Chicken Sitting again

gandle(4 NE)July 1, 2012

Wednesday through tomorrow, Sunday we are taking care of friends chickens and we get the eggs .. We have been averaging 25 eggs a day so by tomorrow we should have 125 eggs. They are so good. Leone mentioned to a woman at the library that we were chicken sitting and her question was "do you bring them to your house". A, no Kathy we don't bring them to our house.

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Just trying to picture you herding the chicken to your house. I don't think it would be so easy to head down the street as with the ducks the other day in China. I am still trying to figure out how that guy did it.

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What do you do with 125 eggs? That's a lot of pound cakes.

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The freezer will be full, did you finish off all the eggs from last time you chicken sat? That question sounds just a bit odd LOL.

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