Hey, we gotcher heat wave

mrobbins(6b - Brooklyn)July 22, 2011

Hi folks out west beyond the Hudson. Your heatwave has arrived. Ugh. Right now, at four in the morning in Brooklyn, it's 82F. But in Manhattan it's 87F. This is one of the reasons I live in Brooklyn.

I'm heading for the hills this weekend. The foothills of the Berkshires where some friends and family live. Even there the daytime highs are forecast to be around 90F.

What makes it worth the trip is that it's forecast to be 65F at night. There is also a cool swift river to swim in, shaded by a tall hill covered with pine trees. And one of the local specialties is peppermint stick ice cream.

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Only 90?

We should be so lucky!! 97 with a heat index of 110 for today.

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Heat in a large city is definitely more stressful than heat in the wide open spaces, all that concrete reflects the heat and it retains daytime heat top "bless" the population with it at night. Enjoy your outing, Mary.

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You're right Lilo. Walking around Manhattan in the 90s is torture.The Berkshires sound like heaven right now. We're headed for 101 this afternoon.

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Have fun at the Berkshires!

We got a break yesterday evening. Rain and we dropped into the 70s. Finally out of the eighties for our lows!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much more reasonable now, only a high of 97 today.

I hope you get your reprieve soon too.

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The west cost is hot too, been in the high 90's and some 100's but cooling down this week into the 80's. Have always wondered if people that walk their dogs would take them on the asphalt in the heat if they were themselves barefoot.

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Peppermint stick ice cream sounds delicious. In a post, yesterday, I mentioned how hard our freezer in the garage was having to work. I figured that gave me an excuse to eat some of the ice cream in there. I wouldn't want it to melt, would I? :>)

A low of 65 degrees at night also sounds very nice.

Robin told me not to "wish the summer away", but for me, that's hard!

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It gets bad when the flies want to come in to get out of the heat! The birdbath gets refilled every couple of hours.
I remember how hot it can get in Manhattan, those canyons bake you from every direction.

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I'd trade you anneliese. It was a mouse that wanted to escape the heat this morning. It's been spiders. I awoke and called Maggie. Didn't come. Opened the door and looked right at her. Maggie! come here. Didn't come. I realized she had that look I know I don't want to know what she's looking at, but I was required to go over where she was. She and Murphy were diligently trying to figure out how to get the mouse out of the ? platters? one clear, where you could see the mouse and it sort of made a top, and one under that I could move. I almost got it clamped down enough to send it back outside, but not. I hope they've caught it already. uck!

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