question for semper fi, or anyone else really.

fairy_toadmotherMay 25, 2006

it is just i remember semper posting this. where is it i can go again to find archived pages from the internet? thanks!

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horton(6 b Ontario.)

Our Semper Man is obviously not out of bed yet FTM, so I have posted the link below for you.
Sleep tight Semper!
"Anyone else"

Here is a link that might be useful: Wayback Machine

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

Thank you Dr. A.E. Really! :-)

We now resume our regular programming......


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is there an easier way??? tips? i am still hoping i could find the old thread,"the dangers of sniffing water lilies" searchin on the cpu months upon months ago didnt work.


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I don't think GW archived their really old stuff, FTM. Someone must have fallen asleep on the delete button. :(

(This message is ok to delete next year, GW delete person.)


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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

I'm not sure if Spike or anyone else at GW had anything to do with it. I *THINK* the way the Wayback Machine works is by constantly sending "robots" out all over the cyber space and they take snapshots of the websites they visit at that given moment. These robots may or may not visit that same site again for days, weeks, or months.

FTM, do you have a rough idea when that thread was posted? That would give us a good place to start looking in the archives.

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

FTM ...

If the thread was posted in 'Conversations', I don't think those get archived. :-( I know the thread was a great one and the search was on for it earlier.

C with 3 Ds

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ah well. i have succumbed. excuse me while i tend to my tiara and wand :( they must have rusted.

i'd say it was june 2004??? i seriously doubt it was 2005- to much crap going on blocking my creative juices. hmmm, maybe that is why i feel so dry :)

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somethinsfishy(z5 NE)

It was 2005 FTM. I didn't know GW exsisted in 2004 and I remember that post.

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

Between naps, I did some looking last weekend and could not find the thread. Are either one of you certain that was the actual title of the thread? Was it a popular thread with lots of replies? Any idea who the original poster was?

It's strange because it appears that the Wayback Machine only archived the Pond Forum only a handful of times in 2005 and the latest date I found was March. So if it was posted early in '05, then there might be a small chance that we can still find it.


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somethinsfishy(z5 NE)

Hey Semper,
FTM was the original poster and I believe it was 'the danger (or dangers) of sniffing water lilies (or lilly).' I can't remember how many posts but there was quite a few.
It was in June or July of 05.

LOL, I still have visions of FTM with a lily pad on her head, grass skirt and straws up her nose!

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lol fishy! oh, and thanks for the date! i knew it was around june or my lily wouldn't have been in bloom. but 2005? shows how resilient humans can be. this place has kept me sane (well, except for that temporary loss of insanity i had once).

semper, thank you so much for taking the time to look! i must resign myself. i was the original poster and it was titled, "then dangers of sniffing water lilies," probably with spelling errors, or waterlillies, but most likely lower case as i am too lazy to hit the shift button.

i do remember the first two lines, but after that i am lost. the reason i was trying to rack my brain- i would like to put the words on stepping stones leading to my ever unfinished puddle.

well, as i said, at least i remember the beginning and it will suffice. all the same, i continue to hope...

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I just HAD to try Googling the phrase "then dangers of sniffing water lilies"....and I came up with "how to safely taper off prozac" LMAO!! That's the story of life here on the Ponds Conversations area. :D

What a GREAT idea, FTM! Stepping stones warning you (and others) of your encounters with lilies. Very sweet...and artsy, too! LOL That was such a great thread.

And you have a fantastic memory, Fishy!


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with all this lmao i should be skinny! brenda, have you any idea how appropriate that is? i just love your perspective. i never thought of it that way. i am picturing police line tape across my puddle...dh- officer, i don't know where she went. i haven't seen her in days. her car is out front. last i looked she was hanging upside down, fingertips clinging into the rocks for a grip, with her nose in a flower. i didn't think that was unusual, knowing her tendencies.

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