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callium(9)May 20, 2010

Hello Everyone,

I'm new to owning a fish pond. I'm not sure if this is the proper location to introduce myself so please let me know, and I will move it. I just purchased my first home, and it had a concrete pond with a waterfall (estimated between 400 and 500 gallons) and I just recently got it up and running with a little lilli pad and a few fish.

I ran across this forum while doing a bit of research and it seems to be filled with very good info, although I admit it's a bit hard to research at times if you dont know exactly what you're looking for.

I'll post pictures soon. I'll take all the advice anyone wants to give me once I post my pics. Nice to meet you all. Located in AZ Zone 9 I believe. (I still have so much to learn I just recently found out a brief description of what "zone" means)



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Welcome to Garden Web. You are in the right place to introduce yourself. I'm one of the Old Timers here but am not on here that much anymore. I've moved on the bigger and better pond forums. I am also a pond consultant.

Happy ponding,

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Hi Cal and welcome to the forum. This side of the forum is kind of slow, the discussion side will get you more replies. We are trying to get this side a little more traffic. But check out the discussion forum and read about KoiJoii aka Jenny's latest encounter with a racoon, or check out another members pond pics along with some other great ponding topics.


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A warm welcome to you, Cal! You've definitely come to the right place. Been a ponder for years, flying by the seat of my pants mostly, lol, learning by *trial & error* UNTIL I stumbled upon this site. I've visited every ponding website out there and I dare to say, there are no bigger and better forums.

Experience is an excellent teacher...and that's what you'll find here...the voice of experience. I've never been steered wrong. My lil pond isn't much to look at BUT my plants are thriving, my fish are happy and my water is gin clear. Oh, and did I mention? Nary a chemical has ever been added to my pond.

Doesn't get any better than that.

Blessings & happy ponding,

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I am brand new here also. I have had a pond in Idaho and now we have a 4000 gal near Green Bay Wisconsin. Life is good, Ponds are wonderful. And like someone said earlier, most of us learn by trial and error. I don't know how to post pictures of my pond. If someone can help me out it would be great. We are also looking for bull frogs.

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