early winter.

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