Good news and not quite as good

lilod(NoCal/8)July 10, 2010

The good news first: A/C arrived - it was 97º in the house this afternoon, I came a bit unglued! The fellow started to install it,but needs to get 2x4 wood, because the brackets with the A/C are a bit flimsy; he will finish the job tomorrow. (that part is the "not so good")

The Doctor has arranged for a nurse to come tomorrow to check me out, likely will remove the dressings - she will be back one more time next week (good)

He also arranged for as physical therapist to work with me next week (good)

Mosquitoes are terrible (not so good)

My cats are not coming in, too many strangers, not so good) hope they will adjust (good)

A mixed bag, Linda is taking care of me, she's such a good cook! (good)

Joann is going to work tomorrow, pretty rough for her in this heat. Ron starts on his chemo medication Monday, she will her hands full. Good thing Linda is here, Steve and Dana are standing by.

And so it goes around and around...

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Hopefully the not so good will join the good soon.

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Hope you get your A/C today. The heat is miserable. Read that today it might be 40C in Frankfurt - and almost no A/Cs.
I am glad that a nurse will check you out, beats going to the hospital for a check when getting there hurts. My cat does not like visitors either, she disappears until they are gone and then she complains for an hour.
Just be carefull and hold on to that walker.

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Lilo you sound in such good spirits considering you almost roasted yesterday.The good news things are really good news things and it looks like you are going to be well taken care of during this critical period. It's so nice to have you home and checking in here. Please don't stop.

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Since your message was posted at "0.28" on 7/10/10, I'm hoping that by now, the A/C installer will have gotten the 2x4s and have the A/C up and running! Maybe not, though, b/c it's 3:05 p.m., my time, so it's just past Noon where you are. Anyway, hope it gets done today!

Thanks for letting us know how you're doing. Maybe since you have to rest a little more, it'll give you more time to visit the GP. :>)

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The A/C guys came first thing in the morning and it is up and running, sure makes a difference!
Hank and the other guy are actually handymen/small job contractors and were working on someones barn as main job, doing the A/C as "time permitted" but obviously cleared it with the main employer to do my work fist,. I did pay them a bonus and they were happy - not as happy as I, though.
The nurse came, checked me out, took the bandages off. She's nice and will be back next week.

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