Rodent or insect boring holes in the ground?

cjra(TX)August 10, 2008

This is mainly happening where there's only dirt, we've just noticed a bunch of small holes, about the size of a penny, perfectly round.

Any idea what creature might be doing this?

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

june bugs, their larvae are known as grubs.

could also be crickets, but their holes are usually about the diameter of a pencil.

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Oh no! And I just laid down new sod..

So I did some searching and found that "grubs are rarely a problem for organically maintained lawns". I also found that they're common in compost.

1. What's the best organic option for getting rid of the grubs?

2. What do you do with compost to prevent bad insects and keep good insects? We have a wonderful compost that I used on my garden, which didn't do very well...maybe it wasn't so wonderful :(

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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

The holes are there because the grubs pupated into June bugs and crawled out of the ground. The grubs are no longer there.

Nematodes are the best organic solution for grubs. However, before spending the money, make sure you have grubs. If you don't have dead patches of lawn, you probably don't have grubs. In about a month would be the best time to apply nematodes. They need damp soil to survive, just like earthworms.

Grubs in the lawn and grubs in compost are two totally different creatures. The first causes harm and the second does not. Compost grubs are much larger than lawn grubs.


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The damage now is just where there's dirt - which is about 3/4 of the yard. I've just laid sod in a few places, and am also trying to grow some shadow turf, so I really don't want to lose any!

There were some grubs in the sod...not many, I killed all I saw, but I wasn't happy to see them. So we'll wait til Fall to do anything.

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We have holes in our lawn as well. This link is actually funny to read but looks like we may have a similar problem. I am becoming obsessed like the woman who wrote the information on this link

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