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-- e e cummings

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Reminds me of a song my mother taught me.

F,a - Fay
F,e - Fee
F,i - Fiddy Fie
F,o _ Foe
Fiddy Fie Foe
F,u - Foo
Fiddy Fie Foe Foo, Foo~

Or something similar

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Mother taught me the song as a means to learn about sounding out letters.

You can use all the consonants with the vowels A, E, I, O, U. Such as Ba=Bay, De=Dee, Ho=Hoe.

For a child that might be having a little trouble with reading, it could help teach him/her how sounds work.

Don, I really, really didnt mean to high jack your post, But the quote made the ditty just pop into my mind.

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No problem puffy, your recollection of child hood fun is totally appropriate. I put this one up for fun as it was written as a riddle. Here is the description from the site where I found it....


This is a poem I immediately thought of when I saw the theme "flight". It
is about the flight of a leaf as it is falling down from a tree. When read
together without the line-breaks, it turns out to be

l(a leaf falls)oneliness.

It links up the falling of a lone leaf (note the emphasis on "1" (the
numeral one) in the first line, as also the "one" in l"one"liness) to the
emotion of loneliness.

The most beautiful part of this poem is the way it is structured, which to
me seems to resemble the passage of a leaf through various points of time
from the half-horizontal "l(a" of the leaf on the tree, to the side-view of
"ll" when it is in mid-air to the final full-horizontal of "iness".

If you don't see that leaf falling, perhaps instead you see a large "L" in
the shape of the poem, or perhaps a large "1" (with a line underneath: think
of 1 in "Courier" instead of in "Arial".) The imagery that Cummings manages
to evoke by saying so little is just beautiful. And this is actually a poem
where the reason for abrupt and seemingly random line-breaks is clear
(though with different clarity to each person) after some thought, and goes
on to be really appreciated. The poem is all the more beautiful for the way
the words are broken up.


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I looked back at the quote and imagined the fall of one of the big leaves from one of the oaks in the back yard. Sometimes, they do just glide and float, by themselves without anything, or anybody helping. It's a gradual part of Nature. Peaceful and Quiet.

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