Rumor has it...

diggery(z8)May 19, 2010

...y'all are looking for some new blood over here, sooo...thought I'd drop in & say hello. Y'all are havin way too much fun! *chuckle* I broke my vow of lurkdom about this time last yr only out of *sheer desperation* And let me stop here & give a shout-out to sleeplessinftwayne & squirelette for their excellent advice & encouragment. Woulda tossed in the towel if not for them! My marriage of ponds tunrned out quite nicely for such a humble lil watering hole.

I stopped posting back then because I felt guilty for being unable to post pics.. I know how you LOVE your pics!=] Funny thing happened a few wks later - my camera *magically* (ahem) reappeared in it's assigned spot. Imagine that. Suffice it to say there was conspiracy afoot.

Anyhoo, dd will be here this weekend and w/her help, perhaps I can get some looong overdue appreciation photos posted in the gallery. Don't get yer hopes up tho - it's a pond only a mother (toad) could love. At least, I assume so based on the hundreds of tadpoles I see darting around.

I trust all of you in the warmer regions have been busy cleaning, tweaking, repotting & having a great time. Ain't it great?


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Welcome back! Glad your camera is no longer MIA and look forward to your pics. Here in zone 5 the pond is up and running for about a month and home to toadpoles as well. Isn't it funny how ponders call our toad tadpoles "toadpoles". Something most of us do. Did you add a caption to the caption contest? If not please do.:)


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Thanks for the welcome! Gonna try a couple of test pics...hope that's ok.

Shamu the killer goldfish terrorizing last yr's crop of toadpoles

my pondering place =]

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

I'm glad to see you back, with or without questions. As with my gardening, most of what I have learned has been from others who share my passions and who have learned from their experience or from others themselves. My best teachers have been those with dirty fingernails.

Looking forward to more pictures.

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Wow your water is clear. After all my years of ponding I have just found out that Koi eat toadpoles. Never saw it before this year. Your Goldie Shamu already knew this. lol

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