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blg002(6)August 14, 2014

I just moved into a new house and we have bare spot (4' x 3') in the middle of the back yard. My guess is that it is where a swing set was. Im going to put some raised beds over there on the left.

I'm not sure what kind of seed I should get to plant there so I'm soliciting opinions. I'm looking for something that I won't have to waste much time watering or taking to much care of. I'm not looking for the perfect lawn just something passable. I'd also like something that birds (and other beneficial insects) will enjoy, I have no idea if some grasses are better for this than others but I'm throwing it out there.

I've read some people promoting sheep fescue / azay blue: []. But have also read a few posts of people having issues with that.

Optionally could i just turn the soil over in that spot and wait for the grass to grow back into that area.

I live right outside of Philadelphia, zone 6b.

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Generally people like to match the grass that's already there. I don't know what kind you have. In your area it's likely tall fescue or Kentucky bluegrass.

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Yeah, i figured matching might be a good idea too. That doesn't really excite me though. I was looking for something a little more hip than whats there already (unless thats a silly idea). If i put something else in would it look dramatically different?

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If you want to just patch that small area then you kind of have to match it with approximately the same seed mix as the rest of the yard. Why would you want a small patch of grass that looks different from the rest?

I'm no expert but if you get some detailed photos (not in full sun) maybe the experts here can tell you what kind of turf you have. This is also a great place to learn how to really improve your whole lawn tremendously.

Good luck!

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