The promised Pond Pics

triple_creek(z5)June 9, 2009

This last picture is for PM from last fall. A pot of Black Magic Taro in the pond. I loved it with the grass and plan to do it again this year.

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Oh Norma ! That is just spectacular !What a wonderful sanctuary this must be for you, and I love the rock work and the container punctuations. Is that a swing ? I could easily doze off there..Thanks for showing us this great space in your garden !

Kathy in Napa

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Norma, you've been holding out on us! :-) What a nice job you've done on the pond. The Black Magic is huge! Is that Pennisetum 'Hamelin' behind it? I wish I had a camera to take a photo of my mini black magic, you would get a laugh out of it. I forget if you mentioned whether you have fish in there? I'm also thinking that is a swing. How far is this from your back door? I haven't heard the story of how this pond came about. Maybe you could share?

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Bet Rebel likes his "pool". ;)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Wow NOrma!!!! Absolutely wonderful! I just love your pond. I wish I had room for a larger one. That Black Magic is fabulous! They do grow well in the pond don't they? I just bought one last night at Loew's for mine. I'd been looking around and finally found a decent sized one at the same store I found the Caladium. I can't get over how big your waterlilies are already. Thanks for sharing and please update this from time to time???


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

That last photo with the grasses really strikes a chord with me!!!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Oh my...! It's the big pots that really caught my eye, although they are just one attraction is a lovely scene!

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Beautiful Norma! I love the way the pond blends into the rest of the landscape. That's been my goal with my tiny pond too. I don't like it when it looks like someone plopped an arificial pond in the middle of their garden. Yours is beautifully done. And the swing and little dock are such great places to enjoy it all from. And I really like the touches you've added with the pots and ornaments. Just right!


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Norma, this is just gorgeous. I agree with Eden, that you've achieved a sweeping, naturalistic effect. I like all the different textures underfoot, smooth stone, gravel, bark. And that is one happy taro!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Norma I just do not have sufficient words to express how lovely your ponds and surrounding area is. It is perfection, in my mind. I wish I had attempted something like that when we first got this place.

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Wow Norma, your pond and surroundings are fantastic! What a wonderful size and all the textures you have around it are so well done. The Black Magic does look great with the grasses. How nice to have a swing to take it all in.


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Thanks everyone, the pond has been through a lot of transitions over the years. Mainly changes in the waterfall because of leaks. Deanne can tell you about that. I finally really tore it down and rebuilt it from scratch late last summer. I'm really liking the way it is now. PM the pond came to be because we had a friend who has since passed on, that was a roofer and he had a good size piece of rubber roofing left over from a job that he sold me for cheap. They say you can't use the roofing rubber, but I did and it has been fine. I have been wanting to gather all the progression photos but haven't done it yet. Someday.

Kathy, I have tried to doze off in that swing. It needs a couple of cusions though. LOL

PM there is only one large fantail goldfish and many frogs in there right now. I have been trying to find a local source for some more largish fantails. I'm afraid to add small ones as they will just get eaten. There use to be about a dozen in there.
The pond is only about thirty feet from the house if that. It is below the bay window where I sit the most.

Chelone Rebel likes to drink from the pond but I don't think he has been in that one. He has gone in the small one out front when he was extremely hot. That one is slated for a redo later this summer when things slow down a bit.

Deanne, I have been wintering over pieces of taro in water just by refreshing the water ever so often and then potting them up eary spring.

GB I love the taro with the grasses, especially when the morning sun lights them up.

Woody the sun pot is new this year. The brown one with the wire was there last year.

Eden I did strive to make it natural looking. The water is kinda of murky right now from all the rain. The dock covers the skimmer with the pump in it.

Denise, I was able to do the bark path when the tree trimmers cleared the power lines and left me a large pile of chips. I am so happy to have that done because when I weadeated it throwed trimmings in the water.

Yes Marain, I know you would have enjoyed a small pond where you could view it from the house.

Michelle, like I said there is a lot of green out there right now. A lot of it is daylillies, but the grasses and evergreens give it some winter interest along with the big rocks.


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Norma, I love your pond. I can almost hear the water trickling over the falls. Really nice! I bet it is fun to sit out there on a hot day. I know I enjoy sitting by my pond and watching the frogs, etc. Very peaceful. I have a leaky falls, too. Guess it goes with the territory. We add water every other day:) And dont run the water all the time till we can get it fixed.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Norma -- I finally got to look from home to see these pics -- fantastic. I love the way you've combined the conifers - they're magical. And the pots are a beautiful combo of whimsy and punch -- I cant imagine tearing and redoing that pond -- what tremendous effort -- but it's just incredible. Thanks for taking the pics -- it's really a wonder !!


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