Midnight Moonlit Musin'

endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)July 17, 2011

Not much to muse about. Day dreaming of moving to the Pacific Northwest. I want to continue playing out doors but can't really or shouldn't really do it much here in a semi tropic place such as I live in now. Family is here so that pretty much decides it. Visited with the nieces this afternoon and the 16 year old gave me a picture of my 11 year old niece, the 16 year old's sister. Hmmm, might have found a personification of one of my muses.

This, from the eyes of a 16 year old who plans to become a doctor. I see no reason for her not to be. After all, she does take after her uncle. Why, they all do.

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Don't ask me why, but when I woke up around two a.m., this morning, the thought popped into my head that "'dorph hadn't mused in awhile". If I had turned on the computer, then, I would have seen that you had.

That's a beautiful picture and your niece is lovely. Her older sister could also maybe have a photography career.

As to the weather, the sooner October gets here, the better I'll like it.

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What a delicate little beauty!!!!! She is lovely.

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Such a lovely niece! You are blessed, Michael
As to musing of moving to the Northwest, not going to happen, sound good and attractive but family and history makes you a Southerner, don't think you could thrive elsewhere.
Keep on musing

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little Aphrodite. Very mighty indeed.

Glad you're a good role model for career choices dorph.

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Michael, what a great photograph of your niece.
I know how much family means to you and they are that magnet that keeps you close by.

All my life I have secretly longed to throw caution to the wind and move. I would have loved to have lived in a small village in England, Scotland or Ireland.
Belize would be another destination I could have lived for
a while.

OH! Shoot, Lilo's right. My southern roots grow too deep and
here I will live the rest of my life, but then again, who knows?

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Young Greek or Roman goddess? Is she the one that plays piano? You could visit the northwest for a while.

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This one is just beginning to learn to play. She quite the little singer, though. All three are. It's the 18 year old who loves to play the piano.

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Thought you might like to see a picture of the 16 year old. She is now showing poise beyond her years. I took this picture a few weeks ago at the family reunion. Not my best picture, but it's hard not to take a good picture of her.

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She's a very pretty girl. Now, may we also see a picture of the one who plays the piano?

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The 18 year old is picture shy so I don't have many individual pictures of her. At least none that are recent.

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Classic beauties both! The photo she took of the youngest shows quite an eye.

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