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larrywigAugust 8, 2014

My son just had an in-ground pool installed. In the process his back and side yard is nothing but dirt. The 2 inch rain we just got only helped to send mud streaming into the pool and neighbor's yard. What is the best way to get grass growing and can we seed this time of year or do we have to wait till fall? Some one told me I needed to put lime on the ground first. Thoughts?

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Where are you located?

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Located in Northwest Missouri.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

You don't ever need lime unless you have a recent soil test that tells you which kind of lime and how much.

Regarding seeding: It might already be fall for you. When the evening temps just start to drop, that is the time to get seeding.

If he got mud in the pool after a 2-inch rain, he has a serious drainage problem. The installer should have graded the yard for proper drainage. SERIOUSLY, this is a serious issue. His neighbor could sue for damages if runoff were to, say, enter his basement. And he can sue every time it happens. His insurance company is not going to be happy about that.

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