Heard's Garden Tour

denisez10(SoCal)May 2, 2009

I'm tired and hungry, but photos for the idylls take precedence. Mary Lou Heard's Memorial spring garden tour, a self-guided tour, kicked off this weekend and continues tomorrow. Today's gardens were closer to me, and I may skip tomorrow's gardens. Mitch accompanied me, interested in getting a feel for garden photography in a much bigger setting. I have no idea how many photos one thread can handle, but here goes.

This first garden was created by an interior designer. A corner lot in the city of Orange (Orange County), which has some marvelous old houses, including this largish bungalow. Very heavily planted, every nook and cranny, lots of statuary and pots.

Here is a link that might be useful: Heard's Memorial Garden Tour

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I really love this garden. I don't always find statuary placed in a garden 'fits' but that first statue of the women looks like it belongs there. I don't usually find white fences my preference, but this one and the color of the house really work here. It seems to open it up and make it lighter. Gorgeous Iris, tall digitalis in the first photo and really nice shot! Love the outdoor mirror and want to take home one of the pots. [g] I like the two small urns next to the back door, so simple. A nice combination of formal and informal. The coleus and ferns under the window box, the abutilon. The table with the tea set up is a treat. Thanks for sharing your photos Denise and nice to see you! How is your Dad doing? Please post more photos from Mitch, I always enjoy his too!

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What a pleasant surprise on a Sunday morning! The abutilon caught my eye, too, PM.

The whole feel of the garden is very lush - like a cottage garden. I love the statue - do you think she's washing that man right out of her hair?

I can't wait to see what is next!


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I wonder how long it will take Deanne's eagle eye to zero in on that Abutilon? ;)

I love the use of the mirror on the wall behind the urn. I definitely have "urn yearn" looking at those lovely planters.

And the urn that dispenses that red, iced liquid is to die for. I WANT something like that; there is something about it that appeals to my neo-Victorian sensibility... though the styrofoam cups sort of blunts the effect. One must, however, be practical when visitors abound.

Lovely tour, Denise. You residents of Fantasy Land sure know how to do it up right. Why isn't your yard/garden on tour??

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Answering Chelone's question first, for the simple reason that my house and garden are definitely not a showcase, my dear! And there simply wouldn't be enough room to turn around in -- amazing how many people showed up to the tour. PM, this garden was pure garden porn and though not to my taste, I approach garden tours now as a peek into someone's horticultural fantasy. Garden photography is vexing -- as you can see, the vignettes with statuary hold together. Lots of shots of planting schemes made rotten photos, so didn't make the cut. Saucy, I'll try to get another thread up this a.m.

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Denise, this garden is exactly to my taste. Just what my garden wants to be when it grows up! Love the statuary, mirror, urns...not to mention the actual plants. That ivy swag is wonderful! I could picture that plate inside the window on the outside in the windowbox though. Lots of ideas for me in this garden. Can't wait to see what else you and Mitch have in store for us! Thank you so much for taking the time to post these! What a treat they are!


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I'm with you, Eden, I really like that garden, too.

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Eden, I admire this garden enormously. It's an amazing accomplishment. I'm so glad you've found the pictures useful. The ivy swag was so cool but what a rotten photo. There were so many people, that I'd just train my camera on what I wanted to photograph and hope for the crowds of people to part for a brief moment to get a clear photo. Chelone, the inside of the house was decorated with museum quality attention to period detail, not arts and crafts but more neo-victorian, as you noticed on the punch urn.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I would certainly be willing to spend time in that garden! :- ) Thanks for the pictures....

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This was is a dandy way to wile away some time on a rainy morning in Norcal. Fill that puppy up with Margaritas and we're good to go for IU6, right Chelone ? Love the garden, a very romantic 'victorian' feel, and made me wonder why I don't have foxgloves anymore ? Cheap, readily available in 6 paks, great bang for the buck. --think I'll head over to thread number 2.

Kathy in Napa

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

What fantastic eye candy; I agree; this is a garden I would love too w/ the whimsy but formal yet cottagy -- and chock full packed. One wonders if the owner really has that many plants all year every year or if a lot were planted for the event? I imagine it's a water heavy garden too; so a full time job there.... I am a pushover for these types of gardens, but the more exotic look and feel of yourse, Denize, fascinates me as well.... o to have acres w/ garden room after garden room... just like a house interior.

Thanks for taking the huge time to post these -- what a mag treat for my rainy rainy lethargic day.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Beautiful! I would love to wander through all that beauty. I am another who is not into yard statuary, but the first one's side view reminds me of my oldest GD. :-)
There is very little there that would grow nicely in my yard. :-(
Thank you for this and for the second thread.

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Denise, I think you have the perfect California garden. This one feels much more like a garden in my neck of the woods. I've already copied the swagged window box. At least my version of it.

Marian, no garden art? I can't imagine :)


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Eden, only a blue glass globe that was a gift, all the rest is pretty much in the natural state....stumps, rocks, etc. All the 'stuff' is indoors. :-)

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I think that'll be it for photos. Mid-day photography doesn't give the best results. There was one garden that had a hive located in a tree in the center of the garden. I took several shots of the bees hovering near the hive, going in and out of the tree, but not a single bee showed up on the photos.

It's such a pleasure seeing the garden spaces people make, whatever they fill them with. I'm thinking cinerarias under my fringe tree for next spring! Looking forward to all your photos ;)

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What a wonderful, magical garden. Somehow the gal in picture #1 doesn't go with the guy in #3 LOL

The urns are wonderful.

Eden, I'd be interested to see your windowbox swag.

Thanks Denise!


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