Domestic animal repellent??

isis_nebthet(8b/11suns SoCA)May 16, 2007

Last night the room mates cat ran over me five times in bed twice hooking me with a claw in the temple...

The pom sneaks in here and poops...

I also don't feel like paying 800$ for another pom when the cat lets my boa go by crushing the cage top....

Any one know of a good animal repellent to spray the threshhold with?


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zinniachick(southwest Ohio)

How about a door?

Bring the boa into the bedroom, close the door, let the pomeranian and the cat duke it out.

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LOL!!! Oh, I have absolutely no idea how to help you, but it sounds like a familiar (hilarious) story...not mine, of course, but Camp Nappy in C3D territory. LOL

There's something about a sneaky, pooping Pomeranian that KILLS me! Would love a video of that. But I hope your head wounds are healing!


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isis_nebthet(8b/11suns SoCA)

I can get a door but then I have to figure out how to cool the second story room....So much easier if there's a repellent...

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zinniachick(southwest Ohio)
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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

Zinnie, have you never seen that Garfield picture of himself hanging on the screen door?

We used to own a cat like that.

And the pomeranian, I would crate that one. So he could sit in, eh, how do I say this nicely, so he'll be the one to, no, so the roommate! yes, would have no trouble finding and cleaning the little furball's efforts. Yeah, that's it. For the roommate's convenience. Exactly.

Adrea, do you otherwise get along with this roommate?


:) Mary

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

A vaccuum cleaner works with one of my cats, it doesn't have to be on .... just it's presence creates a five foot barrier.

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Hey, they do have those screens that attach with velcro and possibly magnets on the bottom. Not sure if it would keep out the crazies, though. Otherwise, as ZC said, an indoor screen door! :D

But I DO like Mary's idea! :) And Jean's always works for me, too. LOL


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i had one of those doorway screens with velcro, etc. nope, definitely will not keep out a cat. oh, but they enjoyed making the weighted bottom bang.

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Get a good baby barrier gate and put a thick row of plastic grocery bags on the top of it, but make them flap about. If you can put a small fan on them to make them move a bit all the better. Most cats don't like flapping plastic grocery bags (they are often used for protecting sofa arms). The cat will not go through the baby gate barrier and neither will the poopin' pom, and the AC will get through. You might also try to rig up two baby gates (pain in the arty to move around all the time), but it has to be high enough to prevent the cat from jumping over it.

Make a makeshift gate out of a fence pannel or piece of lattice from the home improvement type stores or farm store (this is like a baby gate but can be turned on end and cut to size) to make it higher at a cheaper cost.

You can top the gate or lattice with a chicken wire contraption with a bent piece that bends way inward, then downward (facing outward from your room). Make it high enough the cat cannot jump over it outright and curved inward so any jump or climb attempt results in a harmless head banging or having to walk upside down which will usually result in a drop back downwards to the floor. The trick is to make it high enough, yet be nice and open for air circulation, easy to move away, and little expense.

If you want a scent deterrent get fox urine at a hunting store. That will work on the cats maybe, but the dog may find it attractive. I'd say use skunk because no mammal can stand that (including humans), so I won't say it:-) You do have to sleep in this room.

As a training device to go along with the barrier for when you in the room and either the cat or pom want to come in, fill a can with dried beans or coins and put a lid on it and when the cat or dog try to enter the room throw the can near them (don't hit them). It will scare the carp out of them each time but they won't associate the fear with you. It will make that doorway a scary place over time with enough unpleasant episodes committed to memory. You can also try dog pepper repellent but that stuff will make YOU suffer when spraying it (so cover your eyes and nose).

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isis_nebthet(8b/11suns SoCA)

Ah yes a screendoor....Thanks for all the suggestions. I might be sleeping with a can full of pennies for a while...

We pretty much get along otherwise. I just figure I should find a solution for this before it turns into a real big issue.

I guess she had a harness on the cat and didn't think it would come in our room. Cat was definitely set on frapee...

I think I might have tossed her harder than I would have had I been awake...


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